How To Get Wedding Clients When You're Just Starting Out

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How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

How To Get Wedding Clients When You’re Just Starting Out

June 2, 2021

Are you a wedding planner or wedding photographer wondering how to get wedding clients when you’re just starting out? Inside this article, I’m giving you three quick tips to jumpstart your inquiries!

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You've filed for your LLC, created a website, launched your Instagram, and (*cues champagne*) opened up your wedding business. Congratulations! A lot of hard work has brought you to this point and the time has come for us to put all that hard work to use. You're finally ready to book your first set of clients! But… now you're wondering… how do I get wedding clients when I'm just starting out?

My friend, that's an excellent question.

With a little elbow grease, some patience, and a smidge of tenacity–you can put these three quick tips to work and call in your ideal client in no time.

Ready to learn these three quick and easy secrets to getting wedding clients when you're just starting out?

Here's how to get your first wedding clients when you're just starting a business…

Step One: Network With Vendors

The quickest way to get to where YOU want to go (you know, having a successful business that makes money and lets you do what you love every. single. day!) is to align yourself with wedding industry creatives who are ALREADY in front of your ideal clients.

Start researching wedding vendors in your area and look for wedding pros who are booking the kinds of couples you want to work with.

Research all you can about their business, explore their portfolios, and go and follow them on Instagram. Begin to compile a list of incredible partners you should align your business with.

Here's a short list of vendors to look out for (and reach out to):

  • Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Stationery Professionals
  • Caterers
  • Rental Companies
  • Videographers
  • Bridal Stores
  • Wedding Hair & Makeup Artists
  • Entertainment Companies
  • DJ's & Bands
  • Wedding Floral Designers

All these vendors have the power to refer to you–and my friend–there is no better way to get your first wedding client then to have a fellow pro vouch for your creativity and professionalism.

The wedding industry is a relationship business. And the more relationships you build inside the industry, the easier it becomes to book clients with ease.

Once you've found all your dreamy partners, reach out to them and introduce yourself. But here's where I want you to really listen to me: the key to networking is NOT what they can do for you. The key to networking is what YOU can do for them. When you approach your dream partners, do so by showing what you can do to serve and help them.

I promise, the approach of “what can I do for you” will get you building relationships and establishing referrals in NO time.

If you're not 100% sure who you want to work with yet, grab The Client Cocktail. It's my quick mini-training that will have you booking out your biz with your ideal clients in no time…

… and magazine-worthy weddings to boot.

Step Two: Reach Out To Wedding Venues

The first decision a couple has to make for their wedding is… where are we going to get married? That's why I want you to research venues in your area where YOUR ideal client is getting married and start to create connections with them.

Where a couple decides to get married says A LOT about their style, budget, and priorities–so aligning yourself with the *right* venues will supercharge your efforts in landing your first client.

Make a list of venues that you are DYING to work at–and start making connections with their owners / sales team. Remember my networking tip from above. It's not what they can do for you–it's what you can do for them.

Pretty soon, you'll have a flurry of inquiries at your dream venues. You'll be booking weddings at them in no time! And that worry about how to get wedding clients when you're just starting out? Oh yeah. That's a thing of the past.

Step Three: Talk About Your Business In The Right Places

Listen. If you're not going to talk about your business–who will? When you're just starting out in business and need to get wedding clients–you've got to get out there and TALK about your business. But I want to share a little secret with you…

Focus your energy in the *right* places.

Instead of shouting everywhere, I want you to be strategic about where you market your business. This is going to save you a lot of time and a lot of heartbreak. Your goal is to market your business where your ideal clients are hanging out. Where do they congregate, get together, and look for an amazing creative vendor like you?

Are they…

  • Reading magazines?
  • Searching Instagram hashtags?
  • Looking at vendors tagged in posts?
  • Hanging out on Pinterest?
  • Searching on Google?
  • Talking to other vendors?
  • Posting in Facebook Groups?
  • Browsing online directories?

Once you can confirm where YOUR ideal clients are hanging out, I want you to show up in those places and market your business.

Marketing is simply spreading your message so that it reaches the right people. Once you understand where the right people are, all you have to do is spread your message.

And spread it again.

Oh yeah, and again and again!

Excited to book your first client?! I know you can do it using these simple steps. Want to make it even easier? Let The Client Cocktail do the work! Learn how to attract, sell, and serve your ideal clients >>

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