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Podcast Show Notes

Pricing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make In Your Business As A Wedding Pro

November 22, 2022

is honeybook the right fit for your biz?
how to get your first client
8 free af ways to market your biz
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There are some pricing mistakes that you just cannot afford to make this engagement season as a wedding pro. I see wedding pros making these pricing mistakes ALL the time–and the consequences cost them time, money, and their peace. Inside this episode of The Power in Purpose podcast, I'm sharing three pricing mistakes I want you to avoid this engagement season.

As a business coach for wedding pros, pricing is the number one question I'm asked. Candice, how much should I charge? Is my pricing too high for my services? Should I give my wedding couples a discount? And while pricing is subjective to a lot of different factors unique to your business–the mistakes you're making with your pricing are all too common.

There are some pricing mistakes that you just cannot afford to make this engagement season as a wedding pro. I see wedding pros making these pricing mistakes ALL the time–and the consequences cost them time, money, and their peace. Inside this episode of The Power in Purpose podcast, I'm sharing three pricing mistakes I want you to avoid this engagement season.

On this episode about mistakes you can't afford to make with your wedding pro pricing:

  • The top three mistakes I see wedding pros making with their pricing
  • How you can combat these mistakes in how you price your products and services
  • Details about how you can check out the all-new Candice Coppola Shop for Wedding Pros

[00:00:00.610] - Speaker 1

SEO. It's one of those things you know you're supposed to be paying attention to.

[00:00:04.990] - Speaker 1

But you can never seem to make the time.

[00:00:07.590] - Speaker 1

In today's episode, my guest is sharing what wedding pros need to know about Google and SEO in 2023.

[00:01:15.110] - Speaker 1

Welcome back to the Power in Purpose podcast. It's me, your host, Candice, and I'm so excited for today's episode of the show. SEO is so important for any small business owner, especially wedding pros. And in this offseason, in this engagement season, I would love for you to spend some time learning SEO and implementing search engine optimization into your business. That's why I've brought my friend SEO expert Sarah Dunn to the show today so she can talk to us about what we need to be paying attention to in 2023 when it comes to SEO and our business.

[00:01:55.540] - Speaker 1

If you don't know the first thing about SEO, this episode is definitely going to be enlightening for you. If you know a little bit about SEO, you're going to learn some new tricks. And if your SEO has slipped, if you've lost search engine ranking, sarah's providing some very specific tips that you're going to want to implement and see your search engine ranking results improve. Now, if you don't know Sarah Dunn, she is a wedding SEO specialist for wedding planners, photographers, venues, and other wedding pros just like you who want their websites to rank higher on Google. Now, Sarah has a knack for making SEO easy to understand, and you will completely see this play out in our episode today in our interview.

[00:02:42.280] - Speaker 1

And she's created a unique wedding SEO framework that simplifies what it takes to get your wedding business in front of your dream clients. Now, she's been featured just about everywhere, from HoneyBook to the special event, and she's been named Wedding pro educator of 2022. She's presented to audiences at wedding Pro, WIPA, Wedding NBA, and two bright lights. And each year, her proprietary framework helps over 400,000 searchers find the wedding pros and advice that they're looking for. So if you're ready to reach rockstar status on Google, I am. I don't know about you, but girl.

[00:03:21.850] - Speaker 1

I am ready for rock star status on Google.

[00:03:25.310] - Speaker 1

Sarah is ready to be your geeky best friend and show you how to get it done.

[00:03:30.840] - Speaker 1

What a great intro. What a great bio for Sarah.

