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Podcast Show Notes

Launch Your List: How To Automate Your Email Marketing With Nurture Sequences

July 2, 2024

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The best part about email marketing is you can automate so much of it! How do you create an email nurture sequence? What types of email nurture sequences can you create? And why do I think they're the missing link in your email marketing? We're going to dive into all of that today!

This week, I'm sharing part three of an eight part series where I'm teaching wedding pros all about how to use email marketing to grow your business! I'm so excited, and I hope you'll join me each week as we dive deeper and deeper into all aspects of email marketing. Plus, if you're ready to put everything I'm sharing into practice, join me in my FREE marketing challenge starting on August 12th. Sign up here!

In this episode, I brought Dawn back on the podcast to dive deeper into the importance of nurture sequences in email marketing (what comes AFTER your lead magnet). In this episode, we explain what nurture sequences are and how they can help build relationships, establish trust, and keep your brand top of mind. We also share three types of nurture sequences that wedding professionals can create (and help decide which is right for you).

In this episode about how to know if you're ready to hire a wedding industry business coach:

  • [00:00]: Introduction and Overview
  • [02:19]: The Power of Nurture Sequences
  • [09:10]: Segmentation and Open Rates
  • [11:53]: Email Marketing as Passive Income
  • [19:35]: Segmentation and Customized Conversations
  • [22:18]: Lead Magnet Specific Nurture Sequences
  • [29:48]: Setting Up Nurture Sequences in Flodesk
  • [35:15]: The Serve-Serve-Sell Model
  • [39:39]: Conclusion and Next Steps
I'm so excited for you to tune into today's episode! As we continue our email marketing series, be sure to sign up for a free trial with Flodesk, the best email marketing platform for wedding pros. If you want to start playing around with a quiz, sign up for a free trial of Interact and see what's possible!

Candice (00:00.302)

How do you create an email nurture sequence? What types of email nurture sequences can you create? And why do I think they're the missing link in your email marketing? You're here to grow a business, but not just any kind of business. You want to grow a profitable business with purpose, a business where you wake up every single day driven to serve your customers and make a difference in your own life. I'm Candace Copelove.

published author, business coach, and your guide to building a profitable business with purpose. Join me here every single week as we explore how to build and grow your business with purpose. Get ready to dig in and have meaningful conversations about the strategies and techniques that will help you build your dream business. This is the power in purpose.

Candice (00:58.766)

Hey there, friend. Welcome back to the Power in Purpose podcast. It's me, your host, and I'm joined by my lovely co -host, Dawn Richardson from Tech Savvy Creative. Welcome back, Dawn. I'm so glad to be here as always. Thank you so much for having me. I loved having a co -host. This is so fun. I know, right? We should do this more. We should. Actually, it's so funny. After our very first episode that we did, interview we did together, the hundredth episode of the podcast,

I literally was like, I could sit down and talk to Dawn about tech, about software, about business strategy all the time. So I'm so glad that we're doing it again. Yes, and we're talking about something so important and so relevant right now, which is email marketing. So I'm here for it. Let's dive in. Yay. Well, today we're talking about nurture sequences. This is the third episode in our email marketing series. And up until this point,

Donna and I have talked to you through the fundamentals of email marketing. We have covered how to create a lead magnet. And today we're going to talk about what happens after your subscriber opts in and receives their freebie that they may opted in to receive from you, how you can continue the conversation and really put the piece of the puzzle, the sales piece of the puzzle into your email marketing workflows with nurture sequences. And I'm

I personally think that nurture sequences are the missing link for most entrepreneurs in email marketing, especially as they're getting started. Up until this point, you've put so much work and effort into just getting this going that now to sit down and write some emails or even think about a nurture sequence feels like a difficult task, but I promise you it's a lot easier than you think.

