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Podcast Show Notes

Launch Your List Series: The Serve, Serve, Sell Email Marketing Strategy

July 9, 2024

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8 free af ways to market your biz
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I'm Candice, your new tell-it-like-it-is BFF (and purpose cheerleader). Are you ready to grow and scale a profitable business with purpose–and one that gives back to your meaningful life? Thought so!


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How can you turn your email marketing into an automated marketing funnel that actually sells your product or service? Today, I'm teaching you my simple and secret email marketing strategy that has made me over a million dollars in sales. And the best part is? It's a formula you can use over and over again!

This week, I'm sharing part four of an eight part series where I'm teaching wedding pros all about how to use email marketing to grow your business! I'm so excited, and I hope you'll join me each week as we dive deeper and deeper into all aspects of email marketing. Plus, if you're ready to put everything I'm sharing into practice, join me in my FREE marketing challenge starting on August 12th. Sign up here!

In this episode, I'm sharing my email marketing strategy formula called ‘Serve, Serve, Sell'. It involves sending two service-oriented emails followed by a sales email. I want you to know that serving your customers and providing valuable information before selling makes the sales process feel less pushy and more natural. I give a ton of examples of how to apply this formula in different marketing channels, too, such as quizzes, PDF downloads, blogs, and social media.

In this episode about my email marketing strategy:

  • [00:00]: Introduction and Purpose of the Episode
  • [03:49]: The ‘Serve, Serve, Sell' Formula
  • [08:42]: Implementing a Formula in Your Email Marketing
  • [13:56]: Repeating the Formula in Different Marketing Channels
I'm so excited for you to tune into today's episode! As we continue our email marketing series, be sure to sign up for a free trial with Flodesk, the best email marketing platform for wedding pros. If you want to start playing around with a quiz, sign up for a free trial of Interact and see what's possible!

Candice (00:00.238)

How can you turn your email marketing into an automated marketing funnel that actually sells your product or service? Today, I'm teaching you my simple and secret formula that has made me over a million dollars in sales. You're here to grow a business, but not just any kind of business. You want to grow a profitable business with purpose. A business where you wake up every single day driven,

to serve your customers and make a difference in your own life. I'm Candace Coppola, published author, business coach, and your guide to building a profitable business with purpose. Join me here every single week as we explore how to build and grow your business with purpose. Get ready to dig in and have meaningful conversations about the strategies and techniques that will help you build your dream business. This is the

Power in purpose.

Candice (01:04.654)

Hey there, friend. Welcome back to the Power and Purpose Podcast. It's me, your host, Candice. And welcome to the fourth episode in our email marketing series. We're right in the thick of things in the middle of our email marketing series. And I wanted to pause and shine a light on how I use email marketing to sell in my business and teach you my secret model so that you can use this in your business.

So over the next several weeks, you know that I am helping you launch your list by teaching you everything you need to know about email marketing. And so far we have covered a lot of ground. Over the last few weeks, I've taught you about email marketing in general terms, lingo, and some of the basics, the fundamentals. So we've laid the groundwork. I've taught you how to create a lead magnet and walked you through the various types of lead magnets you can create.

also taught you what a nurture sequence is and how that's going to help you build your list. And I want to build off of everything we've discussed so far and teach you my personal method that I created for my own business. But as I mentioned at the top of the show, it's helped me sell over a million dollars in the last four years just to my email list. This is sales that I can directly attribute.

to my email list. Now, before we dig in, I wanna remind you about our challenge. Hello, it's coming in hot. It's gonna be here before you know it. So first, mark your calendars for August 12th, the week of August 12th, I'll be hosting a five day free email marketing challenge where you are going to launch your list. You are gonna get your life together, your email marketing life together. We're gonna launch your list. I'm gonna coach you through it.