[00:03:34.020] - Speaker 1

All right, so I know you're eager to hear today's episode. Let's jump right in to my conversation with Sarah Dunn. Hey, real quick, before we get into today's interview with Sarah, I wanted to let you know about her signature course, wedding SEO Boot Camp. It is the ultimate waste no time SEO experience for wedding pros like you who want to show up higher in Google searches. Sarah has done all the research, and she's boiled it down and created a wedding SEO framework to get you found on Google. So if you are ready for all the traffic and all the inquiries that Google can send your way, I want you to pay attention. Because Sarah is launching SEO Boot Camp in January, and when she launches it, you'll be able to do the course, live with her and other students, and also get access to feedback and real-time support. If you are interested in SEO boot camp, I want you to go to Candace SEO and sign up for the waitlist. I'll be sharing more information about this experience in January.

[00:04:43.240] - Speaker 1

All right, well, I'm joined here by, Sara Dunn, SEO expert.

[00:04:47.740] - Speaker 1

Sarah, I cannot believe this is the.

[00:04:49.210] - Speaker 1

First time you're on the podcast, but welcome to the show!

[00:04:52.090] - Speaker 2

Well, thank you so much for having me on. Long time listener, first time guest, so I know it's exciting for me.

[00:04:58.180] - Speaker 1

I love it. I'm so glad that you're a guest on today's show. We're looking forward into 2023, and for our listeners, we're trying to pull together the strategies that they need to pay attention to in order to grow their business next year. And SEO is, I think, a huge component of that. Right? I know you agree.

[00:05:16.420] - Speaker 2

I think so too.

[00:05:17.880] - Speaker 1

Yeah. It's not just because she's an expert. It's because it really counts in business. And so I'm excited to walk through what our listeners should be paying attention to in 2023 when it comes to SEO and their business. So I want to start off our talk today just by asking the obvious question, could you just break down what SEO is for us in case there's anyone listening who is like, what the fuck are these ladies talking about?

[00:05:46.460] - Speaker 2

Totally. And I'm so glad that this is where we're starting, because I think so many people get intimidated by SEO to start with because everyone assumes you have some knowledge of it. And so I never like to start an SEO talk presentation podcast without actually explaining from step one what SEO is. So SEO stands for search engine optimization, and I describe it as the practice of influencing the Google search engine results to get more visibility for your business or your website. And what's really cool about SEO is when we're talking about SEO, we're talking about the free exposure you can get from search engines. So we're not talking about paying for ads or anything that costs money. It really is just something that costs a bit more time and effort, but can give you really long term results. And that's one of the big reasons that I love SEO. And of course, we're going to talk mostly about Google. Google owns a huge portion of the search engine market, but following SEO best practices can also get your business visibility and clicks from Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, all those other search engines that are used about 8% of the time.

[00:06:57.690] - Speaker 2

So all of these places are absolutely places that a wedding business can get visibility.

[00:07:04.010] - Speaker 1

And you work with wedding pros specifically on their SEO strategy. And I hear it all the time from the wedding pros that I mentor, and from listeners of the podcast and just in general conversation with pros. I know I need to pay attention to SEO. I know I need to prioritize this, but I don't want to. Or I don't know how. I don't know where to start or why it even matters. Why should I make this a priority? And fair enough, the last couple of years have been so tough for Pros, they've just been pulled in a million different directions. Maybe they haven't had the space to make this a priority. And so I guess my next question, as we set on this journey to understand SEO for next year, why should someone listening make SEO a priority in their business for 2023?

[00:07:50.140] - Speaker 2

I love this question, especially because I feel like SEO is always the boring thing people don't want to do, and there's always something else that's like shinier and sexier. And so for me, right now, it's Tik tok. People keep sending me these TikTok videos where everyone's like, Google is dead, and everyone searches on TikTok now, and Gen Z doesn't use Google, and they're like, Sarah, what do you think? Like, is Google over? And the answer is, absolutely not. I heard the very same things about Pinterest when Pinterest was really increasing and trending. So I want people to just relax. Don't worry, no one's going to stop using Google. There certainly may be some searches that people choose to do in different places, but according to the stats, there are still 235,000,000 wedding related searches on Google in the US. Every single year. So people are looking for inspiration. They're looking for their vendors, and it is still a great place to be seen. It's also one of the best ways to actually drive traffic to your website. So when we think about all of these different platforms that people tell you you should be on most of them, it's really hard to get your viewer to actually leave that platform and go to your own property, which is your website.