You probably have a lot of content already at your disposal that you can bring into your nurture sequence. And if you do this, what Dawn and I are going to teach you how to do, you will find that your email marketing starts to convert from curious people or people who want something for free into qualified buyers. And that is so powerful. And Candice, you are the queen of the nurture sequence. I'm on your email list. And every time you send an email, I am

Candice (03:12.974)

there and I am reading it and I am involved and invested. So it is so cool to hear you talk about this and like this is the perfect person to learn from everybody. So take notes, pay attention because this is going to really rock your world. Thank you, Dawn. I spent a lot of time trying to understand email marketing and nurture sequences for my own business. And I think the formula that I've created, which I'm going to teach you in part today and then also in the next episode of the podcast on my Serve, Serve,

and sell model of email marketing. But the formula that I've developed has really helped me help my customers. And it has helped me to grow my business, to grow my brand, and most importantly, solve problems for the customers that I serve. So I'm really excited to teach you about nurture sequences today. So first, let's just start off with what is a nurture sequence. A nurture sequence is just simply a series of emails that are sent over a period of time.

And these emails are automated and they've been designed to engage a person after they've shown interest in your product, your service, or they've opted in to hear from you. And how it works is by guiding your potential customers through a journey. Think of it like you're taking a trip with them and you're giving them valuable content. You're encouraging them to take the next step with you that might be booking a call.

or clicking a link or making a purchase. And it's effective because it builds relationships. Your inbox is such a sacred place. And Donna and I have talked about this. You've been invited into someone's inbox. It's almost like being invited into their home or their living room in a lot of ways. And so this helps to build a relationship with them. It helps to build trust.

And it keeps your brand at the forefront of somebody's mind. It keeps you top of mind. It literally is the no like and trust factor in marketing. Like that's literally what a nurture sequence is. Absolutely. And taking that relationship to the next level is only going to make you more successful down the line when you do want to start selling them. When you do want them to be interested in that next product. Having that relationship is such an important aspect. yeah.

Candice (05:35.438)

So these are the reasons why you need a nurture sequence. We've talked about relationships, but that's the first reason why I think you need a nurture sequence with your email marketing is to build relationships. And so like I've mentioned, a nurture sequence is gonna allow you to establish a relationship with this person over time. It's also gonna help establish trust and create loyalty to your brand.

Another reason why is it's going to guide the customer. Talk about a journey, the client journey, the customer journey. You have to think about how somebody goes on a journey with you through marketing and through your email marketing. And this nurture sequence is going to guide potential customers through a purchasing journey with you. It's going to gently nudge them towards making purchasing decisions and

I think in terms of sales and thinking about your selling in your wedding industry business and why your business exists to serve the problems of its customers, I want you to remember that in sales, you're helping your customer buy a solution to their problem. And your nurture sequence is really like that in action. It's helping someone to make a purchase that is going to solve their problem.

It's also keeping your brand top of mind. You know, there's a reason why J .Crew is not letting you forget about those pants. The J .Crew pants have been in conversation in each of these episodes so far. But that's exactly why they want you to remember that they have those pants that you really want. They want you to remember them. They want you to remember that you have a discount available to you. So sending those regular targeted communication through the nurture sequence.

continues to keep your brand and what you're offering at the forefront of their mind. And that's just going to increase the likelihood that they will convert and actually purchase your product or service when they are ready to buy. it's so true. And staying top of mind and staying relevant in the minds of your potential customers is really challenging. There's a lot of noise. Social media algorithms make it.

Candice (07:48.142)

difficult. People also have personal lives and they're not on social media like 24 seven. So they may not see your post or see your story or see something that you talked about. So again, email is that direct line into someone's living room and into someone's life where you can maintain that top of mind status, whether they're ready to buy from you or maybe they've already purchased and they want to refer to you. So it really, I think it for that reason alone, a nurture sequence is so powerful. It also helps you to segment your audience.

And in the very first episode of our series, we talked about segmentation and how powerful segmentation is. And so a nurture sequence can help you observe how users are interacting with the content that you're sending. And you can begin to segment your audience and really tailor your marketing efforts by segmenting your list and kind of putting people in different categories or tagging them and putting them in different type of buckets.

