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The Best Wedding Floor Plan Software for Wedding Planners in 2024

February 18, 2024

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Back in my early years as a wedding planner, creating a wedding design vision for my clients meant relying heavily on imagination and (countless) sketches. While wedding planners back then had the passion and creativity, we also needed to be well-versed in the Adobe Suite to effectively communicate our design ideas to our clients. It was a time-consuming process that required a deep understanding of graphic design software. I can’t say I miss it. And today, I’m going to share all about Merri, the best wedding floor plan software for wedding planners in 2024.

Firstly, the really good news is that in 2024, wedding planners no longer need to be (or hire) graphic design experts to bring their creative visions to life. Thanks to new technology, the process has become way more accessible and efficient. One of my personal favorite tools that has changed the way we plan and design weddings is Merri. It's the best wedding floor plan software you can find. In my opinion, it has absolutely transformed the way planners can work with clients to visualize and refine their wedding layouts. I do not say that lightly!

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your journey as a wedding planner, Merri empowers you to create stunning floor plans with ease, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – crafting unforgettable wedding experiences. Plus, you can sign up today for a 30 day free trial with Merri. Doesn't that sound good? Let's dive in!

A table adorned with elegant flowers, accompanied by a charming display of a plate and glasses.

Becoming a Wedding Designer

Before diving into the features of Merri, my favorite wedding floor plan software, I want to pause for a second and ask: Do you truly know how to design a wedding? Are you feeling imposter syndrome? Crafting a wedding that resonates with your clients and their vision requires more than just technical tools; it demands a deep understanding of the art of design and understanding what your couples want and need so that you can bring it to life. 

If you find yourself in need of guidance on offering a formal wedding design service (ie. you’re not just doing it for “free” when your couples pay you to plan their wedding), delivering an exceptional customer experience, and showcasing your skills with unwavering confidence as a designer, I would love to first invite you to grab my comprehensive playbook on crafting a wedding design service that sells.

I’ve created it from my 15+ years of wedding experience to be a resource designed to empower you with the knowledge and insights you need to excel in the world of wedding design and planning. With the right foundation and expertise, you'll be well-equipped to harness the capabilities of exceptional software like Merri to bring your clients' dream weddings to life seamlessly. Oh yeah – and you’ll feel more confident charging more too!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the features that make Merri the best wedding floor plan software for wedding planners in 2024.

2D + 3D Wedding Floor Plan Renderings

First, it's one of the few software options that enables you to create both 2D and 3D renderings. With Merri, you can craft intricate 2D layouts that provide a clear, bird's-eye view of the venue, complete with seating arrangements, lighting configurations, and staging placements. These 2D renderings are not only incredibly detailed but also serve as an effective communication tool when discussing design ideas with your clients.

But, in my opinion, what truly elevates Merri to a league of its own is the ability to seamlessly transition to stunning 3D renderings. These immersive, lifelike representations allow your clients to step into their wedding vision, virtually walking through the venue and experiencing every detail. This visual storytelling not only captures their hearts but also fosters a deeper connection to your design expertise. It makes it a lot more likely your couples are going to open up their wallet and approve that rental budget you proposed – I can tell you that for free!

In the world of wedding planning, where emotions run high and the eye buys, Merri's capacity to create both 2D and 3D renderings ensures that your clients not only understand your vision but also fall head over heels in love with it!

Learn the steps to become a wedding designer and create your dream career in the wedding industry. Our expert tips and insider knowledge will guide you towards success. #weddingdesigner #careeradvice #weddingindustrytips

Dynamic Drag + Drop Design Features

One of the primary reasons why Merri stands out as the best wedding floor plan software is its “dynamic loading capability”. Gone are the days of tediously loading and reloading elements into your wedding design. And thank goodness for that!

With Merri, adding new pieces to your design is as simple as clicking the “browse” button right from within the design tool. Not only can you load your own pieces, but you also get instant access to an extensive catalog of their more standard rental items. 

Plus, the drag-and-drop design features are so intuitive to use, allowing you to focus on perfecting every detail of your client's dream weddings with ease and efficiency. 

Configurable Guest Counter

Another reason that I believe Merriis the ultimate wedding floor plan software for wedding planners is the configurable guest counter. This feature is a game-changer for wedding planners, and here's why: Merri takes the hassle out of manually calculating the number of guests in your floor plan. As you add tables and chairs to your design, the software auto-calculates the total guest count for you. 

On top of that, the level of customization Merri offers is truly second to none. You have the flexibility to tailor how the total guest count is calculated so that you can easily toggle specific tables, chairs, or lounge furniture on or off (so it’s easy to download a seating summary broken down by category). This level of control makes it easy for you as a wedding planner to create personalized and highly detailed seating arrangements that align perfectly with your clients' preferences and needs.

Keeps track of other rental needs like glassware, flatware, china, and chargers

While I’m really talking about Merri as a wedding floor plan software, I also love all of the features that help you sell the entire design to your couples. With “China & Charger Stacking”, you can add layers of sophistication by stacking dinnerware and chargers or placemats on top of each other. Moreover, the “Mix & Match Glassware and Flatware” feature provides you with the flexibility that Gen Z and other 2024 wedding couples want. You can even download your rental needs list directly from the platform!

On top of all of this: Merri now allows you to upload your own items! In the past, creating a polished and seamless image for your design required uploading a clean, pre-cropped image with a transparent background. Trust me – it was worse in 2011 when we were limited to Adobe and janky stock photos! Everything has come a long way since then, and now with Merri, you have the power to upload virtually any image, and with the magic wand tool at your disposal, effortlessly crop and remove the background. 

A woman using wedding floor plan software to arrange plates and glasses on a table.

Extras That Make Merri the Best Wedding Floor Plan Software in 2024

Lastly, with Merri, you have complete control over uplighting, from color and height to width, angle, and depth. Lighting is a game-changer in event design, which you already know, and their uplighting tool lets you showcase the power of lighting to your clients (who don’t always “get it”). 

Plus, they’ve introduced a customizable hanging lights feature, perfect for lights and garlands. You can also design stages with precise dimensions, skirting, facades, and railings. And if that wasn't enough, the buffet tables now function seamlessly like any other table set, enabling you to add catering items such as chafing dishes and platters to your 3D designs. 

Plus, for those of you with teams, you can add your team to designs with different permissions, ultimately giving you more control over the design process in your business.

Why The Wedding Floor Plan Software You Use Matters

By presenting your design ideas with Merri, you're not only helping couples envision their dream weddings but also building trust and credibility. When they see the transformation that lighting, staging, and table setups can make in their chosen venue, they'll be more inclined to not only buy into your vision but also develop a genuine connection with your expertise and services. 

And for those wedding planners who offer rental services, using Merri to create these stunning designs can lead to increased commissions and higher profits. When your clients not only buy but also fall in love with your design proposals, it's a win-win situation. Merri empowers you to bring your design concepts to life, leaving couples not only impressed but excited to embark on this incredible journey with you. Trust me – it’s worth the investment!

Want to try the wedding floor plan software Merri for yourself? Click here to start a free trial and give Merri a spin for yourself!

When you sign up, you'll receive a 30 day free trial and 25% off your Merri subscription for the first three months. Such an amazing deal exclusively for our blog readers and students!!

Want more? Check out this video on my YouTube channel ↓

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