There's going to be fun prizes. There is going to be giveaways. I'm going to be there coaching and reviewing and helping you live. Go to kinescopila .com slash challenge to sign up. It's 100 % free. When you do, I will send you an email to confirm that you're in. And as we get closer, I'll be sharing and spilling the tea and giving you all the details so that you know what's coming up. I'm very excited about this challenge. And I created this component to our email marketing series because

Candice (03:20.846)

I know how hard it is to actually just like get the work done. And I want you to have space to do that. And I want to coach you through it. I want you to take everything you're learning from me here on the show and I want you to apply it to your business because I want you to diversify your marketing because social media and other forms of marketing are getting harder. And I want you to have a diverse set of marketing in your business. So go to kinescopla .com slash challenge to sign up. And now let's talk about the secret formula.

This very secret formula, the best part about this email marketing formula is that it is so simple. It's called the serve, serve, sell. Remember that, serve, serve, sell. Serve, serve, sell. And it's a formula I use in email marketing to help my customers buy the solution to their problem from me. Remember, businesses exist to solve the problems of its customers.

Every customer comes to you, they have some form of problem. And as a business owner, it is honestly, it's a privilege to be able to help someone to solve a problem for them. And your role as a salesperson is to help somebody buy the solution to the problem that they're experiencing. And this serve, serve, sell model.

is what I use in email marketing, but it's also what I use for pretty much anything I do, whether it's Instagram, whether it's blogging, whether it's YouTube, even here on the podcast, I use the Serve, Serve, Sell model in all of my marketing. So you can take what I'm teaching you today and pretty much apply it to any way that you market. And the formula is pretty simple, which is quite frankly why I think it's so great and effective. What you are gonna do is you're gonna serve

you're going to serve and then you're going to sell. In your email marketing, you're going to send out an email that's of service that asks for nothing but helps your customer with whatever problem they have as to why they came to you. And then the next email in your nurture sequence is going to serve them again. It's going to give them more information. It's going to give them access to something that can help them alleviate that pain point.

Candice (05:33.102)

And after you've served them twice, you're going to come in and you're going to sell. You're going to help them buy a faster, a better solution to their problem, which just so happens to be you. Serve, serve, sell. You're going to repeat this model in any nurture sequence that you create for your business and your email marketing. And for really any email strategy you create, newsletters, emails that you might just send to your list one off.

You're gonna repeat this model for everything. Serve, serve, sell. The first email you send serves, the second you send is of service, and the third sells. And you're gonna repeat this as often as you need to. And what I think works so well about the serve, serve, sell model, what I think it works so well for a few reasons and allow me to illuminate these reasons for you. First, it gives you a formula to follow.

And sometimes we just need to follow a recipe. You could make something for dinner. And if you had to come up with it from scratch, you might struggle. If cooking doesn't come naturally to you, or if you're not somebody who's really that into cooking, but if you follow a recipe, you increase your odds of success with whatever it is that you're cooking. And I really think formulas and recipes are there to help guide us.

They're tried, they're tested, they're true. And I am sharing this with you because I use it in my own business. I teach it inside my mastermind and it is honestly, it works. And so this gives you a formula that encourages you to sell. And so not only do you have a formula, but it's a formula that is putting sales somewhere in the mix. So many wedding pros feel like selling is hard and they also feel like selling is icky.

And so the next reason why this works so well is it makes the art of selling feel not salesy. It makes it feel not pushy because it puts service before selling. It puts the act of serving your customer in some way before you pitch the sale. I think many of us feel like we want to be courted a bit before we buy. And there's lots of ways to court people.

Candice (07:50.542)

I think also many of us feel a bit taken back when somebody is hard selling. That's why we don't love to go shopping for cars or those like things that we don't love doing because we know a hard sale is going to be attached and it just feels icky. It feels like all they want is your money. They don't care about what your needs are. And so we naturally recoil. But when somebody puts service before selling, it does show. And I think when they do come in with a paid for solution,

When they do come in with, well, here's how I can actually make this so much easier for you. Here's how I can play in your wedding. Here's why you should choose me as your photographer. Here's why I should be the one to design your invitations. When we put the sale in, it feels so much easier. It's a natural graduation. And also the person receiving the sale feels like good about it. And we've more importantly, you will feel good about it.