Yes, that segmenting is so powerful. We actually have some stats from our email marketing trend report for 2024. Ooh. For segmenting. So we evaluated 6 .8 billion emails to get this data. That is a ton of emails. But when emails were sent to segmented audiences, we saw an open rate of 48 .26%. Wow.

That's fascinating. 48%, which in the email marketing world, that is really great. 100 % open rate is not the goal here. The average open rate across the board is 46%. So seeing that increase over the overall open rate, when you go to that segmented audience, you're going to see that increase. Now, if you're sending it to an unsegmented audience, or you're just sending it to whoever, we're only seeing a 15 % open rate.

Wow. So that's a huge difference. And that shows you how powerful segmenting and actually sending emails that are targeted to the right segment, how much that can improve your open rate and your overall goal here as an email marketer. Today's episode is brought to you by our partner, Flowdesk. As you get started on your email marketing journey, Flowdesk is here to help.

Candice (10:03.822)

Flodesk is an email marketing software used by thousands of creative entrepreneurs like you to grow their business and their brand with email marketing. Flodesk makes it so easy for you to nurture your leads into paying clients with their automated workflows and email marketing campaigns. What I love most about Flodesk is just how easy and simple it is to create and launch a nurture sequence in just a few clicks. Plus, Flodesk will help you keep

everything on brand from your colors to your logo. It's perfect for the wedding industry and for anyone looking to grow their business with email marketing. Go to CandaceCopla .com slash flow desk to sign up for your free trial where you can start designing your very first nurture sequence while I continue to teach you everything you need to know about email marketing. That's CandaceCopla .com slash flow desk to start your free trial. Check it out and see what's possible.

And thanks to Flowdesk for sponsoring today's episode. I think what's interesting about segmentation too, is it really helps to help you automate certain elements of your marketing efforts. So as you're segmenting your audience and as you're getting into email marketing more with nurture sequences and workflows and segmentations, you can then start to automate other aspects of your email marketing and...

create nurture sequences and workflows that speak to the segments that you're trying to target. So it's so fascinating. And what I love about email marketing too, what I love about nurture sequences is they're automated. So essentially what you're gonna do is you're gonna sit down and kind of think about the customer journey that you wanna take someone on after they opt in. And you're gonna write these emails, you're gonna put some time delays in between them, and then you're gonna upload them to Flowdesk. And then Flowdesk is gonna take care of sending these emails out to people.

as they begin their journey with you through email marketing. And that cannot be said with Instagram or social media or TikTok or other forms of marketing where you feel like you're constantly like screaming into the void and there's not much that actually is automated. It requires you to have to show up and film or take photographs or write captions where a nurture sequence doesn't really require that. You just have to kind of make it and then you set it up and then you watch.

Candice (12:20.206)

It's so powerful that the magic happens, the tool does the work for you, and your customers are going to feel like you are showing up in their inbox and you're talking to them directly. And that is going to change your whole marketing strategy as a whole. It's pretty amazing. yeah. You're going to I mean, this is like getting really smart about your time and your efforts. People who business owners who spend time understanding and growing an email list want to work smarter and not harder.

And while I don't believe in passive income and passive business, I think email marketing gets you as close as you can get to passive because you really do set it up and people opt in and they're at different stages of their journey over different months and days and years. And it's all happening behind the scenes. And you were just getting notifications that people are opting in and then they're contacting you after.

to learn more about your products or services that are purchasing from you. And it's a journey that's happening behind the scenes that you physically do not have to be a part of every single time. That is so rewarding. Which is so cool. It is so rewarding. Like all of this work, you're building this relationship and you're not doing anything. You spent some time upfront creating these emails, but then the magic happens behind the scenes and that is so cool.

Now, if you are excited about everything that Dawn and I are talking about, I want to remind you about our email marketing challenge coming up on August 12th. You'll want to go to CandaceCoppola .com slash challenge and sign up for the challenge first and foremost. It's 100 % free. There's no sales pitch. We are literally going to help you get all of this up and running.

