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I believe that entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

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Building a Team

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Go From Solo Entrepreneur to Building a Team?

January 6, 2020

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I'm Candice, your new tell-it-like-it-is BFF (and purpose cheerleader). Are you ready to grow and scale a profitable business with purpose–and one that gives back to your meaningful life? Thought so!


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If you've been feeling that pull to scale your business with some help, this article will walk you through the steps you need to take first. I have two simple questions for you to ask yourself, and answer, and they'll reveal if you're really ready to grow your business and hire a team.

Many businesses reach a stage where they know they can't do it alone. So how do you know if you're really ready to hire a team and grow your business?

At the beginning of your business, growing a team can feel like something very far out of reach. The more you work as a solo entrepreneur, the harder it becomes to ‘let go' and let someone come in to help. 

It's normal to feel at a crossroads when expanding your business to the point where you’re ready to hire a team. Many business owners grapple with whether they’re ready or not, and if expanding their business is the right move.

You might be asking yourself questions like..

  • What will hiring someone cost me, and can I afford it?
  • How do I go about finding the right team members?
  • Is it more work to train and manage someone, rather than just doing it myself?
  • What do I really need help with?
  • Will someone be able to do the job better than me? 

All these questions are valid, and guess what? They’re all normal.

You probably already have *some* kind of team. You have assistants and interns who help you on the wedding day, but you're now at the stage where we need to start talking about more help.

Like adding on people who can free up your time to focus on areas of your business that only you can do.

As you think about expanding your team, I want to walk through the biggest lies we tell ourselves about not hiring a team.

These lies keep us comfortable. They keep us safe. And they are, in fact, straight-up lies. They’re not true, and these beliefs or lies hold you back from growing the business YOU want.

Part of my job as YOUR mentor is to get you to THINK DIFFERENTLY. I can teach you everything I know about how to have a better business, but if we don’t address the beliefs you have about certain things in your business, we’ll never get anywhere.

That’s why mindset work is so valuable and critical.

These are the lies you're telling yourself about why you CAN'T HIRE a team…

It’s easier to just do it myself

I need to have x in place before I hire someone

No one can do it better than me

I can’t afford it

Those sound SO familiar, don't they?

These lies are what keep holding you back from scaling, growing, and expanding your business with the help and support you DESERVE.

I want to flip these lies on their face and get you thinking differently about growing your business. Let's take a look at these lies again, and reframe them with a new belief.

It's easier to just do it myself ➝ What will I lose if I DON'T hire someone?
I need to have x in place before I hire someone ➝ I need to hire someone, and THEN I'll have x in place
No one can do it better than me ➝ I need to hire someone who can do it better than me
I can't afford it ➝ What's it costing me NOT to hire someone?

The longer you sit in these beliefs–even if you have NO desire to bring on folks who can work on their own projects, i.e., associate planners/photographers/designers, etc.–the longer it will take to grow your business.

You know that saying… many hands make light work? What could you build with an extra set of hands?

So, how to know when to hire a team? And is your business ready?

I have two simple questions for you to ask yourself. Their answers will help to reveal if the time is right to grow your team:

What will you lose if you don't hire someone to help you grow your business?

Understanding not what you gain, but what you lose if you don't make changes, sometimes helps to better put the decision in focus. So, what will you lose?

Is it money?

Maybe it's time? (Sidenote: If you're interested in better time management, check out my 5 time management tips & secrets for creative business owners)

Or is it an impact?

What about balance in your life?

You know the things that you’ll gain in your business, but what do you stand to lose if you don’t hire someone to help?

The answer to this question should help to motivate you in the right direction.

Does hiring help you reach more customers, help more people, and thereby bring into focus your company’s mission, vision, and purpose?

If you answered yes to the second question, then you would be doing a disservice to your customers by not having a team. A team to help you reach more of them and provide them with a world-class experience.

Imagine all the people your business could help, if only you had the right support in place to help them.

As you set out to grow your business and your team, run it through the filter of these two questions.
If you’ve discovered that you stand to lose out on things you want because of your hesitation in growing your business, it’s time to start growing a team. And if your impact on others is being stunted because you don’t have enough support in place, it’s also time to give your business the gift of help.

Now that you’ve made the decision to grow, you just need a plan in place to get yourself there. So next, ask yourself this question:

What steps do I need to take in order to be able to afford this, find the right candidate, and set up my business so that I can receive the help I need?

It's likely that you're going to have to make some changes in how you do business, and it may take you a few weeks or even months to see the positive effects of those changes.

You might have to increase your price or diversify your revenue.

Or, you may have to sit down and develop systems in your business. It could be time to really start thinking about how your business works.

You may have to do some internal work on your Ego. Why? Learning how to let go of the things only you think you can do is the only way to grow a team.

What is absolutely clear is the need to understand who you need to become in order to have the business you want. Then, start to make the changes necessary to get yourself there.

If you're a wedding pro and you know you need help in scaling your business, I want to invite you to join me inside my mastermind for wedding pros, WeddingPro Insiders….

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I believe entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

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