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It Takes A Village

The old, old adage that it takes a village applies to many things in life—including events. Aside from the fact that it physically takes a lot of people to make a client’s day come together, it also creatively takes a lot of people to make a client’s vision come to life.

As a creative person I accept that not every idea I have will work. I accept that often times, an idea I have can be built upon by other people. In art school I was taught to collaborate with my peers on projects. We approached an artistic piece with all of our creative minds. Had we been separated and asked to do these exercises individually the impact wouldn’t be the same. I don’t believe that one person is the be-all, end-all of a great idea. In fact, what I took away from my college years in art school was that I need to be open to the ideas of others—and allow other people to collaborate with me—to achieve the greatest outcome.

In working with clients and on personal projects I choose to work with vendors who are open to the collaborative process. I like to work with people who are secure enough with their art and talent to know that everyone involved has an important creative role. Sometimes, you find yourself working with someone whose arrogance deludes them into thinking that your role isn’t to make suggestions or provide creative input. It’s unfortunate because not everyone is open minded or secure enough to realize that one person might have a good idea, but when you get two people together that idea can become great, and with even more creative minds, amazing. Sometimes, too, people have a hard time relinquishing control of their “role” in the grand scheme of the universe– the wedding industry, included!!

I encourage you to look within yourself and determine: are you a person who openly collaborates with others…?