And I'm gonna give you, there's lots of great stuff happening at this challenge, including maybe just maybe some nurture sequence email templates that you can load into Flow Desk to make your life so much easier. So you're definitely gonna wanna sign up for the challenge. When you do, I will send you some details, some dates so you can mark a calendar. And as we get closer, of course, I'll send you all the juicy details. But with that said,

Candice (14:31.15)

I think there are three types of nurture sequences that wedding pros can create. You don't need all of these. You can, in fact, it's probably best to just pick one and focus on one for now and know that there's options for you to expand into later. So the first type of nurture sequence that is really powerful is just an overall brand and product awareness nurture sequence.

So when someone opts in to hear from you, this is an automated sequence that immediately gets kicked off. And it's a series of emails that just introduce you. Maybe the first email is like, hey, you know, I'm Candace, I'm your new business BFF, which is how my email nurture sequence begins. And you just share more about you. And what's so powerful about that email is that you're...

you don't know where your audience is coming from. It could be a cold lead. They may not really be familiar with you. So this helps to accelerate that know, like, and trust and really introduces you to the person. It's like the handshake. It's like sitting down and being like, hi, I'm Candice. It's nice to meet you. And people kind of need that when they're just getting to know you and your business. So an overall brand and product awareness nurture sequence is really great. And through this email nurture sequence, you introduce yourself.

you may introduce your philosophy around business, the services you offer, the products you have, the types of clients you serve, how someone can get started with you, how they might book a consultation, how they might be able to take the next step, any other resources or information that you have that could benefit them. And so it's like a targeted campaign that helps to raise brand awareness. I love that. And then...

I think I just want to reiterate the importance of you in this whole process. People subscribe because they want to get to know you. A lot of people have businesses that are similar to yours, but you are the magic in your business. And this is your opportunity to introduce yourself and showcase why you stand out in this world of other businesses as well. So take advantage of these sequences.

Candice (16:43.214)

thanks for that, Dawn. Sometimes we need to be reminded that it's okay to talk about ourselves and that people want to learn more about us. I would also add to that, that you might be like, well, all this information is on my website. Like, why do I need to then take somebody through an email nurture sequence when they could read about me on my website and see my services and everything there? That's a really fair question. And one thing I want you to know about human behavior is that people don't always read every word on your website.

And even if they do, sometimes people need to read things more than once in order for it to really resonate and stick with people. So you can literally take the information from your website and bring it into an email nurture sequence, introducing people to different aspects of your business and how they can get started working with you by just repurposing that content into a nurture sequence. And then it builds that know, like, and trust, right? That's it. That's the goal. That's the goal.

So that's the first type of nurture sequence you can create. The second type of nurture sequence that you can create delivers a quiz result and also guidance after that quiz result. And this is one of my favorite nurture sequences. If you go to CandaceCopeland .com slash quiz, you can see this in action. And I'm sure if you go to techsavvycreative .com slash quiz, you can also see this in action. But a quiz nurture sequence is where the power of segmentation comes in.

and we are going to segment people based on their results and then deliver a customized conversation based on the results they had from their quiz. And the goal is to deliver those results and drive them to do something to make a purchase and also to accelerate that know, like and trust. So let me throw in an example and Don, I would love if you would also think of an example too.

But let's say, for instance, you're a wedding planner and you create a quiz, which planning service is the right fit for you? And they take the quiz and it spits out that they should really be investing in full service planning because of the logistics of their wedding and how they answered the questions of the quiz. The results of the quiz can then be tailored to helping somebody to buy that level of service from you and all the reasons why. And then you can go through a nurture sequence that helps to build trust.