[00:09:13.570] - Speaker 2

I'm sure all of your listeners have worked so hard on their websites, they might have invested in copy and design. And on all these other places where you might get exposure, nobody's going to see all of that. So to me, if you've invested in your website and you're really excited to get more people to go there, there's no better place to market your business than on a search engine where people are going to find you and click immediately over to your site. So I promise everyone listening, especially if you're in the wedding industry. I look at the stats every single day. I have clients in all sorts of wedding vendor categories and there are absolutely searchers who are looking for wedding venues, planners, photographers, makeup artists, all these different categories. And they are making their buying decision and exploring different vendors using Google. So it's still a great place to be in 2023.

[00:10:09.600] - Speaker 1

Agreed. And I will just tell you guys, I don't think Google is going to allow Tik tok to come for its market share in search engine. You know, that the market share of having a search engine. So I wouldn't be surprised if it acquired TikTok and roped it into itself.

[00:10:25.450] - Speaker 1

But all that to say, I don't think that anything is going to overtake something as large as Google and what it provides, which is information based on whatever you type in to its search box, right? Yes. Also, too, this just played out for me as a consumer. The other day, I was looking for a specific service and I started in Instagram to see if anything came up. Nothing came up using the Instagram search that I found to be reliable or even trustworthy. So the next immediate place I went was Google. And guess what happened? I immediately Google served to me, and Sarah says this all the time, like, Google wants to show you to your audience as they're searching. It wants to deliver the right search results. Right. And it showed me exactly what I was looking for. I immediately found my solution. So that just goes to show you that while we may use other areas of social media, people will always go to Google to try to find whatever it is they need.

[00:11:25.990] - Speaker 2

Yes, and I think sometimes people forget about the fact that even if someone becomes aware of your business on a different platform, a lot of people then still go to a search engine and specifically type in your business name in order to find out more about you and your reputation. So there's that aspect of search too, where we influence the search results when people are already aware of your business and make sure that your reputation and what shows up there also looks really good. So Google's important for so many reasons, and it's certainly a place that wedding pro should pay attention to.

[00:12:02.680] - Speaker 1

Oh, yeah, I agree completely. I also think and tell me what you think here. The content treadmill of social media as a small business owner can feel so overwhelming. And don't you think that businesses who have laid that foundation of good search engine ranking don't feel so much pressure to market their business all the time on social media.

[00:12:28.310] - Speaker 2

Yes, actually, that is one thing. That one of my wedding SEO boot camp students. When I checked in with her earlier this year, she had taken my class about a year and a half ago, and she ranks really well on Google. And she said, I don't feel so much pressure to show up because I know every single day I'm showing up on Google when people are searching for a wedding calligrapher, that's the service she offers, and she ranks really well in her market. She also said, I don't feel the pressure of taking on every client that comes my way because I get enough inquiries from that. Continued exposure. So once you can do the SEO work and attain the rankings, it's really possible to maintain those and continue to get exposure even if you aren't constantly feeding that content. Treadmill and I actually had another client, we did a blog post together on a really local topic, and this was like three years ago. That post has still gotten over 20 visits this year, and it's three years old. So when you do the right things with your content, not just ranking for one particular keyword that you might be thinking of that describes your location and your service, if you can also get your content to rank on Google, it can continue to bring you that visibility in traffic over time for years to come.

[00:13:52.150] - Speaker 2

So SEO is something for me. I love winning the game and then having the position that that brings.

[00:13:59.680] - Speaker 1

Oh, yeah, I totally agree. I'm a competitive person, and so, like, believe that I am winning every SEO game. I will play the long game here, just trying to get on page one for whatever keyword. So I'm going to ask you the obvious question then, which is, okay, so we know that SEO is something that we need to pay attention to. There's a person listening who realizes they need to make this a priority. So how do they get their website on page one of Google?What do we do? What's the five step process?