Today's episode is brought to you by our partner, Flowdesk. As you get started on your email marketing journey, Flowdesk is here to help. Flowdesk is an email marketing software used by thousands of creative entrepreneurs like you to grow their business and their brand. What I love most about Flowdesk is just how easy and simple it is to create stunning and effective email campaigns in just a few clicks. It's perfect for the wedding industry and for anyone

looking to grow their email marketing with my signature formula, the serve, serve, sell model, go to Candace Coppola .com slash flow desk to sign up for your free trial where you can start designing beautiful email campaigns. While I continue to teach you everything you need to know about email marketing, that's Candace Coppola .com slash flow desk to start your free trial, check it out and see what's possible. And thanks to flow desk for sponsoring today's episode.

So the next reason why this works is it doesn't feel too salesy or pushy because it puts service before the sale. And the final reason why I think this works, sorry, this isn't the final, this is the second to last reason why I think it works so well, is it gives your lead valuable and helpful information. It serves them, it gives them information that they can actually use to improve their situation that they might not be able to find on the internet or they might have to look at different sources and try to piece it together themselves.

Candice (10:07.278)

They're seeking you out as an expert. They're learning from you and it serves them. It gives them valuable and very helpful information. And I know from experience, both as a wedding planner and as a business coach, that when you give people valuable information, when you don't gatekeep, when you are very upfront, when you try to help people and serve them, they greatly appreciate that. It's a breath of fresh air in a lot of spaces where gatekeeping is the norm and they feel like they can't get any tangible information.

When you are the person who is very open, very honest and gives people information that helps to improve the situation, you instantly become memorable. You instantly create a connection. They will remember you because you were forthcoming and that you helped them, that you served them. And I think they're more apt to buy from you if they're ready to buy. But if anything, you do plant a great seed of your brand that who knows that seed that you plant in this email nurture sequence using my serve, serve, sell model.

it could come back to lead to your biggest client ever in a year or two from now. You never know. So another reason why it's so successful and it works so well is it serves. It serves people and it helps your potential client with valuable and helpful information. The final reason why I think this model has been so effective for me and it's so effective for the people who implement it is it's repeatable and it's easy to implement.

We need repeatable processes. We need things that are easy to implement, things that are easy for us to understand. It's uncomplicated. And so I personally gravitate towards simpler, especially these days. I feel like I'm simplifying so much in my business and maybe you are too, but it's repeatable. It's easy to implement. And so therefore you're more apt to do it. And if you're more apt to do something because it's easy and repeatable, especially if that something is marketing that

That is a win -win. Let me give you some examples of the serve -serve -sell model. If your lead magnet were to be a quiz, and spoiler alert, we're revealing all things quizzes in some upcoming episodes, so stay tuned. But if your lead magnet in your email marketing funnel is a quiz, how this would work would be the first email you would send would be the results. The second email you would send would be of service.

Candice (12:29.006)

Maybe you share a tip or a trick based on the results, the nature of the quiz, right? So depending on the type of quiz you have, you would send a service email that helps guide them or answers a question they may have in relation to what the quiz was about. Then the next email is of service again. Maybe in the next email, you direct them to a blog post you wrote on a topic. Maybe you did a podcast interview and you speak about something on someone's podcast or your own if you have one.

Maybe there's a freebie they can go download that further helps to enhance or support them. But you're being of service. You're giving them more resources to consume that can take them just another step closer to not having this painful problem. And then the final email in the Serve, Serve, Sell is the Sell. So email number four is going to be Sell. And so based on their results, you're going to encourage them to take the next step of investing in your product or service. You're going to make a pitch for yourself.

