World Champion Skydiver Shannon Pilcher on passion, purpose & choices

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Success in life stems from the choices we make. From engineer, journalist and professional skydiver to coach, consultant and business owner, Shannon’s life choices — good and bad — have helped him create an exceptionally fulfilling life. He spends more than 200 days each year traveling the world and sharing his experience and wisdom. Whether writing, speaking, skydiving or consulting, Shannon wants to share his lessons with you.


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Shannon Pilcher is a world champion skydiver, educator and entrepreneur who has spent 26 years traveling the globe and living life on his terms. He was an influential part of teams that pioneered high-speed parachute descents of some of the world’s most iconic mountain peaks, including the Dolomites (Italy), Mont Blanc (France), the fjords of Norway and the Grand Canyon. His work with high-performing teams and top-tier military units has earned him worldwide respect.

He is the co-founder of the Performance Designs Factory Team, a leading high-performance parachute flight team, and Flight-1, an education and training company that employs more than 25 consultants in more than 10 countries. He and his partners at Flight-1 have fostered a flat and autonomous corporate culture, intentionally mirroring many of the same values and procedures that contributed to their parachuting successes.

In 2010 Shannon suffered severe head and spine injuries during a high-speed parachute descent in the Swiss Alps. That accident and the story of his miraculous survival are captured in his team’s one-hour documentary on iTunes, entitled Sky Jumpers.

In 2018 he launched his podcast, Choices, with a renewed purpose to encourage others to make better choices after his accident.

In today’s episode of The Power in Purpose podcast, Shannon shares:

  • How a near death experience after a skydiving accident flipped his perspective on life and how he wanted to live it — and gave him a renewed purpose and helped him discover what’s meaningful in life
  • Shannon wants you to do more than “just get by,” and shares his renewed perspective to motivate you to push forward and find greater meaning
  • How being a type-A personality inhibits you from allowing things to emerge
  • Teamwork is a specialty of Shannon’s and he discusses how teamwork has been at the center of his life — and what being an athlete taught him about teamwork
  • Establishing trust while working with his clients, especially when training specialty military units, is vital to the work that Shannon does. Shannon discusses how we can establish trust with our teams quickly with one simple method
  • Why undercommitting so you can over deliver is a valid strategy
  • How do you level the playing field within diverse teams? Shannon talks about fostering relationships with your team members and allowing their unique voices to shine through
  • How to empower your team to do great things and move your business forward
  • Shannon shares about what he’s learned interviewing successful entrepreneurs for his podcast on the power of making choices
  • How the sum of our lives are based on the choices that we make, and how to make better choices
  • How to combat fear when making choices and to get off the fence
  • Adapting Simon Sinek’s Why-How-What formula in your life and in your business — and why it works


Listen to this episode right here on our blog or subscribe below on your favorite platform
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Visit Shannon's Coaching Website:
Visit Shannon's Skydiving Company: Flight-1
Listen to his Podcast: Choices on iTunes
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Shannon Pilcher: Empowering Others to Live with Passion, Purpose and Perspective | Trust, teamwork, and the power of choices

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