Candice (19:05.806)

helps to educate them about what a full service wedding planner does, and helps to guide them on taking the next step to book your full service wedding planning package by having a consultation with you, talking more about their wedding. So you can deliver a quiz result that helps guide them to purchase that product and service. And on the opposite end, if a different level of service makes sense for their wedding, you can deliver that result and guide them to purchase that service. All of that feeling really targeted.

very customized and feeling like you were invited into their living room to have a conversation. Absolutely. Now I have a couple examples. Do you want the wedding example or do you want the like what I do example? I want the wedding. I want both actually. Okay. I'll give you both. I'll give you both. So let's talk about, I'm a photographer. So I have eight years of experience in wedding photography. I don't shoot anymore, but I spent

I feel like I paid my dues in the wedding world to be able to talk about the wedding industry. You did. So I want to encourage my photographers, think about it this way. Could you create a quiz that says, where should you have your engagement session? And the results are four different locations. Or maybe you say, what location is right for you? Well, the results and how they answer these questions, you can segment them into different audiences.

So if you find out that this client in particular really loves the outdoor field type vibe, you can segment them into the audience. And then when you have sessions to offer at that location, whether they're mini sessions or maybe you're doing some, you're traveling somewhere really cool and you wanna see if your clients wanna meet you there type thing, you have an audience that you can email directly that you already know love that location.

That just gives you more opportunity to convert. The same thing applies in my own business. So my quiz is what Mac should you buy? And when they get their result, they are segmented into their results. And that is really important because I'm not necessarily selling Apple products. Like I am not in the business of selling Apple products. I do use affiliate links on that quiz results. So that does generate a little bit of income. However, I want to use my quiz to build that trust and to

Candice (21:26.382)

build my brand awareness for tech savvy creative. Now, when Apple turns around and says, hey, we have brand new MacBook Pros, guess who's getting an email? Anybody who got the MacBook Pro. I was going to say, they're emailing you like, what about this? Yes, I get tons of emails. Yes, I get those emails. But anybody who's already tested that they should have a MacBook Pro, I'm sending an email out saying, hey, guess what?

Apple just announced brand new MacBook Pros. So if you're still in the market for a MacBook Pro, now's a really great time to buy. So I'm building that know, like, and trust through my quiz and just nurturing that relationship because I want to be their source of information. I want to be the person that they trust. And I do that through my quiz and through the nurture sequence that takes place afterwards.

So good. I feel like I just learned so much about segmentation from you, Dawn, and how you use segmentation in your email marketing. It's really fascinating to hear how other business owners are using segmentation to communicate and to have conversations with their audience and to send recommendations and also guide people and nurture people to buy. Now, something really cool inside of Flodesk in particular, we have something called form preferences.

And when you build a form, you can essentially create a checklist and you can say whatever those items are. So for example, when you opt into my AI toolkit for creatives, I say, who are you? And it says, I'm a wedding professional, or I am a operations business manager, or I am a photographer. And they can check the boxes that apply to them. And when they do that, it segments them into their own segment.

I have a photography course, but I'm not going to sell that course to somebody who's not a photographer. So having that information at my fingertips is so important for me to drive the right emails to the right person. such a great tip. And with segmentation too, and nurture sequences in particular, it's nice if you are using email marketing to talk to your direct to customer, so B2C.

Candice (23:33.774)

but also maybe you're using it to talk B2B by raising brand awareness and establishing yourself as a tastemaker or an expert in the photography world or the wedding floral world. And so list segmentation and nurture sequence segmentation can help you have that, again, that direct conversation with a certain audience and to customize that conversation. So you're not talking to fellow florists like they're a bride getting married, but you're talking to them on their level and also speaking

about inside knowledge and sort of using inside lingo and speaking to them specifically. So your nurture sequences and segmenting can do that. I love that Flodesk allows people to self segment themselves right at the point of opting in, right at the point of asking to hear from you. They can tell you more about who they are. A really great example, I sat with a wedding photographer and we set this up for her business. She sells B2C. She is not selling business to business.

But we created a preference where it says, I am the bride or groom, or I am the couple's parent. So because you might talk to a family member differently in your emails than you would actually whoever the client themselves are. So they might have different problems. They might have different concerns if they're the parent versus the actual person getting married.

