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7 Best Habits For Wedding Pros To Adopt in 2023

June 26, 2023

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Does anyone else feel like 2023 is just flying by?! If you are reading this in real-time, consider this your check-in point (and to be honest – use it to check in on your goals no matter WHEN you are reading this). We are halfway through the new year, making it a great time to look at those (lofty) New Year’s resolutions we are all guilty of making and seeing where we stand. How are yours looking? Have you been able to stick to your goals, or have other distractions got in the way? Do NOT wait until November to try and cram in a year’s worth of goals in the last 60 days (I can’t be the only one guilty of this). Today, I’m going to share 7 habits I think ALL wedding pros should adopt in 2023, to help you move toward your goals more effectively for the rest of the year!

Goal Setting for Wedding Pros

Before I dive into the best habits for wedding pros to have, I want to say this. We have spent the last 3 years dealing with more than our fair share of uncertainty. If you feel discouraged, just know that you are not alone and that you don’t need to do things perfectly. If some of these habits below resonate with you and you feel as though you want to adopt them into your routine, make sure to give yourself grave throughout the process. While I firmly believe (as your virtual business coach!) that we need to be “all in” on who we need to become to reach our goals, we also need to give our habits time to grow too. 

In one of my first podcast episodes, I talk about how it takes an average of 66 days to make a habit. So often, I see wedding pros quit or get discouraged without giving themselves enough time to really see things through. As a coach for wedding pros for the last decade, I just want to say this: you CAN do this. And I’m going to be cheering you on as you do!

a roundup of the best habits for wedding pros

#1 Start Planning in 90 Days

The women in my mastermind, WeddingPro Insiders, know this because every quarter I ask them to submit a plan for the next 90 days. 

The logic is simple: 90 days is long enough to see real progress, but not so long that it feels like you can procrastinate or make excuses. Working with a plan helps keep you focused and motivated, especially when you can see tangible results from your efforts. There's no need to feel overwhelmed by the idea of setting annual goals for yourself: it can actually make it easier to break it down into manageable chunks and take one step at a time!

When it comes to creating a 90-day plan, first take a seat and look back at the past quarter to jot down areas for improvement and celebrate your wins. To achieve long-term goals, I’ve found it to be the most effective to focus on 3 main things every 90 days to avoid overwhelming yourself. Adding more to your plate won’t help you get more done!

#2 Learn + do at the same time

I bet you didn’t expect to see this one on a list of the best habits for wedding pros to adopt in 2023, did you? Here’s the thing: I don’t want you to get stuck in “learn” mode. By “learning while doing”, I mean that you should take action as soon as you learn something new. As someone who is constantly learning new things – and as a busy business owner, that’s you! – it can be easy to get stuck in learning mode. Too much time spent reading and researching won’t move the needle for your business, so take what you know and apply it as soon as possible! 

Making small changes and experimenting with different ideas is another great way to put your new knowledge into action. Try out different ideas and don't be afraid to pivot when necessary. Remember that “failing fast” is important — even if your idea doesn’t pan out, there are valuable lessons to be learned from it which will make the next effort even stronger! 

Using Checklists and Swipe files

Listen – in case the idea of “learning while doing” has you sweating, I’m not suggesting that you read a book on how to swim and then dive into the middle of the ocean. It doesn’t have to be so dramatic! For example, in the ideal client cocktail, I include an “implementation checklist” so you put things into action as soon as you learn them. Each month in the Planner’s Playbook, I also include swipe files so you don’t stay stuck for long. For example, in this Playbook about running wedding rehearsals, I’m not just telling you what to do in theory, I’m giving you scripts for exactly what to say!

#3 Make time to work ON your business

The wedding industry can be incredibly demanding, pulling wedding professionals from one client to the next in a never-ending cycle. Unfortunately, this means that all too often you can get bogged down in client work and neglect working on your own business. When I say working ON your business, this could include improving processes, reevaluating prices, creating effective marketing content, or even experimenting with new packages. One of the best habits for wedding pros to adopt in 2023 is scheduling in CEO time regularly to ensure that they are always able to focus on the health and growth of their business amidst client demands. Put it on your calendar now!

#4 They Dive Deeper into Data

It's true, you can easily check Instagram analytics to see how a post performed or how your Honeybook close rate fared. And honestly, you absolutely should be keeping tabs on those metrics!

But there's something else all wedding professionals should start doing in 2023: examining their data more closely and leveraging it to gain deeper insights. By taking this step, you'll not only stay ahead of the competition, but also better understand your clients and how to best serve them.

Besides “just” looking at the numbers, start to ask yourself: what does this tell me? How can I do more of what’s working (and hey – let’s remember the Pareto principle that tells us 80% of our results come from 20% of our effort) and what can I delegate or delete that isn’t working? Spend TIME with the data, beyond just logging it in.

#5 They listen to their customers

One of the most important factors for success in the wedding industry is a stellar onboarding and offboarding process, complemented by a process that allows you to track “things to do better” (I consider creating an asana board or separate email address for you and your team to add thoughts “off the cuff”). However, if you're looking to truly elevate your skills as a wedding professional, you might want to consider investing your time in a data mining campaign. 

