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I believe that entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

I help women like you build a profitable business with purpose.

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A woman in a white dress stands elegantly in one of the top Boston wedding venues.

Top Boston Wedding Venues: The Best Places To Get Married in Boston

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the top wedding venues in Boston, a city known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and picturesque landscapes. The city itself is the perfect backdrop for your 2024 wedding. As a Boston wedding planner with years of experience, I have the insider’s scoop on the best venues for your […]

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A woman is sitting in front of a desk with an iPad while referencing a preferred wedding vendor list.

As a wedding planner, creating a preferred wedding vendor list is one of the most important tasks you’ll undertake. While I’m not suggesting you create a “one size fits all” vendor list to hand out to your couples, I do know that your vendors can make or break the overall success of a wedding, so […]

4 Tips for Creating a Preferred Wedding Vendor List as a Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning Advice

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Three associate planners sitting at a table in an office.

Growing your business to the point where you’re considering a team of wedding planners is an exciting milestone. It means you’ve established your brand, have a healthy lead pipeline, and are ready to explore opportunities for further growth. As a business coach for wedding planners, I love that for you! Making the decision to hire […]

Should You Hire Associate Planners for Your Wedding Business?

Building a Team

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Let’s talk about the oversaturation of the wedding pro-education industry for a second. Today, everyone shouts from the rooftops that they can teach you to be a better wedding planner. But how do you tell the good from the bad? How do you tell who and what is worth investing in with so many different […]

What Are The Best Resources For Wedding Planners?

Growing a Business

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You’ve done the hard work. You know your ideal client like your BFF. Today, I’m going to share with you how to find a lot more of them in real life, or more accurately, how to make sure they find you.

Where Are Your Ideal Clients Hiding? Here’s What You Should Do To Marketing Your Wedding Business

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

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You’ve got a wedding industry business. Maybe you’re a wedding planner, wedding photographer, or wedding florist. You’ve been working your butt off serving your customers, but you can’t keep going at this pace forever. Instead of working with all the clients, you want to find your niche in the wedding industry. Inside the article, I’m sharing 5 steps for niching down (so you can start calling in the clients you *really* want).

How To Find Your Niche In The Wedding Industry: 5 Steps For Niching Down

Growing a Business

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You’re here because you want to be a wedding planner. More importantly, you want to know how to start your own wedding planning business. Inside this article, I’ll walk you through 11 steps to getting your wedding planning business started.

How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

Growing a Business

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A woman holding a table full of pink and gold flowers for your wedding business.

When it comes to creating packages for your wedding planning business, there’s more than meets the eye. It’s not as easy as scanning your competitor’s pricing page and copying what they are including (because let’s be honest – has copying them ever worked?). Instead, I will walk you through how to create packages for your […]

Creating Wedding Planner Packages for Your Business: How To Find the Best Way To Position Your Offer

Wedding Planning Advice

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Detailed Honeybook Review: Is Honeybook right for YOUR business? Here are 5 things you NEED to know before you make the switch.

2024 Honeybook Review: Is Honeybook Worth It And What You Need To Know Before You Sign Up

Wedding Industry Tech Tools

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Wondering what the deal is with a business plan–and if you even need to write one? In this episode, I walk you through what a business plan will reveal about your business and how to get started.

What A Business Plan Will REALLY Reveal About Your Business

Growing a Business

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When you started your coaching and course creator business, I bet you never imagined how much software you’d need to keep the wheels running. In this article, I’m sharing the software I use in my 6-figure coaching and course business.

Software I Use In My 6-Figure Coaching & Course Business

Wedding Industry Tech Tools

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Time management in your creative business can feel like an elusive skill you’ll just never master. In this article, I’m sharing 5 time management tips.

5 Time Management Tips & Secrets For Wedding Pros

Things to Do Better

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I'm Candice, your new tell-it-like-it-is BFF (and purpose cheerleader).

I'm Candice: former owner of Jubilee Events, 2x published author, podcast host, and your guide to a building the kind of business you want.

I've been mentoring wedding industry entrepreneurs for over 10 years, mostly while I was growing my renowned wedding planning & design company.

In 2019, I sold my 6-figure business so I could help you build the kind of business that you want.

Purpose changed my life—I know first hand how powerful it is. I'm on a mission to help women discover their gifts, build businesses around their talents, and live each day on purpose.

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