So you can segment that way as well, especially if you tend to have an audience that has a younger demographic to it. I see this also with senior photographers. They have high school students, but are you talking to the parents more? Are you talking to the client themselves? It's...

It's a little bit of a challenging situation to be in, but this is where segmentation becomes really powerful. And you can change how you are talking to them based off of who it is. Yeah. And knowing your customer, which is such an important part of being a business owner and being a good marketer and a good salesperson is understanding your audience and being able to adjust your approach based on first the person you're talking to and what they're seeking out from you. And a parent is definitely going to be different than a couple getting married.

Candice (25:41.166)

I worked with so many parents as a planner and I loved my parents. I really, towards the end of my career, I understood them more than ever because I was getting like closer to their age, right? And I was closer to their age than maybe their kid's age. Love my parents, but the way in which I would interact with them would definitely be different than how I would interact with their child getting married. And that's a great example of list segmentation.

Interact AI is going to be your secret to growing your email list. Everyone loves taking quizzes, which is why they're the highest converting lead magnet that you can create. Whether it's a quiz that reveals which Bravo Liberty you are or what your favorite pizza flavor says about your personality, quizzes are just so much fun to take. This is why they make the perfect lead magnet and why they're my favorite option for wedding pros.

Interact's AI tool helps you create a fun on -brand quiz in minutes, which means your new quiz could be launched today. What's great about Interact AI is that you can integrate your quiz right into Flodesk. So every time someone takes your quiz, you can use Flodesk to keep the conversation going, nurturing your lead into a customer. Interact.

AI is going to be your secret weapon to growing and nurturing your email list. Make a quiz in just a few minutes with Interact AI. Get started for free at tryinteract .com slash AI. That's tryinteract .com slash AI. And thanks to Interact for sponsoring today's episode of the podcast. Now let's get back into the episode.

The final way that you can use nurture sequences in your business is to create a nurture sequence specific to your lead magnet itself. Now you can actually have all three of these nurture sequences firing off, you know, whenever somebody opts in. But what I love about a specific to lead magnet nurture sequence is the conversation that follows isn't generic. It's not getting to know you. It's specific to what they opted in.

Candice (27:52.11)

to hear from you about. So if somebody downloaded your best wedding, best venues to get married at in Boston, Venue Guide, and they're using this as a tool to research and get information about the venues available to them as they're starting their wedding planning journey, your nurture sequence can be very focused on following up to that topic. Maybe you direct them to a blog post where you talked about wedding budgets and venues.

Maybe you direct them to a podcast interview you did where you talked about the importance of why you should select a certain type of wedding venue or some things you should think about. Regardless, you can either create content that you can then support them with, or you can direct them to things that already exist and keep that conversation flowing. One of my favorite email marketing sales funnels for wedding planners specifically is to create a venue guide like I just suggested.

And then to ultimately have the goal of that lead to somebody purchasing venue research from you, a service that you offer separate from any other planning service where you do the research, you take them on venue tours and help them pick the right venue that ticks off as many boxes for them as possible. And the nurture sequence helps to answer their questions, helps to give them information, but also tells them about the service, tells them why they need to buy it from you.

what it aims to do, how it's going to make it so much easier and why they should invest in it and gets them to get on a consult with you or to take the next step in initiating purchasing that service. And so the lead magnet is in place to take somebody from having downloaded whatever you've given them to then becoming a customer. It's amazing. That's a whole life cycle right there. That's the journey.

And then when you think about it, and what's so brilliant about that funnel in particular is as a planner, if somebody purchases your venue research from you, they're at the very beginning stages of planning. They don't even have their venue chosen. So if you help them do that and they secure their date and you really enjoyed working together, the natural progression is for them to keep working with you on planning their wedding.