[00:14:28.010] - Speaker 2

Well, isn't that just a million dollar question? Sarah, tell me exactly what to do to get to page one. And that is a four day class. But the short answer is, I want you to think about some of the key ranking factors that Google considers. Consider the Google algorithm, kind of like a recipe, and there's actually a lot of different ingredients that go into that to create the finished product of the rankings. So there's not like one magic answer like, Candace, go do this one thing right now and you will get to page one. And the reason for that is that Google wants to actually bring in a lot of different things that indicate the quality of a business and the website. So there's three things that I would tell someone listening to think about, the first being keywords. So you have to use the phrases that your ideal client is actually searching for. Google is not smart enough if you're saying, I'm a capturer of memories, to say, oh, this person must be a wedding photographer. So we must think a little bit about keywords for the content that's on our website and make sure you're clearly using the language your ideal couple might use.

[00:15:40.090] - Speaker 2

So keywords is number one. The second factor that's really important in the Google recipe is content. So Google tends not to send visitors to websites that are really small or don't have a lot to offer. Google wants to deliver visitors to websites that are great resources for the person who lands there. So Google actually pays attention to how long does someone stay on your website after they click from search engine results? Because that actually indicates that that person found a lot of good stuff. Like they're really engaged in that website, they're finding what they needed, they're going deep. And that doesn't usually happen if your website is like three pages homepage about and contact. It's not a very engaging website, and it's also not one that Google is probably willing to show very high. So content is that second piece, and usually, yes, that means the dreaded word blogging because it's a great way to get more resources on your website that are helpful to people who might land there. So I do definitely recommend blogging, at least at some level with some frequency to make sure that your website is really helpful for someone who's in your target market.

[00:16:53.500] - Speaker 2

Yeah, and then the third thing that factors in that I think a lot of people don't think about or even realize is online authority. So it's not just what we put on our websites that matters, even though that's what everyone who comes to me is like, what do I put? Where, what keywords do I use? Where? What do I do? That's maybe only like a third of what Google cares about. And the bigger piece is your online authority. So those things that are harder to prove, google is trying to look around and say which business is actually the most respected in a market? And to do that, it looks at things like, who's linking to your website? So I'm on this podcast today. If Candice is really sweet to me, she will also link to my website in the show notes, and that actually shows that she trusts me as an expert to come on her website and on her podcast to speak to her audience. So that's an example of a really high quality link to my website because Candace is showing that she trusts me for wedding pros or other creative businesses. It might just be getting links from other people who are in your network. When you work together and you both blog a real event that you did together, hopefully you're linking to each other and showing that your businesses are related and that you trust each other. So links are super important in that Google recipe of trying to figure out who has the most online authority, what business is most respected in its market.

[00:18:21.150] - Speaker 2

And that's a really important thing that people cannot forget about if they want to get to page one.

[00:18:27.040] - Speaker 1

Great advice. I'm curious, somebody listening who is now going to take this advice and begin experimenting with SEO, learning more about how it works and experimenting in their business? What is a realistic time frame from implementation? And then, of course, you're implementing over and over again. So it does take time. But what is a realistic timeframe that they should expect to see a movement in rankings? Maybe they're on page 50 right now or something like that, just a movement in the right direction.

[00:18:58.540] - Speaker 2

So that's such a good question. Put another way, a lot of people are like, okay, Sarah, if I follow your advice, how long will this take? And I think it's a really fair question, and I wish there was a clearer answer. The answer to how quickly can you see some movement is usually within the first few days. How long it takes to get to page one is the question that really depends on the market, the keywords, the competition? Obviously, if you're a wedding planner in New York, you have a lot more competition than a wedding planner in Battle Creek, Michigan, where I live. And so if there's only three wedding planners in Battle Creek, it's going to be really easy for each of them to get on the first page of Google. If there's 10 wedding planners in New York City, that is a lot more competition. And so you have to convince Google that you have more authority, better content, and are a better fit than 999 other businesses. So competition for the keyword plays a huge role in how quickly you can get to page one. The good news is, if you follow good SEO practices, you are going to see some fairly immediate improvement. And then hopefully that encourages you to just keep going, keep working the process, working on more content and more authority. And that's why SEO is this long game where it does take some time to get to page one. But if you do the consistent effort and continue to build on those things, you absolutely can get there over time.

