Kristy Rice shares how to become a published author, license your work and create products

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best of the podcast

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Kristy Rice shares her journey, the mission behind #artforjoysake, how she wrote 8 books and how she licensed her artwork.


Kristy Rice is on a mission to inspire Art for Joy’s Sake– and she wants you to pick up a paint brush and experience the joy of creating art for no one else but yourself. My friend Kristy has been an artist since the humble age of 6, where her parents could find her under the covers with a flashlight creating art. Over the last 15 years, she has parlayed her artistic talent into a variety of highly successful businesses: she’s the owner of Momental Designs, a stationery company that creates hand painted works of art for all the moments in life worth celebrating, a published author of 8 books (soon to be 9!), and the creator of so many physical products that feature her artistic talents.

Kristy’s artwork has been commissioned by celebrities like Sean Parker, Jessica Simpson and Katy Perry– while her artwork has been featured everywhere from Good Morning America to Martha Stewart Weddings.

In today’s episode, we dive deeper into the several projects Kristy’s explored: how she wrote her first 8 books, how she scored licensing deals with big brands like BHLDN, T.J. Maxx and Target, and what it’s really like to create and sell physical products.

Happiness is very much rooted in circumstance, but joy is something much deeper. -- Kristy Rice, The Power in Purpose Podcast
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In this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast, Kristy shares:

  • How she discovered and uncovered her purpose during a creative drought / burnout
  • What led to her burnout and how she was struggling with getting back to creating art for herself
  • The premise behind Art for Joy’s Sake — which is Kristy’s mission to encourage you to create and enjoy art for the simple sake of art — not for the likes, status or anything else — but for pure joy
  • How she began to examine the difference between happiness and joy and what she discovered
  • Kristy gives us recommendations to safeguard our creative health — a must listen if you’re suffering from burnout creatively
  • The power of having a personal brand and how she developed hers
  • How you should start intentionally creating a personal brand
  • The process of writing 8 books — how it started and what it was like
  • The power of timeliness in launching anything
  • What she was most shocked to learn about becoming an author
  • What books have done for her business and her personal brand
  • How long it really takes from concept to seeing your book in stores
  • Kristy’s tip for you to get started writing you first book
  • How she licensed her artwork — the process, how you get paid, getting proper representation and guarding your aesthetic
  • How licensing gives you massive brand awareness
  • How to pitch to companies — using Emily Ley as an example
  • The process of moving into physical products, what it has been like– and how you can do it too
  • How relationships helped leverage her online product shop
  • Kristy’s philosophy on teaching and scarcity mindset
  • Why you should be building a community
  • How discovering her purpose has changed her life and her business

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Kristy Rice's Shop (including links to purchase all her books):

Thank you for listening to today’s episode! Be sure to continue the conversation in our Facebook Group– what was YOUR biggest takeaway?

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Kristy Rice: Creating Art for Joy’s Sake | How to become a published author, license your work and create products

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