Candice (30:11.15)

So then they become not just an a la carte customer, but a full service client or some type of planning client with modified service. And you're able to continue that relationship. It's also a great way for you to even test out the relationship and get paid for it. Because if you are doing all this research and working with them and they're not a great client.

then you can complete the work and let it go and not get hired to be their wedding planner for the next 18 months and be in misery. So it's like also a great way to kind of date lightly with somebody, get to know them a bit before you make a larger commitment to really book them for bigger services. So I love a nurture sequence that's specific to your lead magnet. Now you can choose any one of these. I think it's great to start with one. And then as you,

begin to experiment with email marketing as you begin to understand it better and you get some results from your email marketing, that's going to be the momentum you need to add another nurture sequence into the fold. And of course, Dawn and I love quiz. We love the quiz, nurture sequence. And in our challenge, we're going to help you set up a quiz with our partners at Interact and connect that quiz to your flow desk.

so that you can start segmenting your audience and delivering very customized quiz results and a customized nurture sequence. So make sure you go to CandaceCoppola .com slash challenge to sign up for that. I do want to talk about how simple it is to create your nurture sequence once you've decided on which one is going to make the most sense for you, regardless of the style, because setting them up is the same. Tech -wise, it's the same. So Dawn, would you walk us through how we set something like this up in Flowdesk? Of course.

So first and foremost, we got to talk about our goals, right? We talked about this last time as well, but we want to decide what we're doing based off of our goals. What is our goal here? And we're talking about nurturing. So we just want to continue to build that relationship. Then you have to decide how long do I want this nurture sequence to take place? And this can be anywhere from one week to one year. And I'll be transparent here. I am in the process of working on a 52 week.

Candice (32:22.574)

Tech Tip Nurture Sequence. Yes, Dawn. I love that. The 52 emails is a lot to write, but I'm in the middle of it working on it. And as I build out, I will start that sequence so people can start getting in there. But that's an example of a nurture sequence. I'm going to give people a tangible little tip every week, and then they can just get a hold of that tip every Tuesday. Tech Tip Tuesday, on its way. Love it. So decide how long you want that to be, anywhere from one week to one year.

Then you need to write your emails and include your time delays. So how often do you want to send the emails? Do you want to send them every day? Do you want to send them one day and maybe a couple of days later? You need to decide what works best for you and your goals. Now in Flodesk, it's really beautiful and really easy to create these emails. That is my favorite part about Flodesk is before I was a Flodesk user, I was not the best email marketer for lack of better term.

But Flodusk makes it so easy and it's so beautiful to create these emails that it's just so much more fun to actually create them. So dive in, create these beautiful emails, and then you can add them to your workflow. So you simply add them, then you add a step that says delay three days, and then you can add the next email, and then you can add a condition. If they open the email, do you want them to get a different email or do you want them to get something simple?

are the same thing that they had before. You can create those emails and add them to your workflow based off of what our goals are and how you've decided that will be. And then you publish it. You activate it, you turn it on, and you do the work of marketing people to that form that we created. How it works is that form you created is attached to a segment and the workflow begins when a segment or when somebody is added to a segment. So they fill out that form,

They get added to that segment. Because they were added to that segment, they trigger a workflow and then they start through that workflow process. So at this point, we're just trying to build our audience and build our subscribers. And you're going to work on growing that email list in different ways that we've talked about. yeah. And I have the final episode in our series, our ways for you to grow your email list that really do work and that have helped me grow my list to 13 ,000 subscribers.

Candice (34:48.654)

And it's more than just sharing it on your Instagram stories. I'm going to give you some real tangible tips on how you can grow your email list and every week bring in potential customers to go through your nurture sequence and to opt in and to hear from you and to help guide them to purchase. In the next episode of the podcast, I'm going to teach you my secret email marketing nurture sequence formula, which is called the

Serve, Serve, Sell model. And I actually taught this at the Creative Educator Conference where Dawn and I met and where we were both speakers. And it's funny because everybody who attended that conference who connected with me afterwards and who I'm still connected to talks about using this formula in their email market. It really stuck with people and that made me so happy.