And listen, I know that sometimes pitching yourself can feel really overwhelming and it can be hard, but you've just given them so much to think about and you've just served the heck out of them that it only makes sense that you would say, listen, if you don't want to do this on your own or if you want my help and expertise, here's some ways that we can work together. I'm going to raise your awareness around the services I offer or the products I have that can actually be the solution to your problem. And that is what

serving and selling is all about. And that's why this model works so well. Admit it, you love taking quizzes, whether it's a quiz that reveals which Bravo Liberty you are or what your favorite pizza flavor reveals about your personality. Quizzes are so fun to take, but have you ever thought about creating your own quiz? One that shows off your personality, creates a connection with your potential client.

and helps them buy your products and services using my signature model, the Serve, Serve, Sell. Quizzes are such a fun way to generate leads for your wedding business and to grow your email list. I use Interact to create and deliver my quiz. And with Interact, you can create a quiz in literally minutes. Interact's new AI tool will create a fun on -brand quiz in minutes, which means your new quiz

Candice (14:52.078)

It can be launched today. Make a quiz in minutes with Interact AI. I want you to go to tryinteract .com slash AI and get started for free. That's tryinteract .com slash AI. And thanks to Interact for sponsoring today's episode of the podcast. So that's one example for using the Serve, Serve, Sell model in a quiz funnel. The next would be something like, let's say you had a PDF download, top 10

wedding venues in Boston freebie. You're a Boston wedding planner or you're a photographer or caterer or a DJ and you want to harness somebody at the venue search stage of their journey and planning. And you've created this amazing freebie that talks about your 10 favorite venues in it. You've packed venues you love working at and you're going to share with them what you love about it and some facts that help them to make their decision.

Okay, so that's the premise of the freebie. That's who we're targeting. And those are some businesses this freebie could work for. They put their name, their email address in, they request to receive the freebie. And the first email is the freebie. You send them the freebie. 10 wedding venues in Boston, the best 10 wedding venues in Boston. The second email that you send after you send the freebie is of service. So maybe you wanna share a tip or a trick. Maybe you wanna say, as you're doing some venue hunting, here are.

four questions to keep in mind that you should ask yourself and your partner to narrow down these choices. So you're giving them just a little bit more information that helps them get closer to a solution. Email number three is a serve. We're going to direct them to a blog post or a podcast episode or to something else that can help them make a decision or get that.

much closer and you can see why, you know, having blog posts or being a guest on a podcast in a topic that you're really passionate about can really come in handy with email marketing and how you can use email marketing to generate new traffic to these areas, to bring new listeners over to your podcast if you have one or to an episode that you're really proud of on someone else's show or a blog post that you painstakingly.

Candice (17:06.958)

spent days writing or maybe months conceptualizing, bringing people over to that blog post so they can read it and get connected to you. Maybe you have a reel on Instagram that you wanna direct them to or an Instagram live video on your profile or a YouTube video if you're over on YouTube. Either way, in this third email, you're gonna find another way to serve them based on the content that they requested from you or the nature of the relationship you've entered into. And then you guessed it, the next email.

the fourth email in the sequence is selling and you're going to upsell them on something. So if you're a planner and they're looking for venues, maybe you're upselling them on your venue research service, which by the way, if you do not offer that, you should, you can always DM me. I can send you a link to purchase a resource on how to offer venue research as a standalone service. You can upsell them on any service that would make sense at this stage of their wedding planning.

journey. So you would raise awareness again about the products or services that you offer and how maybe you love shooting at any of those 10 wedding venues that you mentioned. And so if they decide on one of those wedding venues, you'd love to be one of their photographers. You open up your books for a consultation. You can talk about availability and dates. Either, no matter the scenario, you pick something to sell and it should be you and your product or your service or your services.

And this email is going to raise awareness about what it is that you do and how you could help them and why they would benefit from hiring you. Now, I've given you two examples of using the ServeServeCell model. The brilliant part of this is that you can keep going. And so if you want to build out a nurture sequence for this that is several weeks long and

has multiple emails more than just the four that we've suggested, what you would do is you would just repeat this process again. So email number five in our sequence would be served, six would be served, and then the seventh would be sell, and we would go around and around and around until you feel like you have served and sold enough on the topic and you have spoken to them as much as you can to try to flip them into a customer. This formula works

Candice (19:24.526)

so well. And like I mentioned, you can take this and implement it into other marketing channels in your business. So for instance, if you wanted to use this in blogs, what I would try to do is serve, serve, sell in a blog. So making two thirds of my content of service and then putting the sale in the final third.

