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2024 Honeybook Review: The Pros, Cons, And If It’s Worth It

February 15, 2024

is honeybook the right fit for your biz?
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This is a detailed 2024 Honeybook review, giving you the inside scoop on everything you need to know about using Honeybook, a client management software, in your creative business. You might be wondering… is Honeybook worth it? What features does Honeybook have? What is Honeybook good for? And is Honeybook right for my business? I help to answer all these questions for you! Learn all about what Honeybook is, if it can work for your type of business, the price of Honeybook, their new 2024 plans, and more.

Plus, receive 50% off your Honeybook subscription with a 50% off honeybook promo code.

With so many creative business owners looking for a solution for client management and booking, you may have heard about the client management tool Honeybook. With digital tools like drag-and-drop forms, customized contracts, invoicing templates, payment gateways, and automated client communication, Honeybook has made running a successful creative business simple. Read on to find out more about this innovative platform – including exactly what it does, what its fees are like, and why it’s become such a hit amongst industry professionals.

This is a detailed 2023 Honeybook review, giving you the inside scoop on everything you need to know about how to use this client management software in your creative business. You might be wondering… is Honeybook worth it? Learn all about what Honeybook is, if it can work for your type of business, the price of Honeybook, their new 2023 plans, and more. Plus, receive 50% off your Honeybook subscription with a 50% off honeybook promo code.

What is Honeybook?

Honeybook is an all-in-one client management software that helps to streamline your business so you can book clients with ease and get paid quickly. This software will help you manage your customers and business from inquiry to invoice, building a stellar clientflow for your independent business.

Honeybook allows independent business owners to manage their entire process from a single online account. This includes everything from creating and sending contracts, collecting payments, organizing client information, managing bookings, and scheduling appointments. The platform also provides customizable templates for popular services like invoices, contracts, and questionnaires.

This means that all of your client communication is automated and effortless – no more manually compiling forms or chasing down clients for payment!

Additionally, Honeybook has loads of helpful resources, such as checklists and tutorials, to help you get up and running quickly. And as a cloud-based software, you can access it on any device–including the Honeybook app on your phone.

Honeybook helps independent creators like you do it all in your business. Honeybook is a clientflow software that saves you time and enhances your client experience.

What kind of business is Honeybook for?

Honeybook was built to help a variety of creative entrepreneurs and independents. Small businesses, no matter the industry or size, can benefit from this client management software. Here are some small business owners and independents who are using Honeybook right now:

  • Business Coaches
  • Wedding Planners
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Invitation / Stationery Designers
  • Event or Personal Florists
  • Copywriters
  • Brand Strategists
  • Website Designers
  • Wedding Venues
  • Social Media Managers
  • Lawyers
  • Interior Designers
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Hair & Makeup Artists
  • Accountants
  • Agencies
  • Videographers
  • Wellness Professionals
  • Cake Designers & Dessert Companies
  • Bloggers & Influencers
  • Podcasters
  • Calligraphers & Artists
  • Caterers
  • Makers & Artisans
  • Media Companies
  • Rental Companies & Management

Honeybook is the perfect client management tool for all creative entrepreneurs who provide a service or sell a customized product. As you can see from that long list, Honeybook is the perfect clientflow software for ANY small business!

Curious about Honeybook's pricing and how much Honeybook costs?

Honeybook has introduced three new plans or pricing tiers for NEW members in 2023. Those pricing tiers before my special discount is:

Starter Plan @ $19 per month

Essentials Plan @ $39 per month

Premium Plan @ $79 per month

How much does Honeybook cost in 2024?

Are you curious about Honeybook's pricing in 2024 and how much Honeybook costs? Honeybook is an affordable client management solution with three pricing tiers. Those pricing tiers before my special 50% off discount are:

  • Honeybook Starter Plan @ $19 per month
  • Honeybook Essentials Plan @ $39 per month
  • Honeybook Premium Plan @ $79 per month

Each plan and pricing tier has unique features to help you grow your business and maintain your client relationships.

But with this Honeybook discount code, you can get 50% off Honeybook's starter, or premium plan for your first year! Compare this with the cost of other client management software, and Honeybook is the obvious financial choice. Honeybooks new 2024 pricing plans provide more flexibility for independent creatives.

