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8 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Wedding Business

June 13, 2023

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Spring is in the air, which means it's time to start fresh and let go of the clutter weighing you down – both in your personal life and your wedding planning business. With wedding season just around the corner, your business needs to be in the best possible shape to get you through what I hope is a busy season ahead. To help you achieve that, we've put together the ultimate guide to spring cleaning your wedding business. From decluttering your workspace to revamping your marketing strategy, we are going to cover every aspect of your business that needs a little refresh once in a while. So grab your favorite beverage, and let’s dive in.

Declutter Your Workspace

One of the biggest culprits of clutter is a messy workspace (duh!). Not only can a disorganized workspace cause stress and reduce productivity, but it can also negatively impact your client's perception of your business even if you don’t meet clients in your office. Take some time to declutter your workspace before the busy season begins. Start by throwing away any unnecessary paperwork or items that are taking up space. Keep only the essentials on your desk, such as your computer, planner, and phone. If you are looking for an excuse to go all “Home Edit” and invest in a million clear containers, do it.  Invest in organizational tools like shelves, file cabinets, and bins to help keep everything in its place.

Don’t forget to give your Zoom background a refresh! In 2024, a lot of us are meeting virtually so while I do think you need an organized workspace (that lets you find what you need on a moment's notice), don’t forget to tidy up your backdrop and give it a little refresh too!

8 tips for spring cleaning your wedding business

Don’t Forget to Do a Digital Declutter

Let's face it – decluttering digitally is just as important as getting rid of physical items. But don't worry, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may seem. Clear out your Google Drive, organize your wedding photos, and tackle those looming email inboxes. I know I don’t have to tell you this but decluttering digitally can actually save you a TON of time in the long run, making your business run even more smoothly and efficiently. So, it's time to take control of your digital space and start fresh this wedding season. 

2. Streamline Your Systems and Automations

If you haven’t yet – I’m going to cut to the chase and encourage you to switch to Asana. I talk more about why I recommend Asana for wedding planners IN DETAIL here. But the short version is: switching to a project management tool like Asana can save you time and keep your tasks and deadlines in one place. Asana can help you keep track of everything from meetings to vendor payments and client communication. Plus, it offers collaboration features so you can easily communicate with your team members and ensure everyone is on the same page. By streamlining your systems and technology, you can focus on more important tasks and provide better service to your clients.

3. Review Your Wedding Planning Packages

While you may have set up your packages when you started your business, and have (hopefully) raised your prices along the way, don’t skip this step. It is so important to review your service menu periodically to ensure that your packages are still relevant and meet your client's needs. You may find that some of your packages are no longer generating revenue or are not popular among your clients (like that micro wedding package you launched in 2020 out of necessity that is now doing nothing but attracting budget brides).

When reviewing your packages, assess what services you're offering and how you're charging for them. Do you provide all the services a client requires, or do you offer different packages with varying levels of involvement? Are you charging a flat rate for your services, or are you billing clients based on the time spent? Are you leaving money on the table?

ICYMI: We have a LOT of resources in the shop that can help you review your wedding planning packages and make more money. You can find them all here, but here are a few that deserve a special mention:

(Pssst: want a coupon code for these? Get on the waitlist for the Planner’s Playbook!)

4. Update and Review Your Contracts and Business Policies

Updating your wedding planning packages may also require you to update your contracts and business policies. This is a good thing. When reviewing your contracts, look at the terms and conditions, payment policies, and cancellation policies, among other things. 

If you haven’t invested in a solid contract in your wedding business yet, I highly recommend checking out Legally Set. Like, today. You don’t want to keep doing business with a haphazard contract because if it hasn’t bitten you in the butt yet, it’s only a matter of time. A solid contract also makes you look more professional to those luxury clients you’ve been working hard on attracting.

5. Refresh Your Website

I have to be honest with you – I’m a website template hoarder. It’s one of the reasons my site looks so custom. I’ve had custom work done on it (shout out to Nicole Yang – my go to graphic designer!) but I’ve also bought about a million website templates that had “bits and pieces” of things I loved. All this to say – your website is IMPORTANT.

As you start spring cleaning your wedding business, take time to ensure that your website is up-to-date and visually appealing. Have you shared your latest and greatest work on the portfolio page, yet? Or have you been posting those “greatest hits” pics on Instagram exclusively? Your website is your RESUME and it should ALWAYS reflect your absolute best work to attract ideal customers. As someone who’s planned many six and seven-figure events, I can promise you: nobody is paying you top dollar for a cute IG feed alone.

The Best Website Templates for Wedding Planners

Like I said, I’m a template fanatic. If you are looking for the best website templates for wedding planners, here are three options I think you can’t go wrong with:

Tips for Updating Your Wedding Planner Website

Hitting you with some real talk here: A well-designed website is not just about showcasing your work, but also is a vital tool in attracting new clients and repelling the wrong ones. Spring cleaning your website involves more than just refreshing the homepage with some new photos. It involves updating your portfolio, revising your copy, and ensuring that everything is functioning correctly. Nothing says budget like broken links!

At the end of the day, your website should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly. Take a look at your website from a client's perspective and identify areas that may need improvement. Can your clients easily find your contact information or fill out a contact form? Are your photos high-quality and representative of your work? Is your copy clear, concise, and free of errors?

Updating your website doesn't have to be a time-consuming task. Simple changes, such as updating your gallery with recent work or adding client testimonials, can make a significant impact. 

Have a friend in the industry? Consider offering to “audit” their website in exchange for them taking time to audit yours!