because it works and it's also easy to understand and it's easy to implement and it gives you permission to serve people and sell to them through your nurture sequences and in marketing in general. So in the next episode, I'm going to introduce you to my nurture sequence formula. And I'm also going to talk a little bit more about time delays, how long to create time delays, like what it should look like in your nurture sequence. So you're not overwhelming people, but you're also not

you know, letting too much time pass where like people are like, who are you and why are you in my inbox? I don't remember getting an email from you. So I'll talk more about time delays and the right amount of time delays when using the serve, serve and sell model. Don't forget to go to Candace Coppola .com slash challenge to sign up for our email marketing challenge starting August 12th.

And again, if you want to get started with all of this, you want to get started with forms and you want to check out how workflows and a nurture sequence can work inside Flodesk, go to candiscopla .com slash Flodesk. You can sign up and you can get this all started. As Dawn mentioned in our last episode, get things rocking and rolling so that when the challenge comes around, you've got everything in motion. And Flodesk with that.

Candice (37:03.182)

That link that Candice just gave you, you'll get 30 days free, you get full access to the platform. So go check it out, start your trial. And even if you're in a place where you're not sure if you're ready to start sending emails, Flowdesk forms are free. So you can create those forms, people can opt in and subscribe to your forms. However, you don't have to pay until you are ready to send those emails. And trust me when I say we are.

a much better price point than a lot of other tools out there. So this is the perfect place for you to start. Flowdesk is so affordable in the email marketing world and also it's just beautiful to use. And in the wedding industry, we know the eye is what buys. And what's so wonderful about Flowdesk is the emails are so beautifully designed. The templates they've created really help you to communicate visually.

your brand, the quality of work that you do. It really showcases your brand and they're beautiful emails that people love to get. I love getting a nicely designed flow desk email in my inbox because they're just like eye candy. It's just beautiful to see, beautiful to read. Yes, they're beautiful and they're beautiful to create. So if you're somebody that's maybe been a little intimidated by email marketing, try out flow desk, see how you feel because for me, it really changed the game because I actually started to enjoy creating my emails.

Yeah, likewise. It felt like I wasn't sending a marketing email or I wasn't sending a sales email. I was sending this beautifully designed creation that I had made that I felt so proud of that I was like, I want to show this off. And people love to receive Flodesk emails. They're so beautiful.

Okay, friend, I want to thank you so much for joining me on this episode of the Power and Purpose podcast, episode three in our email marketing series. If you missed any of the previous episodes, you can go back and listen to them when you are ready. And like I mentioned, in the next episode, I will walk you through my famous and very special formula, the Serve -Serve Cell Model that you're going to incorporate into your nurture sequences. We're going to dive into nurture sequences a little bit more.

Candice (39:12.782)

I'm gonna give you advice on time delays, what to include in your emails, and how to set this all up. Dawn, thank you for being the most amazing co -host for the last three episodes. I so appreciate all your expertise and all your knowledge. Well, thank you for having me. And I love sitting here learning from you as well. You are the email marketing queen, my friend. So take a listen to all of these episodes in this series, especially the next one, because I have heard her speak.

and it is so good and I use the surf, surf, sell model in my own business as well. Yay. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being here, Dawn, and we will see you at our email marketing challenge. Bye friends. Thanks so much for tuning in to this week's episode of the Power and Purpose podcast.

If you enjoyed the show, be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode and consider leaving a review. Head over to powerinpurposepodcast .com to access all of the resources and links mentioned in today's episode. That's powerinpurposepodcast .com. I'll see you next time.

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know– what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation!

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Selling is usually hard for everyone. We feel “icky” when we sell, and many of us don’t want to feel pushy or like we are bothering other people with our services/offers. But selling is important. Like, really freaking important. lol

This week, I’m teaching you a selling model that I created for my marketing. Yes, even I struggle (sometimes daily) with selling. It’s the Serve, Serve, Sell Formula, and it will help you tremendously, especially when it comes to email marketing!

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