Ready to get Honeybook and supercharge your client flow?

Good! I'm glad you're ready to do yourself (and your business) a favor and improve your client flow. Click here to use my discount and get 50% off your first year!

or use the code purpose at checkout

What is the difference between the 2024 Honeybook plans?

You might be wondering, what is the difference between the Honeybook starter, essentials, and premium plans? I wrote a detailed blog post on Honeybook plans and which one you should choose, but let me summarize the options available for you in this 2024 Honeybook review.

What is the Honeybook 2024 Starter Plan?

The Honeybook Starter Plan enables you to effortlessly design a smooth client journey. It is ideal for businesses that are starting out, providing unlimited clients and projects, invoicing and payment processing, proposal and contract creation, professional templates, and basic reporting.

What's included in the Honeybook Starter Plan @ $19 per month:

  • Unlimited clients and projects
  • Invoices and payments
  • Proposals and contracts
  • One contact form
  • Calendar
  • All professional templates
  • Client Portal
  • Basic reports

The Honeybook starter plan is perfect for new business owners looking to book their first set of clients! It's affordable and has just the right amount of features for newcomers, which will help get your business off the ground.

What is the Honeybook 2024 Essentials Plan?

The Honeybook Essentials Plan costs $39 per month. With the Essentials Plan, automations are incorporated to help recognize and automate repetitive tasks, thereby providing personalized information to clients at the right time in their journey.

Moreover, it features a scheduler that enables clients to pay for their session and schedule it on your calendar directly, ensuring a smooth experience.

The Honeybook Essentials Plan includes everything in the Starter Plan, plus:

  • Scheduler
  • Automations
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Up to 3 team members
  • Expense management
  • Profit and loss
  • Remove Powered by HoneyBook
  • Standard reports

The essentials plan is perfect for growing business owners who want more features, automations, and workflows inside the platform.

What is the Honeybook 2024 Premium Plan?

The HoneyBook Premium Plan is built for businesses that are looking to scale up with priority support and more efficiency for your whole team. The premium plan costs $79 per month before your discount.

The Honeybook Premium Plan includes everything in the Essentials Plan, plus:

  • Unlimited team members
  • Priority support
  • Multiple companies
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Advanced reports

This plan is perfect for businesses with teams bigger than 3 people – or if you are managing multiple brands under one umbrella. It's also great for the business owner who wants priority support and features.

What software does Honeybook integrate with?

I know you're likely using other software in your business to deliver your products and automate certain features. Here's software that Honeybook integrates with seamlessly:

  • Quickbooks (check out my blog post on Honeybook vs. Quickbooks – which one is better?)
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Zoom
  • Zapier, opening up the opportunity to integrate with thousands of software like Asana, TidyCal and more.
  • Pic-Time
  • … and even more coming this year in 2024!

Ready to get Honeybook and supercharge your client flow?

Good! I'm glad you're ready to do yourself (and your business) a favor and improve your client flow. Click here to use my discount and get 50% off your first year!

or use the code purpose at checkout

What software can Honeybook replace?

Instead of running on 10 different softwares to try and get things done in your business, Honeybook acts as an all-in-one tool that can simplify your tech and your wallet. Feel free to cut unnecessary software expenses and broken systems. Honeybook can replace:

  • Calendly, Acuity, and any 3rd party calendar software
  • TypeForms & Google forms
  • Docusign & other electronic signature-based software
  • Todo & other cloud-based task management softwares
  • Freshbooks & other invoicing and accounting software
  • Dubsado (click here to check out my Honeybook vs Dubsado review!)

Can you get paid from HoneyBook?

Yes! Honeybook is a tool that helps you get paid quicker and faster. With Honeybook, you can receive credit card or bank transfer payments via invoices or self-checkout on a lead page.

Honeybook makes it really easy to get paid so you can focus on growing your creative business. When a customer pays you on Honeybook via credit card or bank transfer, Honeybook will then deposit those funds into your bank account. This makes getting paid seamless and easy.

Honeybook 2024 Review: How Honeybook Can Help You Save Time And If It's Worth It

Here are 5 things you need to know about how Honeybook can help you get more things done in your business and if the software is worth it.