[00:20:30.660] - Speaker 1

What would you say to the listener who had good search engine ranking but has noticed that their ranking has started to fall back?

[00:20:40.540] - Speaker 2

That happens so much. Yes. I hate using the phrase Google is always changing because I think that makes a lot of people feel like, oh, well, I can never learn this because once I learn it, they're going to change the rules. That's not necessarily the case. It just means that Google is always looking at your website and reassessing looking at all the websites competing for the same keywords and making some different decisions on who might be ranking higher, who might have the most authority right now. So if you used to rank really well and you're seeing your ranking slip, I would encourage you to definitely take a look at your website. When was the last time it was updated? A lot of people that see rankings fall, it's because, well, they really haven't updated their portfolio in two years. They haven't posted a blog post in eight months, and their website is just getting stale. Google starting to wonder if they're still in business, where they have competitors who are very much putting out new content and showing new work, and those people are likely to get elevated. So the first step in that is to definitely figure out, have you updated your website recently?

[00:21:46.900] - Speaker 2

And then I would say the second step, if you've lost rankings to a certain competitor, is to kind of take a look at what they've been doing. So if you notice someone who has been climbing in the search engine results, take a look at their home page. Is there something there that maybe you could be inspired by? Maybe their home page has testimonials on it, and you've never put testimonials on your home page. Maybe you experiment and you add a nice scrolling feature of testimonials to your home page and see if that's something Google's looking for. So a lot of what we do is experimentation and adjusting based on what we see the search engines doing. Does that make sense?

[00:22:24.100] - Speaker 1

It makes complete sense. I also think it's interesting because we sometimes, as business owners, we just keep our head down and focus on what we're doing. And we're so into our own strategy that we forget that there's a lot of people playing the game around us. And it's not just about us and our strategy and what we're doing on our website or on our social channels and how we're feeding people and feeding Google. But there's this whole ecosystem of other business owners doing the exact same thing and doing maybe even more. And so it's not an even playing field. There's a lot of people with their hands in the pot shifting things around and doing things, and we have to keep that in mind. Sometimes I feel like it's not what you're doing, it's what other people might be doing just a little bit better than you.

[00:23:07.240] - Speaker 2

Yes, I'm so glad you said that, because sometimes people come to me when they're ranking slip, and they're like, what am I doing wrong? I'm like, you're not necessarily doing anything wrong, but there's only ten spots on the first page of Google, and if someone else is doing more of the right things, they might take yours. And that's just the way it goes. And that's why we do some competitive analysis as part of SEO to figure out what those competitors are doing that seem to be moving up.

[00:23:33.730] - Speaker 1

That's a great point. So somebody listening here may want to do some competitive analysis of their rankings and slip to see what's happening and how they can take advantage of whatever their competitors are doing and do themselves. My next question for you, Sarah, is what are some outdated SEO strategies that you think some wedding pros or a listener here right now is still using that they need to just, like, let go of? Hey there, friend.

[00:24:00.250] - Speaker 1

Real quick, I want to share with you how you can sign up for a free trial with honey book. Honeybee is everything you need to get business done, and it's trusted by over 1000 independent businesses just like yours to manage projects book clients send invoices, and most importantly, get paid. If you've been looking for an all in one solution to manage your customers, I want to invite you to sign up for a free trial with HoneyBook. Go to HoneyBook to learn more. And when you sign up for a free trial using the code purpose, you'll save 50% off of your first year's subscription. Honey book is what I used in my business as a wedding planner, and it helped me land every single sale. It's what helped me build a sixfigure wedding planning business. It's also what helps me today in my business. Go to HoneyBook to learn more. And with the code purpose, save 50% on your first year's subscription.

