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WEDDING INDUSTRY: Interview with Sasha Vasilyuk and How to Use PR To Get Your Business Noticed

Maintaining relevancy in the wedding industry can be challenging– and this is where elevating your PR strategy as an entrepreneur becomes essential. I recently had a chance to interview Sasha Vasilyuk, the founder of I DO PR — a leading public relations agency that helps wedding and lifestyle brands connect with the media. Her interview below offers tangible tips on how to leverage your business and brand using PR– and what you’re also doing wrong. She’s also offered a special discount code on anything in her shop– so be sure to read through her entire interview to learn more!

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WEDDING INDUSTRY: Are you targeting the right clients? 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

One of the most crucial elements of marketing is ensuring you are targeting the right clients. Have you been having difficulty booking the right clients? Have you found yourself sifting through dozens of leads that never respond or seem to have no idea about the services you offer? If so, you’re doing it wrong but you are not alone.

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