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Enji Marketing Software: A 2024 Review

April 3, 2024

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Have you ever felt like you're the Instagram intern in your business? Wish you could feel confident and in control instead? While I don’t have a magic wand to help you with your marketing, after years of searching, I think I’ve found the next best thing. If you haven’t tried Enji marketing software for your business yet, keep reading because I’m going to share exactly how to use it to get GREAT results in your wedding business in 2024. 

If you’ve ever wished that someone would just “tell you what to do on social media” (without the thousand dollar price tag), you’re in the right place.

What is Enji?

Enji is an easy-to-use marketing software that helps you create a marketing plan for your business in minutes and start making progress with the tools you need to execute your marketing plan. With Enji, say goodbye to the frustration of trying to figure it out yourself and hello to clarity and consistency.

It has a variety of different features, but it's core features include:

  • Marketing Tools
  • AI Copywriter
  • Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Schedule
  • Brand Assets Guide
  • Marketing Strategy Builder

Let's talk about some of my favorite features and how Enji's marketing tools can help grow your business.

4 Ways Enji Will Help You Grow Your Wedding Business

If you are like most of the wedding pros I work with, you probably care about ONE thing when it comes to your marketing software: is this going to actually help me book more clients? And I will be honest with you: the tool is only going to help you if you use it. That being said, there are four specific ways that I think Enji marketing software makes it EASY to implement a strong marketing strategy.

1. Their Marketing Quiz

This is my FAVORITE feature. As a small business owner, it can often be hard to see the “big picture” when it comes to your marketing. Have you ever tried sitting down and writing an actual plan to implement though? I can practically hear you laughing at me through the computer (because who actually has time to do that?!).

Enji found a better way. Upon setting up an account, Enji offers a unique quiz that is both simple and intuitive to fill out. Then, Enji takes your responses and quickly generates a marketing plan tailored specifically to your needs (keeping in mind your goals and how much time you actually have!). This means you won't be bombarded with an unrealistic number of tasks; instead, you'll receive a strategy that fits into your schedule, empowering you to focus on what you do best.

2. Social Media Planning and Scheduling 

Keep reading for a full breakdown of how they are different from other social media scheduling platforms, but here’s the short version. While most schedulers primarily concentrate on platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, Enji goes further by incorporating critical marketing elements like email marketing, paid advertising, and brand collaborations into its strategy. While they can’t all be scheduled natively in the platform (yet!), by centralizing all marketing tasks in one platform, Enji effectively reduces the need for constant task and tab switching. Keeping everything in one place not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures that no component of your marketing strategy is overlooked.

3. Marketing Tasks & Calendar

Remember how I told you if you took the quiz, Enji would tell you exactly what you needed to do? It puts all of your marketing tasks into a convenient little “to do list” with due dates in your calendar.

But it gets even better. If I want to “start a new campaign” in Enji, it will schedule the pre-work required, and map everything I need to do out for me. Let me give you an example. If my goal was to “start being better at SEO,” and I wanted to start making that my focus in two weeks, I would start a campaign in Enji (where you have the option to add a start and end date). From there, Enji automatically comes up with a list of potential tasks to help you achieve that goal, and then from there, YOU choose which ones you actually want to add to your to-do list. You don’t have to do it all! 

4. Powerful Marketing AI Tools

Listen, I know you can smell the ChatGPT caption from a mile away (me too). While there are a lot of AI tools on the market today (and I have to be honest with you – I don’t think ANY of them are fully “copy and paste” ready yet), Enji’s AI writer is about as good as they come. Unlike most AI writing tools, you aren’t just staring at a blank screen either. Enji asks you what you want your post to be about, any additional details you want to share, and (most importantly) what you want the CTA to be. 

On top of that, Enji’s AI writing tool can be trained to write in YOUR brand voice. Plus, if you have your ideal clients set up in your marketing strategy (keep reading for more on that!), you can set up specific brand voices for each of your ideal client avatars. This means you can tailor Enji to match your audience's preferences: for those who appreciate detailed, jargon-rich content, and for those who prefer captions that are light and entertaining. Depending on whom you're crafting the post for, Enji can adjust its writing style to suit either tone.

3 Extra Marketing Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Push Notifications for Your Marketing Tasks

Unlike other marketing tools that merely remind you to make your next social media post, Enji reminds you to complete all facets of your marketing plan. Whether it's planning your content calendar, crafting an email sequence, or reaching out for a potential collaboration with fellow vendors, Enji stays on top of things by reminding you to tackle each task. This feature is especially crucial for busy business owners who, amidst their hectic schedules, might let marketing efforts fall by the wayside (raising my hand here). In this way, Enji acts as a personal marketing assistant, and trust me, this level of support is invaluable if you want to maintain momentum and consistency in your marketing efforts without feeling overwhelmed during busy seasons.

Marketing Channel Strategy Builder

Remember that quiz I was talking to you about earlier? Well, not only does it tell you exactly what to do and focus on, but it also puts your results into a “marketing channel strategy builder” where it outlines your TOP marketing goals (like increase sales and revenue or launch a new product or service) and objectives (like get found on the Internet, reach new people, and get to know my customers). This is a great way to keep the actual “why” behind your to-do list top of mind.

Then, beneath your goals, you can house information like who your ideal client is (and what they struggle with and how you can help), and the marketing channels you are focusing on (because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be everywhere). Again, Enji makes things super easy to see at a glance!

Let’s pause for a sec. Right now, you might be thinking, “Candice, I know my goals so why does this matter?”