6. Evaluate Your Finances

Now, let’s talk money, honey. Taking a moment to evaluate your finances is CRITICAL to ensuring a HEALTHY wedding planning business. As the women in my wedding pro mastermind know, you NEED to know your numbers. Take a look at your income and expenses from the previous year to determine where you can cut costs (like that pricey software you might think you need but don’t actually use) and where you need to invest more money (like investing in a Styled Shoot to attract more luxury clients or paying for a CRM like Honeybook to help you book more customers seamlessly). 

7. Set Up a Place for “Things to Do Better”

As ANY successful business owner will tell you, it's important to continually evaluate (and improve) your craft. Setting up a designated space to jot down ideas for improvement can help you track your progress and make necessary changes. This might be the easiest task to check off your list as you start spring cleaning your wedding business, but it’s important. I recommend setting up an email called “things to do better” or a board in Asana so you and your team can continually add “things to do better” ideas in real time, as things come up. In the wedding industry, we know things always come up. Do this now – and check this easy but impactful step off your list.

girl puts laptop in purse // spring cleaning your wedding business

8. Set Goals for this Wedding Season

Where are my fellow Enneagram 3’s? If you are like me, when you are spring cleaning your wedding business, this will be your favorite step. A lot of people save goal setting for the new year but hear me when I say: there is NOTHING magical about January 1st. Before we walk into what will likely be an exciting and eventful wedding season, take a moment to visualize what you want this wedding season to look like for you (and what that will mean for your business!).

Ready to start spring cleaning your wedding business? 

Here’s a quick recap of the 8 simple steps you need to take when spring cleaning your wedding business this year:

  1. Declutter your workspace 
  2. Streamline your Systems
  3. Review your wedding planning packages
  4. Update your contracts and policies
  5. Refresh your website
  6. Evaluate your finances
  7. Set up a hub for “things to do better”
  8. Set some wedding season goals – you’ve got this!

And listen, if you are ready for candid advice on what you should be doing in your wedding planning business on the regular, I want to encourage you to join me inside of the Planner’s Playbook. Inside this low-cost membership, you’ll find a community of incredible wedding planners (who want the same things as YOU do), monthly coaching calls, and a fresh playbook every month that will help you elevate your wedding planning business so you can finally get the business you’ve always wanted (ahem – deserve). I would love to welcome you inside so make sure to hop on the waitlist now!

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Raise your hand if you let shiny object syndrome wreck havoc in your business 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

Steven Greitzer from @ourprovenance joined me for a tech talk this week on the podcast! We definitely chat about the mistakes we make when it comes to tech - and how you can be more intentional with the tools you use.

He also shares his predictions for tech this year! 2023 was definitely all about ChatGPT and the rise of AI, and Steven has some opinions about what you can expect in 2024. 

If you’re not familiar with Stephen, he’s the founder and CEO of Provenance. After spending many years officiating weddings and coaching first-timers to do the same, it became painfully clear that the only resources out there for wedding officiants were generic Madlib templates, convoluted blog posts, and outdated scripts.

Today, Provenance has a suite of AI tools that has been helping thousands of couples, officiants, and guests design personalized and meaningful ceremony scripts, vows, and toasts for modern-day weddings.

With over a decade in the tech space, and now a tech founder himself, Steven was the perfect guest to have on this week to break down tech trends we need to watch out for!

It was an awesome episode and I’m excited for you to tune in and hear Steven’s predictions. 

#provenance #weddingplanning101 #weddingplanningsoftware #weddingindustry #weddingideas #candicecoppola #powerinpurposepodcast #aitools #weddingtrends #weddingpros
Did you read the timeline?🙄

One of the biggest problems wedding planners have to deal with is unprofessional colleagues. It’s one of the hardest parts of our job - and we don’t talk about it enough. 

I talked about this and more in my latest YouTube video! 

#weddingplannereducation #weddingplanning #weddingplanners #weddingpros #weddingvendor #weddingvendors #weddingpro #weddings #candicecoppola #plannersplaybook
Is your website built like a museum or an airport?

Engagement sales season is here, and I’m not gonna lie - your website probably needs a little refresh! 

But before you blow some dust off your homepage and start adding your most recent weddings, I’d love for you to listen to my conversation with @alexcollierdesign. She’s a Showit and Brand designer for wedding pros, and in this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast, Alex shares how your website sets the tone for your client experience.

As a business coach for wedding pros, I know how obsessed you are with giving your couples and clients an amazing experience. You invest in software, templates, service providers, gifting experiences, and business coaches to help you make your client experience the best on the block.... but what about your website?

What role does it play in your overall client experience, and what does it tell a couple about what life will be like for them once they start working with you?

We chat about all this and more - in today’s episode!

#thepowerinpurposepodcast #candicecoppola #showit #showitdesigner #weddingpros #weddingindustry #weddingwebsite #weddingpro #businesspodcast #weddingpodcast
I’m making today a decision day in my business. I do this when I’ve let a lot of decisions pile up to the point where it feels overwhelming to make ANY decision about anything. I feel super stuck on where to focus my energy right now because so many things are ‘hanging in the balance.’ Can you relate?!

So, today is a decision day - and I’m working on laying out my calendar, figuring out my marketing strategy for the year, deciding on new products, launches, roadmaps, and lots of other things.

If you ever find yourself stalled and stuck because you’ve ignored making decisions about big and small things - consider having a decision day in your business, too!

PS - would you like to see more reels and videos like this from me on IG? I’d love to know if you found this helpful! #candicecoppola #honeybook #weddingpro #weddingindustry #businessowner #businessstrategy #decisionmaking #weddingplannereducation

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