[00:25:14.290] - Speaker 2

Yes. I want to talk about an outdated SEO belief that really isn't relevant anymore and maybe was never relevant in the wedding industry specifically or in small business. And that's the myth of needing to blog every week. So so many pros come to me and they're like, so I haven't had time to blog every week. I know that's not why I'm not doing well with SEO. And I'm like, no, no, you're okay. I don't expect any of my clients and students to blog every week. That frequency is just not required in most small businesses in order to compete. Now, if you were trying to rank for car insurance or something crazy like that, maybe we'd need more content. But in small, creative businesses, blogging monthly is likely more than your competition is doing, and even blogging quarterly is more than a lot of competitors are doing. So what I tell people is, you need to get that outdated blogging myth out of your mind and just set a frequency that you think you can commit to in creating high quality content, not just throwing something on your blog as often as possible, because it's really about quality over quantity as far as blogging.

[00:26:29.190] - Speaker 1

Yeah, and I love to go back to older blogs. I just did this last week that I published however many years ago or months ago, and tweak a couple of things and just republish them with today's date. I love doing that.

[00:26:41.140] - Speaker 2

I did that too.

[00:26:42.250] - Speaker 1

Yeah, I love doing that. It's like brand new content. It brings it forward onto your blog homepage too. Maybe it signals to Google's Robots that, hey, there's something fresh here. Come back and crawl this. I also tell Wedding Pros to stop hoarding your blog posts. You're not the New York Times. You're not a magazine. You don't need to write four blog posts and then trickle them out over a month. Just publish them all at the same time. If you have the content, publish it, because it's not doing you any favors just hanging out in your WordPress or in Google Docs.

[00:27:15.190] - Speaker 2

Yes, that's totally true, because Google can't start finding content until you hit the publish button, and that process is always really slow. So it's best to just hit that publish button so that Google can start to find an index. It even if you choose not to talk about it on your social until maybe you do a Facebook post about it and space those out but get it published on your site. People aren't coming back to your website on a weekly basis to see if you've published something new, so just get it all up there, and then Google can start doing its job.

[00:27:51.450] - Speaker 1

Yeah, and funny enough, I don't even promote my blog posts. I don't even talk about them on Instagram. Or if I were to email my list or something, I don't talk about them. I use them later in marketing and to direct people, but I literally just publish them. I let Google do its thing, and they consistently bring in fantastic new customers to my business. And you never see me talk about them on Instagram really ever Facebook. So if you're listening to this and you're like, another thing I have to promote, I have to send people to my blog. That's not necessarily what blogging is for. You don't even really need to mention these blog posts, but they do come in really handy, I'll say. If you create educational blog posts, you can then send to a lead who might have questions, and you can answer them in a blog post. Use it almost as a sales blog post. You can use it with customers, so instead of sitting down and typing an answer, you can send them to a blog post you've written. So they not only help to bring people, but they also help you to communicate with sales and with your customers.

[00:28:55.690] - Speaker 2

Yes, I totally agree. There are so many great uses for a blog post once you make the effort to create it. Another thing that I really like to do is if I do something that's kind of like a listicle, like Six Tips for Blah blah blah, each of those can be their own social media post. I'm actually about to do a Tik Tok series. I'm just getting into TikTok and experimenting with it, especially as a search platform, just to make sure I understand what's up. So I'm about to do a TikTok series out of a. Blog post. I have that's eleven wedding planner blog post ideas, and I'm going to make each of those ideas its own TikTok so I don't have to come up with something new. I already wrote this. I wrote it like three years ago and just updated it to last week's publish date. And now it's going to become some new content in a different format.

