Maghon Taylor is on a mission to spread happiness through her hand writing

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Maghon Taylor from All She Wrote Notes shares her mission to spread happiness through her handwriting.

Maghon Taylor is the SHE behind All She Wrote Notes, a calligraphy and hand lettering studio based in Elon, North Carolina. Her work has been featured on many blogs and publications and she was named Best Calligrapher in the South by Southern Weddings.  Maghon has partnered to letter items and host events with national retailers such as West Elm, Neiman Marcus, Kendra Scott, Anthropologie, and Swoozies, as well as dozens of local businesses across North Carolina.

Maghon’s favorite part of her business is teaching and she has taught more than 5,000 students how to spread happiness through their handwriting with her traveling lettering workshops and her online classes.  She is also the author of Happy Hand Lettering releasing in Fall of 2019 and has a second book in the works.

The story of how Maghon started her business is an interesting one; she shares why she left behind a job in event planning, which she loved, to build a hand lettering empire! There is no shortage of truths, laughs, and honesty in this episode as Maghon recounts her journey toward spreading happiness through her hand lettering.

She is crazy about her business, but she most enjoys doodling around her home that she shares with her husband and middle school sweetheart Chris, and their two-year-old son, Vance.


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In today’s episode of The Power in Purpose podcast, Maghon shares:

  • Maghon’s business was born after taking a calligraphy class that she gifted herself for her birthday… where she left feeling inadequate, comparing her work to everyone else in the class
  • How a friend helped her to see that she did have talent and that she should celebrate how different her handwriting was from the rest
  • Maghon’s encouragement for you on how you can embrace your unique gifts, and create a business that gives those gifts to others
  • Why and how she chose to quit the job she loved to transition into making her business her full-time work — and advice on how you can make the same transition, too
  • How your success can be tied to the philosophy of “keeping your eyes on your own paper” — a powerful statement!
  • How the surprise of motherhood shaped her business for the better (spoiler alert: being a mom was not something Maghon envisioned for herself!)
  • Using your purpose as a compass for your business — including what you should be sharing and creating
  • What its like to have a business that is so customer focused, creating products and experiences that bring other people’s happiness
  • Why Maghon (and I!) are choosing to keep it positive in 2019 and to stop complaining
  • Maghon’s advice on what to do when your business is swimming in a crowded space
  • How to handle copycat business owners who steal your copy, your work, or your ideas
  • Why you should be having fun on social media. Maghon’s philosophy will change your perspective on how you use social media like Instagram and Facebook, making it entertaining not just for your audience, but also you, rather than a chore
  • A special hello from a very special young visitor!
  • How you can create a connection with your audience through sharing your life and the stories that make up you
  • The story behind Maghon’s motto to turn your mistakes into confetti — a story that will resonate with you!
  • Who inspires Maghon? Her friend, Lara Casey
  • Learn how purpose has changed Maghon’s life and her business
Maghon shares her philosophy to keep your eyes on your own paper when it comes to your business.


Listen to this episode right here on our blog or subscribe below on your favorite platform
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Building Profitable Businesses with Purpose

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know — what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation!

Maghon Taylor on Learning how to keep your eyes on your own paper and being YOU in a crowded market space

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