Honeybook Can Track & Manage Leads

Let's start off this Honeybook review with my favorite feature: tracking and managing your prospects and leads. One of the most critical strategies for increasing your sales is being able to manage your inquiries and leads with efficiency and ease. 

If you don't have a system for managing your leads, then you need Honeybook.

Imagine if you could track a potential customer through your sales process, step by step (and get valuable data on how they buy in the process). With Honeybook, you can see where any potential customers are in your sales process by viewing where they are on your pipeline. The bonus? The same goes for your current customers.

No matter your business type, your customers go through a series of steps or stages until their project is complete. Honeybook lets you track that process more easily, so you know where all your sales and your customers are at any given time, so you never forget to follow up or connect with a prospect.

Honeybook Will Help You Sell With Confidence

Do you know the most important role you have in your business (besides being the badass that you are)? It's being the head of sales.

In order to stay in business, you need to sell your products and services confidently. And if you feel like your sales process is tired, disjointed, or not meeting your goals – then you need Honeybook.

Honeybook will make you more money. How? It will give you a sales process that is efficient, easy, and entices the customer to buy. How is that possible with Honeybook?

Introducing Customized Smartfiles

Are you STILL sending a PDF to clients with your services and pricing? Girl, that is so 2012!

Honeybooks new Smartfiles feature is the NEW way to send your brochures and sales decks to prospective clients. With Honeybook, you can send a fully branded and interactive brochure to your potential customers.

Customize the look and feel of these to suit your brand, and even swap images to entice the “eye to buy.” Check out what Smartfiles can do below!

When you sign up for Honeybook in 2024 using my discount code purpose, you'll instantly get access to the custom smart files template that I created in the above video!

Ready to get Honeybook and supercharge your client flow?

Good! I'm glad you're ready to do yourself (and your business) a favor and improve your client flow. Click here to use my discount and get 50% off your first year!

or use the code purpose at checkout

Send Customized Proposals from Templates

Send customized proposals that clients can quickly review, approve or ask for edits. You can even design your proposals using the Smartfiles feature, creating an engaging and beautiful presentation that hooks clients fast.

Get Contracts Signed Instantly With Digital Contracts

Honeybook makes the process of signing on new clients a breeze with their digital contracts. With this handy tool, you can easily draft and send professional-looking agreements and get digital signatures in real time! No more waiting days or even weeks for clients to review and sign important documents – now it all happens with the click of a button. And best of all, the contracts are stored safely in HoneyBook's secure database for easy retrieval later.

If you're not booking the number of customers you need to reach your sales goals, or you're not selling enough products or services– it could be because your sales process needs help. The solution? An automated sales process from Honeybook that entices your customers to purchase.

Curious about what custom brochures look like? Check out my walk-through on Honeybook's custom brochures below!

A lucrative landing page showcasing heaps of money, enticing potential users to evaluate the value and pricing of HoneyBook through reviews.
A New Way To Sell: Honeybook Lead Forms

HoneyBook has consistently offered robust capabilities for lead generation and client bookings. Now, with the introduction of HoneyBook lead forms, you can seamlessly integrate these capabilities to swiftly propel inquiries forward, all through your public channels.

Honeybook's lead forms unite lead capture and bookings effortlessly. Craft personalized, branded experiences for immediate bookings, converting inquiries into business with just a few clicks. Streamline steps from capturing info to accepting payments. Fast-track repeat client bookings too. Simplify low-touch inquiry processes and integrate seamlessly into HoneyBook without manual project setup. Elevate client bookings with lead forms.

These are perfect for services like mini sessions, coaching calls, and other products where you want someone to easily purchase your product and service via a landing page or link!

Plus, you can now sell digital products using Honeybook lead forms!

In 2024, Honeybook improved their lead form landing pages giving you the ability to instantly sell eBooks, courses, and more from your lead forms. Think about all the incredible digital products you can sell in Honeybook! I love this feature so much and feel like it was really needed. Many small businesses were relying on other cart systems to sell their digital products, but with Honeybook's new lead forms, you can keep everything under one roof!

What kind of digital products can you sell using Honeybook lead forms?

  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Online Courses
  • Trainings
  • Youtube series
  • Ebooks

There is so much opportunity with lead forms – from single meetings to larger digital products!