[00:29:42.720] - Speaker 1

Oh, I love that. I love repurposing. It's totally my jam. I'm doing that right now with my YouTube channel, is taking blog posts I've written, turning them into videos because there are people out there who prefer to watch a video versus reading blog posts, right? So it's just helping to take content. And this is what somebody listening can do, is a blog post is a great thing to start with, and then you can take that and create all different pieces of content over and over and over again from it.

[00:30:10.990] - Speaker 2

Yeah, great tip.

[00:30:12.270] - Speaker 1

I love that you'll have to let us know your Tik tok experiment. All right, so my final question for you today, Sarah, is what should Wedding Pros be focused on in 2023? We've gone through a whole bunch of different SEO, things that are outdated. We've talked about things that no longer work, things that are working right now. So we're short on time. We have people here who are going to say, I don't know how to write. I'm not a writer, I'm not a blogger, I'm not techie. So what should people be focused on when it comes to SEO next year?

[00:30:48.860] - Speaker 2

So there's one thing that I think people don't pay enough attention to, and it is really our one opportunity to communicate straight to Google about our businesses. So in 2023, I want every business owner to pay a little more attention to their Google business profile. So for anyone who is not familiar, this is a free listing that Google offers to businesses that serve clients in their local area. And it has a ton of information about your business. You just go in and fill it all in your business name, your website, your phone number. If you want to the area you serve a description. Now you can add things like services that can actually show you, help you show up higher in the Google search results for really specific searches that people do. So this is something when I am auditing for a client and they have not uploaded a photo to Google business profile in two years. I'm like, this is such a missed opportunity because Google wants to show your business to people in the Maps results, but they're not going to show you if you're not keeping this listing up to date. So business is the place to go if you have never set this up or if you've neglected it for a long time, it's time to give that profile a little bit of love.

[00:32:07.900] - Speaker 2

And I want you to fill in every section you can to the best of your ability because that's going to increase your exposure in the Google Maps. And the biggest, most important part of that profile is the Google reviews. So for anyone who is only sending clients to other websites to give reviews and haven't included a link to the Google Business profile, another missed opportunity. This is the listing that's actually going to show up the biggest on Google when someone searches for your business name. So if you only have ten reviews there and 700 on a different website, you're missing the boat because these are the reviews that are going to get the most attention. So definitely pay attention to those Google Business Profile reviews.

[00:32:55.160] - Speaker 1

What about somebody who may serve people internationally or even across the country?

[00:33:01.230] - Speaker 2

So maybe they don't have like, a business listing at a specific address. How could they use Google my business?

[00:33:09.340] - Speaker 1

Yes, so with that type of business, you can actually set a service area so you don't have to publish an address. In order to use Google Business profile, you can just set a service area that you serve. So a lot of people are really concerned, like, I just operate on my house. I don't want to publish my home address. And that totally makes sense to me. Not a problem. You can just click a box that says, I serve customers at their location, and then Google will hide your own address, and then you can use a service area to show where you actually serve your clients.

[00:33:46.610] - Speaker 1

Good piece of advice. Google My Business is something that the women inside My Mastermind talk about all the time. Inside My Mastermind is very into Google My Business, and she's always reminding us to go update our profiles or go review some vendors today and help their profiles grow. So I've learned a lot, even from the business owners in my Mastermind. Sarah, this has been such a great conversation. I love how you make SEO really tangible, easy to understand, very relatable, also not like this big, scary, crazy thing that we have to figure out. That something that we can kind of systematically put energy into and see results from. So what I'd love to just remind our listeners of is the live iteration of SEO Boot Camp that's coming up. The dates are it starts January 16 and would you mind just recapping I spoke about this earlier in the episode, but would you mind just recapping for our audience what SEO Boot Camp is and why somebody listening should join? Yes.