Or you can write two blog posts that serve and then the third blog post you write is more of a sell for yourself. In Instagram, you can do this adnet like forever, like literally a run on a marketing strategy where you post to service Instagram posts and then you post one that's more salesy or that talks about your packages, your pricing, why someone should hire you, your values, shows off your work.

And the cycle can be repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated. You can also take the serve, serve, sell and condense it into one email. Like I mentioned with the blog post, two thirds of the email being of service and the final third being a sale. There's endless possibilities here, but the formula never really changes. You serve, you serve, and then you sell. Hopefully you can see why I wanted to dedicate just an episode to this topic.

And I wanted to talk about this on its own because I think it is a powerful strategy that encourages you to serve first and sell next. But most importantly, you get to live by your values and be of service. And if you feel like selling is difficult for you, there's that ick factor. This will help you feel a lot better about selling because you've been of such tremendous service to someone that naturally they're they might be like, well, how do I just hire you to do this for me?

And that's where you come in with this cell. In our challenge, we're going to be implementing the Serve -Serve Cell Model. And I would encourage you, as you continue to listen to these email marketing episodes, to take this formula and go apply it to a marketing channel that you're currently using. Go and apply it to Instagram, or go apply it to even a networking or relationship building situation where you serve, serve, and then come in with an opportunity, or ask to be on a preferred vendor list, or ask for a collaboration.

Candice (21:44.078)

Go and apply this formula somewhere in your business this week and tell me how it goes. Tell me if anything comes of it, how it feels to you, if it feels easy. And we're gonna apply this inside of our challenge and going forward in your email marketing. Serve, serve, sell. Write it on a sticky note, pop it on your computer screen so you don't forget. This is the perfect formula for marketing your business.

It pushes you to sell your services where you might feel like, I hate selling. Well, I don't feel like you'll hate selling if you follow this method, trust me. And there was a time where I felt, and sometimes I still feel like, I don't wanna bother people. Ooh, I don't wanna come in too hot. We have all these preconceived opinions about selling. It feels so much easier to sell when you know you've been of great value in service first.

All right, friend, that's today's episode of the podcast. Quick reminder, please go and register for the challenge. Go to kinescoblood .com slash challenge to register. Thank you to our partners who are sponsoring today's episode. Thank you to Flowdesk and Interact. Next week, I will be back on the podcast. I have a great episode for you. It's all about introducing a quiz lead magnet.

into your email marketing. If you love taking quizzes as much as I do, you have never met a quiz you didn't love, you are going to thoroughly enjoy my interview with the founder of Interact, Josh. Next week, we're talking about the psychology of quizzes and why quizzes are such an effective marketing strategy for email marketing and for wedding pros. You're gonna love.

our conversation and you're going to love all the episodes we have on quiz marketing. So buckle up. It's going to be a good one. All right, friend, as always, thank you so much for listening. I want to remind you there's so much power in your purpose and I'll see you next week. Thanks so much for tuning in to this week's episode of the power and purpose podcast. If you enjoyed the show, be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode and consider leaving a review.

Candice (24:05.07)

Head over to power and purpose podcast and .com to access all of the resources and links mentioned in today's episode. That's power and purpose podcast .com. I'll see you next time.

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know– what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation!

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maybe you could just enjoy social media a little more and stress about it a little less. 


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Selling is usually hard for everyone. We feel “icky” when we sell, and many of us don’t want to feel pushy or like we are bothering other people with our services/offers. But selling is important. Like, really freaking important. lol

This week, I’m teaching you a selling model that I created for my marketing. Yes, even I struggle (sometimes daily) with selling. It’s the Serve, Serve, Sell Formula, and it will help you tremendously, especially when it comes to email marketing!

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