Honeybook Helps You Make Money

Listen… we want checks!!! Well, we don't actually want checks, we want to get paid as quickly as possible! And checks don't get that money in our account as quickly as Honeybook does.

And when it comes to getting paid, Honeybook is here to help! You won't have to worry about hassling your clients for payments ever again – just use Honeybook's integrated payment feature and you can start collecting payments right away. Plus, the process is totally secure so you can rest assured that all of your client's financial information is safe and sound. With HoneyBook, getting paid for your services has never been easier!

As a small business, every dollar counts. In fact, it's downright critical that you get paid ASAP by your NEW and CURRENT customers so that you can keep your business (and bank account!) moving.

Your customers want to pay you, and they want to pay you with ease. If the process of obtaining payments from your new and current customers is NOT easy, then you need Honeybook.

The client management tool Honeybook makes it easy to bill your customers and get paid quickly and securely. Your customers can also select which payment option works best for them using either their credit card OR a direct deposit from their bank.

Honeybook also has an INSTANT DEPOSIT feature, which means you don't have to wait for your money to clear!

No more:

  • Checks you have to drop off at the bank
  • Making your customers go to the bank for wire transfers.
  • Credit card forms emailed back and forth.
  • Sketchy payments using Paypal or worse, Venmo.
  • Delays in getting the money you're owed.
  • Keeping track of customers' upcoming payments/installments.

Once you sign on a new customer, they're automatically entered into payment automation, where Honeybook reminds them of upcoming payments via email, along with a link where they can make said payment.

If your payment process makes it hard for you to get paid ASAP, you NEED the client management tool Honeybook.

Don't forget about all the amazing automations HoneyBook has to offer! Automate your client onboarding process, send automated follow-up messages after invoices are paid, or even set up automatic reminders for upcoming due dates. You can do it all - and more - with Honeybook's powerful automations.

Automate Your Workflows Instead Of Doing Everything By Hand

Don't forget about all the amazing automation HoneyBook has to offer! Automate your client onboarding process, send automated follow-up messages after invoices are paid, or even set up automatic reminders for upcoming due dates. You can do it all – and more – with Honeybook's powerful automation.

Administrative tasks are a pain in the ass. Periodt. When you started a business, I'm pretty sure you didn't expect to spend your Monday night sending out repetitive emails and reminders to your clients.

In fact, I'm pretty sure you wanted to spend your Monday nights watching Real Housewives of New Jersey. So why all the administrative tasks?

The client management tool Honeybook helps you take back time in your business by automating certain workflows. The software allows you to automate things like:

  • Invoices & payments
  • Date based emails
  • Templates for emails, brochures, proposals, payment plans, contracts, and questionnaires
  • Lead captures

… and more!

So if you're spending your Monday night sending out payment reminders or revamping your PDF brochure (for the 100th time) instead of watching grown women fight over some undeserving guy, you need Honeybook.

Use Honeybook's Data To Make Better Business Decisions

The final part of this Honeybook review is probably the most important.

Part of growing a business is understanding where your numbers are. When you can track critical data in your business, you can make educated decisions on how to grow. 

If you don't have a system in your business for tracking critical data, then you need Honeybook. Every time you log on to the platform you can get an instant snapshot on the health of your business: the number of leads you're getting, how much money you're really making, and what referral sources are (or are NOT!) providing you with a link to your ideal customers.

The client management tool Honeybook tracks this critical data by giving you reports on:

  • Where your leads are coming from, and the % of bookings received from those leads (all of which you can customize for your business!)
  • Your booking success rate based on the proposals you've sent and the number of those proposals that have converted into sales
  • The value of your bookings based on each year, so you can get an overview of where you stand financially
  • Outstanding payments, so you can easily calculate what monies are due to you soon
  • Yearly and monthly financial analytics, so you can compare and contrast how your business is performing and growing

This data is critical to growing a business. You can't project where you want to go unless you have an understanding of how far you've come. 

Book Meetings And Calls Right In Honeybook's Calendar

Juggling meetings, whether online or in person, can be cumbersome. With Honeybook's calendar feature, you can send out your calendar link and book meetings right on the platform. This makes booking meetings that much easier for you and your clients. Honeybook's native calendar feature also integrates with Google Calendar and iCal, letting you see your appointments and meets for the day anywhere.