[00:34:52.080] - Speaker 2

So wedding SEO Bootcamp is my wedding industry specific SEO program. And I love this class when I get to teach it live, which I'm going to do in January because we get to go through it together as a group. So it is presented as a recorded online class. You can watch the videos when it makes sense to you, but we're going to do it almost like a group challenge, so you'll join dozens of other wedding professionals who are also working on their SEO. We will do challenges. We'll have prizes. We'll have regular Q and A's with me so you can get your questions answered every step of the way. And the idea is, in two weeks, you're going to have your SEO fully set up on your website so you can stop thinking about it. I'm also going to give you my best blogging strategies. If you want some of those blog post ideas that bring in hundreds or thousands of clients every year, I teach you how to write those step by step and hold your hand the whole way. So I love this class. I think it is the best way for a wedding pro to start working on their SEO because it's so wedding industry specific.

[00:35:57.150] - Speaker 2

I cover what you need to know and nothing you don't that's extra fluff and we get it done together.

[00:36:02.670] - Speaker 1

Oh, God, I love it. And if you've loved this conversation, imagine being able to sit in with Sarah during an office hours and get your question answered. Have her give you feedback in this live experience. No doubt there are a ton of questions you have that we just can't fit into today's episode. So bootcamp is your way of not only learning from Sarah, her methods in just this no fluff, very easy to understand way, but then getting to ask her your questions and have her break it down for you even further. So if you want to learn more about boot camp, I have a link inside of today's show notes that you can go and learn more. And we'll certainly be sharing some details as this live experience gets ready to launch. And it is starting January 16, which is so fabulous because I know that January is your time as a wedding pro to be able to do this kind of stuff.

[00:36:52.090] - Speaker 2

Yes, it's work on your business time, and I would love for SEO to be part of that this year.

[00:36:57.690] - Speaker 1

I think it needs to be the strategy you prioritize in 2023, especially if you want to get off the hamster wheel of content creation and you don't want to be constantly videoing yourself creating reels and having to be on four different social media channels. Create the foundation where you can be like that calligrapher who told Sarah, listen, I don't have to sweat it because I have this. My search engine ranking results are there. I'm number one on Googler, I'm on the first page, and I get customers, so I don't have to worry.

[00:37:30.260] - Speaker 2

Exactly. Yes. SEO is that long term strategy may not be the flashy and sparkly one, but it is the one that you will love the results.

[00:37:39.090] - Speaker 1

Yes, I totally agree with Sarah. Thank you so much for being a guest on today's show.

[00:37:43.990] - Speaker 2

Absolutely. Thanks for having me, Candace.

[00:37:46.840] - Speaker 1

Oh, my gosh. What a great episode. Isn't Sarah just the best. She makes SEO so easy to understand for such a complicated topic. It feels like we can actually do it ourselves, right?

[00:38:03.110] - Speaker 1

At least when Sarah describes it.

[00:38:05.200] - Speaker 1

I want to thank Sarah for being such a great guest on today's episode of the show, and I would love to know what your big takeaway was from this interview. Will you head over to my Instagram, leave a comment and tell me how you're either going to make SEO a priority for your business, or what one tip you're going to dive into first sarah shared.

[00:38:24.130] - Speaker 1

I would love to hear from you, and I know Sarah would love it as well. Just a reminder that the Doors to Wedding SEO Boot Camp will be opening in January, and if you want to learn more and get a little extra special something something. Yeah, I said it. There's going to be a little extra something for you. I want you to go to candycopola. Comseo and sign up for the waitlist. I'll be sending you more details about bootcamp when it launches, how you can sign up, and how you can get something extra special, so stay tuned for that. As always, I want to thank you for listening to the Power and Purpose podcast, and I want to remind you that there is so much power in your purpose. Until next time, thanks so much for tuning in to this week's episode of Power in Purpose podcast. If you enjoyed the show, be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode and consider leaving a review. Head over to Powerinpurpose podcast to access all of the resources and links mentioned in today's episode. That's I'll see you next time.

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know– what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation!


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