This ties in with habit #4 of highly successful wedding industry professionals, but if you find yourself not seeing the results you want in your business, it's worth taking a closer look at how well you're actually listening to your customers. I know this can be a little hard on the ego! But taking this extra step can help you stay on top of emerging trends in the industry and provide the best possible service to your clients. ALL wins, which is why it is one of the best habits for wedding pros to adopt in 2023.

#6 Batchwork Your Tasks

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I haven’t always been a fan of batchworking. If this one made you roll your eyes, I get it! Now though? I can’t imagine my life without it. Seriously – I have a whole podcast episode about batchworking you can listen to here if you are curious!

The reason I believe that batchworking is one of the top habits for wedding pros to adopt in 2023, is because it allows you to concentrate on one task for an extended period without interruption. This can help you be more productive and efficient with your time, freeing up more energy for other tasks that require creativity and focus. As wedding pros, we NEED time and space to be creative. In a world where our attention spans are constantly being challenged, this is one habit you want to adopt sooner rather than later.

#7 One of the best habits for wedding pros to adopt 2023, is the habit of surrounding themselves with people who are smarter than them

Business owners who understand the importance of having a well-rounded team, and surround themselves with people smarter than them, are ultimately better able to push through any challenge that comes their way. And in the wedding industry, there WILL be challenges (it’s part of the job!). Whether your network is full of fellow wedding pros in the same field (if you are a wedding planner, the community inside the Planner’s Playbook is one of the best parts!), or you start outsourcing projects or tasks to specialists in their area of expertise (ie. stop trying to DIY your brand and hire someone instead!), or even just hiring a business coach or choosing a mentor who is more experienced – it will ALL help. 

building a wedding business grows habits

Want a recap of the habits all wedding pros should adopt in 2023?!

Phew – that was a lot! I’m feeling kind of motivated just writing it all down, though, aren’t you? Here’s a quick recap.

  1. Start planning in 90 days
  2. Learn + do at the same time
  3. Make time to work ON your business
  4. Dive Deeper into Data
  5. Listen to your customers
  6. Batchwork your tasks
  7. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you!

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Raise your hand if you let shiny object syndrome wreck havoc in your business 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Steven Greitzer from @ourprovenance joined me for a tech talk this week on the podcast! We definitely chat about the mistakes we make when it comes to tech - and how you can be more intentional with the tools you use.

He also shares his predictions for tech this year! 2023 was definitely all about ChatGPT and the rise of AI, and Steven has some opinions about what you can expect in 2024. 

If you’re not familiar with Stephen, he’s the founder and CEO of Provenance. After spending many years officiating weddings and coaching first-timers to do the same, it became painfully clear that the only resources out there for wedding officiants were generic Madlib templates, convoluted blog posts, and outdated scripts.

Today, Provenance has a suite of AI tools that has been helping thousands of couples, officiants, and guests design personalized and meaningful ceremony scripts, vows, and toasts for modern-day weddings.

With over a decade in the tech space, and now a tech founder himself, Steven was the perfect guest to have on this week to break down tech trends we need to watch out for!

It was an awesome episode and I’m excited for you to tune in and hear Steven’s predictions. 

#provenance #weddingplanning101 #weddingplanningsoftware #weddingindustry #weddingideas #candicecoppola #powerinpurposepodcast #aitools #weddingtrends #weddingpros
Did you read the timeline?🙄

One of the biggest problems wedding planners have to deal with is unprofessional colleagues. It’s one of the hardest parts of our job - and we don’t talk about it enough. 

I talked about this and more in my latest YouTube video! 

#weddingplannereducation #weddingplanning #weddingplanners #weddingpros #weddingvendor #weddingvendors #weddingpro #weddings #candicecoppola #plannersplaybook
Is your website built like a museum or an airport?

Engagement sales season is here, and I’m not gonna lie - your website probably needs a little refresh! 

But before you blow some dust off your homepage and start adding your most recent weddings, I’d love for you to listen to my conversation with @alexcollierdesign. She’s a Showit and Brand designer for wedding pros, and in this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast, Alex shares how your website sets the tone for your client experience.

As a business coach for wedding pros, I know how obsessed you are with giving your couples and clients an amazing experience. You invest in software, templates, service providers, gifting experiences, and business coaches to help you make your client experience the best on the block.... but what about your website?

What role does it play in your overall client experience, and what does it tell a couple about what life will be like for them once they start working with you?

We chat about all this and more - in today’s episode!

#thepowerinpurposepodcast #candicecoppola #showit #showitdesigner #weddingpros #weddingindustry #weddingwebsite #weddingpro #businesspodcast #weddingpodcast
I’m making today a decision day in my business. I do this when I’ve let a lot of decisions pile up to the point where it feels overwhelming to make ANY decision about anything. I feel super stuck on where to focus my energy right now because so many things are ‘hanging in the balance.’ Can you relate?!

So, today is a decision day - and I’m working on laying out my calendar, figuring out my marketing strategy for the year, deciding on new products, launches, roadmaps, and lots of other things.

If you ever find yourself stalled and stuck because you’ve ignored making decisions about big and small things - consider having a decision day in your business, too!

PS - would you like to see more reels and videos like this from me on IG? I’d love to know if you found this helpful! #candicecoppola #honeybook #weddingpro #weddingindustry #businessowner #businessstrategy #decisionmaking #weddingplannereducation

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