Let me ask you this. How many times have you done an ideal client exercise? Does your ideal client come out the exact same every time? Or is it just a little different each time (or maybe… a lot different). The truth is: we can’t possibly keep EVERYTHING in our head all at once, all the time. If your marketing “strategy” lives in your head, then I’m willing to bet it’s nowhere near as effective as it could be if you housed all the details in one place (and hey – wouldn’t it be great if that place was also your social media scheduler?).

Multiple Team Members

When it comes to software, I’m a big believer that you should choose software that will suit the business you want over the business you have. Whether you are rocking a one-man team right now or you are already building a team to support you, one of the other reasons I love Enji is because you can add multiple team members to your account. That means, when you hire a social media manager they can have their own login to the account. And when you hire an intern to help you with emails and PR? They can have their own account. I’m personally a big fan of this approach over sharing login information (because the internet is wild nowadays).

OK – now that I have raved about Enji marketing software, let me better address the elephant in the room: how is Enji different from all the other social media schedulers out there?

Enji vs. Planoly: Which One Is Better?

Listen, as someone who has been in business longer than my Botox would have you believe, I have tried ALL of the social media marketing tools out there. Later, Plann, Planoly—they all felt like they were “missing something” or making my marketing scheduling harder than it needed to be. I’m busy (like you). I wanted it to be EASY.

As a business coach for wedding pros, I know that Planoly is one of the most popular scheduling tools for wedding pros so in case you are on the fence about switching, here are five things to consider when comparing Enji vs. Planoly.

Easier user interface

Listen, if you are a wedding planner or another creative business owner, visuals matter to you. I know that because they matter to me, too. So, the fact that Enji’s scheduling software is easy to use and pretty, too? That MATTERS more than we want to admit to ourselves. In my opinion, when comparing Enji vs. Planoly, Enji has an easier user interface, and seeing the calendar (with the caption) feels good.

Create Full Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

I’ve talked about this over and over again by now, but it’s true: You can't compare Enji vs. Planoly without talking about all of the marketing options you have BEYOND social media. I firmly believe that marketing, at its core, is about spreading your message to the right audience, and while there's a plethora of social media schedulers available, it's important to remember that marketing extends far beyond just social media.

Social media is definitely a big player in today's marketing game, but real success comes from pulling everything together, not splitting it up. I believe in an omnichannel marketing strategy, but juggling different platforms for every part of your marketing can get messy and slow you down. That's where Enji really stands out. It's not just about scheduling social media posts; it's about helping you craft an all-in-one marketing strategy that covers everything from email blasts and SEO to PR, ads, and beyond. Enji brings it all under one roof, meeting the complex needs of marketers today (compared to tools like Planoly).

Metrics and KPIs

I have to be honest, this might be my favorite Enji feature. Unlike Planoly and other social media schedulers that provide basic analytics, Enji lets you track the data that matters the MOST to you, and shows you how things are going in an easy-to-read chart or graph layout. This means that I can see at a glance what numbers are going up, what numbers are going down, and what patterns I should be aware of (like yes, a spike in engagement season or a slump in the summer DOES happen every year).

Because let me be honest with you as a fellow small business who is NOT a professional marketer (but does spend a lot of time marketing my business), I KNOW how easy is to get into your head about marketing. It can be EMOTIONAL. And often? We are pivoting strategies based on feelings over fact. Having data for yourself that’s easily digestible at a glance is the best way to “check yourself” when a shiny object comes your way.

Brand Assets 

I know I keep saying this – but THIS is another one of my absolute favorite features. When you use a social media scheduler like Planoly, you are likely making graphics in Canva, videos in Capcut, and potentially even more software or apps to help you create your content. It can be a LOT to manage, especially if you have someone on your team helping you. Heck – it can be a lot to manage even if it’s just YOU. How on earth are you supposed to stay “on brand” everywhere?

Enter: Brand Assets on Enji. If you are comparing Enji vs. Planoly, I don’t think Planoly has anything CLOSE to this. On Enji, you can store your brand assets in one place (everything from logos to brand colors and fonts). Not only is it so nice seeing everything easily in one place, they also make it shareable to non-Enji users. That means if you are collaborating with a fellow business or vendors and they ask for your brand assets, you can send them a neat little link instead of frantically trying to find everything and put it in a Google drive folder.

Still on the fence about Enji Marketing Software?

If you don’t talk about your business and market yourself effectively, who will? The truth is that you’re NOT getting any gold stars for doing things the hard way and trying to figure out everything on your own. And if you don’t get this right? Then you won’t get enough customers to stay in business. 

Needless to say, that’s not what I want for you. And I also don’t think it’s helpful to tell you that you need a marketing strategy and leave you staring at a Google doc wondering things like:

  • Where do I start?
  • What should I share?
  • How should I do it?

Like I said at the beginning, I’ve been in business a long time (and I’ve had a love-hate relationship with marketing my business, just like you). You don’t need to stay on the struggle bus, friend. When you start to put together a real marketing strategy (and remember – Enji’s quiz will get you started!), you will feel 100 times better about your current marketing efforts. And when that happens? You share more, engage more, and create more meaningful content that attracts better clients. It’s well worth the investment.

Sign up for your free trial here and get 15% off your first 2 months if you decide that Enji is the right marketing software for you!

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Some of the links used in this blog post are affiliate links. When you purchase something, our company receives a small compensation at no cost to you. This compensation helps to maintain the cost of creating helpful content, like our podcast, so you can build a profitable business with purpose.

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