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6 Things You Need to Include In Your Wedding Planner Pricing Guide

March 25, 2024

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Are you a new wedding planner looking to create a pricing guide to send to new customers? If so, you’re in the right place. Creating a strategic wedding planner pricing guide is important for your business growth and profitability. It’s one of the first (and last!) things your couples see before they decide to sign the contract and officially book you! Today, I’m sharing the six must-have items you should include in your wedding planner pricing guide (that I often see missed as a business coach!).  

And in case you're looking for a pricing guide template to use, I have one for sale in my shop with tons of other wedding planner tools! Click here to check it out.

A wedding planner pricing a table setting with pink and gold plates and silverware.

1. Show the Transformation You Provide

First, remember that you aren’t selling the “what”. Nobody cares about your 18 bullet points of included items, really. They care about what it’s like to work with you (compared to NOT working with you). It’s your job to paint a vivid picture of the transformation that your wedding planning services can offer to your clients. By highlighting real stories of past clients, showing your best wedding portfolio pictures and more (which we will get into), make sure to keep the transformation you provide at the forefront of your wedding planner pricing guide.  

Crafting Your Unique Value Proposition

While we are talking about transformation, I also want you to take a moment to consider what makes your service stand out. I know it can be exciting to start designing a pretty pdf (and trust me – I get it), but pausing to think about this to make sure that you can reflect this uniqueness in your pricing guide, will make a BIG difference in how well this pricing guide SELLS for you. You need to highlight your strengths, style, and approach in a way that resonates with engaged couples. 

A promotional graphic for a Wedding Planner Pricing Guide Canva template available for download.

2. Detailed List of Services with Starting Price

Like I said, nobody cares about the 18 bullet points really, but people do need to know what they are buying. As you put together your wedding planner pricing guide, remember that providing a detailed list of services and their starting prices can really help sway a client's decision in your favor (especially if they are comparing two of your packages – which we will talk about next!).  Being transparent about your rates is key—it lays down clear expectations and nurtures trust from the get-go (especially with Gen-z!

A la carte options

Offering services à la carte can be a great idea because it allows your clients to tailor their experience to their specific needs. But better yet? It can help make you make more money. By separating certain services from the package and charging for them individually, you can not only appeal to clients who may not require all services included in the package but also highlight specialized offerings, such as venue research

Want an easy way to showcase your a la carte options? We have a few different options for laying out your packages in our Canva Proposal Template! 

Not Sure How Much to Charge?

Listen, pricing your wedding planning services can often feel a lot like a game of pin the tail on the donkey, right? You close your eyes, spin yourself around, and hope you're pointing in the right direction. But let's be honest, relying on guesswork, intuition, or even sneaky peeks at what the competition is doing just doesn't cut it. That's exactly why I poured my heart and soul into creating the “Pricing Your Wedding Planning Services For Profit” guide. This blog post might not dive into the nitty-gritty of numbers, but believe me, that guide is where the magic happens. I'm laying out the three pricing models you could use, and spoiler alert: I'll let you in on which one's a goldmine for more profitability.

3. Side-by-Side Comparison

When I set out to create a Canva Proposal Template, I knew I wanted a way to display packages side-by-side. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest things wedding planners miss in their pricing guide. 

The truth is, while listing your different package options is great, having a side-by-side comparison can help you showcase the distinct advantages of your full service planning package compared to your event management offerings (which will help you BOOK the higher end packages you want).

4. Testimonials and Social Proof

Testimonials are HUGE when couples are deciding to book their wedding planner. Adding to kind words from past clients, sharing where you've been featured, such as in “Brides” or “Style Me Pretty”, brings an additional layer of credibility and excitement, which draws in clients who are looking for that level of recognition for their events.

Interested in getting your work featured? Grab my Ultimate Guide to Styled Shoots That Get Published for how to create captivating styled shoots!

And hey, here's a little extra nugget of wisdom from my years of experience: sprinkling testimonials throughout your pricing guide, rather than relegating them to a single page, can be a game-changer. Think of these testimonials as little seeds of trust you're planting on each page, every time they turn the page and see another glowing review, it's like a reaffirmation of how wonderful it is to work with you. Trust me, it's a small tweak that can make a big impact!

Client’s Raving About the Experience But Not Leaving Reviews?

If so, it’s probably your offboarding process (or let’s be honest, lack of one!). If you just gulped a little, our offboarding playbook includes swipe files to help you gather impactful testimonials that actually capture the essence of your services (even if your clients never know what to say!). 

5. The Best Portfolio Images

Are you guilty of never getting around to updating your proposal pages (or website)? Remember, your portfolio is your visual resume. It’s your opportunity to showcase your talent, style, and expertise to potential clients. You want every proposal to feature your absolute BEST work, not your best work from five years ago (chances are – you’ve gotten better since then!).

When selecting images, look at the emotions they evoke. Aim for a mix of candid moments, detail shots, and overall event photos to create a well-rounded portfolio to truly showcase the scope of your services. Remember, you want potential clients to envision themselves in every moment.

Lastly, make sure your images are high-resolution, well-edited, and cohesive in style. Consistency in visual presentation will help reinforce your brand identity and attract the right clients who resonate with your aesthetic.

6. Calls to Action & Next Steps

When you send off your proposal guide, what are you hoping they will do next? When it comes to your wedding planner pricing guide, having CLEAR calls to action (CTAs) is important for driving potential clients to take the next step. Effective CTAs prompt action, whether it's scheduling a consultation or heading to the contract to BOOK and pay your deposit. 

And if you find navigating sales to be a challenge, don't worry—I've got you covered. You can always pick up my Plug n' Play sales script guide from my shop. This guide is designed to help you effortlessly guide clients through the booking process, ensuring you never miss a beat in those precious last moments when your custom is deciding whether or not to trust you with the most important day of your life.

A wedding planner pricing desk with a chair and a rug.

Creating a Wedding Planner Pricing Guide That Has Your Couples Excited to Work Together

Ready (and excited!) to start updating your proposals? By incorporating these six things, you're well on your way to establishing a strong foundation for communicating your pricing to your future customers. And remember, you can grab my wedding planning pricing guide Canva template right in my shop!

We hope this guide has been helpful in your journey to create an effective pricing guide. But remember, our shop is FULL of templates designed to make your life as a wedding planner easier! But hey – before you go, if you’re looking for support as you grow your wedding business, I would love to invite you to join the Planner's Playbook. Each month, I’m releasing one new Playbook where we go DEEP into one aspect of planning, design, or coordination to help you grow a profitable wedding planning business. Plus, each month you’ll get access to office hours with me where you can ask me anything, and you’ll be added to our community of the most supportive new wedding planners on the internet! Hop on the waitlist here!

Promotional graphic for a Wedding Planner Pricing Guide Canva template, available for download.

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