Honeybook even allows you to adjust your calendar colors for meetings, projects, payments, and team member events right in Honeybook, so you can organize your calendar by color.

Honeybook's New 2024 Features

Over the last several weeks, Honeybook has rolled out tons of new features to its platform to make your job as an independent business owner even easier. These new features inside Honeybook are so exciting that I wanted to share them with you in a special section of this review!

A screen shot of the Honeybook dashboard, providing a glimpse into its features and usability.

Brand New Honeybook Homepage

Honeybook has completely redesigned your homepage dashboard, giving you an at-a-glance view of the status of your business from one centralized place: the new home. The new home in Honeybook includes the latest information on payments, leads, upcoming meetings, and more.

I love how at a glance, you can see all the important details about where things stand in your business. Some of my favorite widgets on the homepage are new leads, payment statuses, and your latest correspondence with clients. The new homepage has been a huge hit with users – and there's more to come!

Late Payment Fees

It's always a little awkward when a client is late on their payments. Do you charge a late fee? What do you say? How does this all work? Even the most seasoned of business owners feel weird charging late fees outlined in their agreements – and now Honeybook makes it easy to stick by your contract and enforce your late payment policies.

This new late fee feature will help encourage your clients to pay on time, and you can add a late fee to your smart file contract with just a few clicks. Late fees will be assessed after 30 days have passed since a payment was due, and are added to the total payment amount due.

When late fees are applied, they’ll automatically show up on your invoice as a line item so your clients can see the additional amount.

Honeybook has even gone a step further to help your clients avoid incurring these fees with an update to payment reminder emails. If you have the late fees setting turned on in your account, the payment reminder emails will mention your penalty for overdue payments. All in all, an incredible new 2024 Honeybook feature!

A insightful screenshot of a Google Analytics dashboard showcasing key data and statistics.

New Monthly Sales Reports

Honeybook is really upping its game in 2024 with exciting new financial features (more on that soon – I got a sneak peek in December at their partner event!), and one of my favorite new features that's now available is the monthly sales reports.

You'll also see values for:

  • Gross booked amount: The total expected payments, both paid and scheduled for the future, on booked files within the selected timeframe
  • Files booked: The total number of files in which a contract has been signed and/or a payment made within the selected timeframe

I want you to stop the analysis paralysis on which platform is best for your business, and, instead, give Honeybook's free trial a spin. Honeybook offers a free trial so that you can see just how powerful this platform is, and how it will transform your business.

The best part? They're offering you 50% OFF your yearly subscription to Honeybook! Click here now to start a trial and get 50% off (or use the code PURPOSE at checkout). That's half the price of a normal subscription to Honeybook for your first year. 🙂

Overall, it's easy to see why Honeybook has become such a popular choice for professionals. With its wide range of features and helpful customer support team, it is an invaluable tool that will help you stay organized and efficient as you work with clients. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced pro, Honeybook is sure to make managing your business easier than ever before.

How do you know if Honeybook is really the right fit for YOUR business? And is Honeybook worth it?

Let's be honest, it can be exhausting researching tools for your business. Over the last few years, many new programs and software have emerged in the marketplace for independent creatives. A lot of us get stuck in the research process, worried we'll pick the wrong software to level up our business.

And maybe you have picked the wrong software before! Lord knows I've bought into a few gimmicks and signed up for software I didn't need. In the end, we sometimes never even make a decision on which client management software to pick (hey, are you stuck there right now, searching Google about 2023 Honeybook reviews?!). 

Honeybook promises that it's everything your business needs to build an incredible clientflow. And the truth is, Honeybook does have everything your business needs for you to build a client process, including workflows and automations that save you time.

So, is Honeybook really worth it? My conclusion is yes!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Honeybook is the perfect tool for streamlining processes and making client communication a breeze. From creating customized contracts and invoices to scheduling appointments and collecting payments, Honeybook offers all the features you need in one convenient platform. With affordable subscription plans and helpful customer service, it's no wonder why it has become such a hit among industry professionals! Give it a try today and see how much easier running your wedding business can be with Honeybook.

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Some of the links used in this blog post are affiliate links. When you purchase something, our company receives a small compensation at no cost to you. This compensation helps to maintain the cost of creating helpful content, like our podcast, so you can build a profitable business with purpose.

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