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WEDDING INDUSTRY: Be Wary of False Prophets

This blog post is one I’ve struggled to write for some time and I’ve been knocking it around in my head, trying to figure out the best way to approach this subject openly and honestly.

If you’re reading this, chances are high that you’re a small business owner in the wedding industry. (unless you’re my mom– who I am quite sure is reading this, too. Hi mom!) As you build your business, you look to industry professionals who have made a name for themselves to glean advice and guidance on what you can do better. The industry is lucky to have so many talented, open-hearted and wise entrepreneurs willing to be transparent about what they know that works. I am fortunate enough to have learned a lot from many of them!

With that said, there are also a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

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I'm Fired Up

WEDDING INDUSTRY: Stop stealing other professionals work

{ photography by carla ten eyck // table design by jubilee events // floral design by diane gaudett // paper by coral pheasant // fashion styling by beth chapman styling // rentals by luxe event rentals & party rentals ltd // chandeliers by ryan designs // hair by catie & amy // makeup by jennie fresa beauty }


I need to stand up here on my soapbox for just a second and talk about using images without permission. But first, let me set up an all too familiar scenario that I find myself in on a weekly basis when I scroll through Instagram or Facebook.

I’m happily scrolling through my feed, double tapping hearts on pretty pictures that my friends and colleagues have posted, and then I see another company using an image I helped create with no credit, in a misleading way where the viewer would assume that they were responsible for the creation of that image.

And that, folks, FIRES ME UP.

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