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Building Your Branding

5 Social Media Mistakes Every Wedding Planner Makes

December 21, 2021

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I'm candice!

I'm Candice, your new tell-it-like-it-is BFF (and purpose cheerleader). Are you ready to grow and scale a profitable business with purpose–and one that gives back to your meaningful life? Thought so!


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With over a decade of experience as a mentor in the wedding industry, I've spent my fair share of time talking about marketing with my students and mentees. I know marketing can be really tough–it's time consuming, energy draining, and full of imposter syndrome. And as a wedding planner, you're told constantly that you need to market your business in a thousand different ways–always scared you're making a mistake. Plus, there never seems to be enough time. Today, I'm going to share with you the social media mistakes I see every wedding planner make, so you can avoid them as you start or continue to market your own wedding business.

Before you come for me, I know that not every single wedding planner makes every single one of these mistakes. But as you keep reading, I bet you'll find yourself guilty of at least one of these things.

Sorry, not sorry.

But now that you know, you can fix it! If you want tangible results with your marketing, you're going to want to take notes on this one!

And as a wedding planner, you're told constantly that you need to market your business in a thousand different ways–always scared you're making a mistake. Plus, there never seems to be enough time. Today, I'm going to share with you the social media mistakes I see every wedding planner make, so you can avoid them as you start or continue to market your own wedding business.

Social Media Mistake #1: Not Sharing More About You

People want to do business with people. How often do you share about yourself on social media? I know you might feel shy–or feel like your life isn't perfect enough to share… but people really do want to get to know you.

Sharing more about your personal life–including your sense of humor, how you see the world, and yes your favorite cocktail–can help to accelerate that know/like/trust factor.

What's the know/like/trust factor? Well, in order for someone to buy from you they need to know you (aka find you). Next, they need to like you–and that's where sharing more about your personal life comes in. Finally, once they know and like you, you've got to get them to trust you.

Once you complete those steps, you've unlocked the customer buy button.

So, instead of spending so much time talking all about your business, find ways to share more about yourself.

I believe most businesses fail because they don't know who they are talking to.

If you're still not sure about what your ideal client really wants, make sure to take a look at the Ideal Client Cocktail. It's so much more than “what's their favorite color” and “what do they like to eat for dinner” and more about what your clients truly value and are looking for in a high-end wedding planner. It also shares a whole lot more about how to attract them!

Social Media Mistake #2: Not Having A Cohesive Brand Message

We have all done the “throw spaghetti on the wall and see what works” kind of thing when it comes to marketing. I've said before that I believe marketing can be just one big experiment and you should give yourself permission to have fun with it in your business.

However, when it comes to your brand, you're going to want something that is both visually and emotionally consistent. That doesn't mean you need to use the color blue everywhere, but your company should stand for something, and that something should be recognizable to your ideal clients.

As a self-proclaimed purpose pioneer, I believe purpose is the cornerstone of your business.

Your company's purpose should lead the way in any marketing strategy you try. My motto? Marketing is simply sharing your message so that it reaches the right people. So, friend–what the heck is your message?

Your customers want to know that you value what they value, whether that means being active in social issues or valuing over-the-top floral arrangements. What is your business' purpose? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why do you serve your clients?

And as a wedding planner, you're told constantly that you need to market your business in a thousand different ways–always scared you're making a mistake. Plus, there never seems to be enough time. Today, I'm going to share with you the social media mistakes I see every wedding planner make, so you can avoid them as you start or continue to market your own wedding business.

Social Media Mistake #3: Not Engaging with Followers and Creating Connections

I know you've heard this one before. Social media was meant to be social. To be honest, this is one of the biggest social media mistakes I see every wedding planner make.

Are you responding back to comments? Are you reaching out to newly engaged couples and vendors in your area? Do you take the time to acknowledge the folks who engage with your content? And do you also take the time to meet new people and support your peers?

Seriously, take advantage of the opportunity to be social on social media. Personally, I love sending voice notes to new followers because it always catches them by surprise and makes them feel so special and appreciated. I've had people say, “WOW, I didn't expect you to respond!” That's exactly what I want for my brand!

Download free wedding planner emergency kit checklist

Social Media Mistake #4: Being Inconsistent With Content

Instead of just trying to research the latest hashtag hack, or hoping to go viral using the latest reels trend, ask yourself if you are actually being consistent with your content.

Whenever one of the ladies I'm coaching comes to me and says their marketing is “just not working”, the first thing I ask is always: Are you being consistent? And if so, for how long? Always remember that running a business is a long game. Even if you've been consistent in your marketing for a month or more, that is literally a drop in the bucket.

In the wedding industry, you need to be consistent with your marketing as much as you can. Don't worry, you can batchwork it to make it a little easier. But truly, nothing will trump pure consistency.

Get into a routine and schedule with your marketing. Don't fall off the face of the earth for two months and wonder why no one has filled out your inquiry form. Find time to consistently post and connect. If you can't–then hire someone to do it for ya.

Social Media Mistake #5: Not Sharing The Transformation You Provide Your Clients

As wedding planners, there's a lot of stuff we do that goes unnoticed. How often have you been told by a customer that they just need someone to “oversee everything” on the wedding day? Just stand there with a clipboard looking pretty and hand-delivering their cocktails? Or worse yet – asking why they even need a wedding planner at all! Their vendors know exactly what to do. Right?


If you've been in business for a minute, this is almost laughable, but a social media mistake I see wedding planners make all the time is not talking enough about what you do. What do you do behind the scenes? How do you make your clients feel? What is made possible when someone hires you? Share the transformation you provide your clients. Make them feel so at ease, they can't wait to add you to their vendor list (right at the top).

Seth Godin says, “People don't buy paint, they buy painted walls.”

What does that mean, exactly? Let me break it down.

When you head out to good ole home depot, you're not there to buy a can of paint. Yes, you do walk away with a can of paint (plus a new drop cloth, paint roller, brushes, tape, and some new painting gadgets you found on an end cap)…. but is that really what you went to buy?

No, you drove out to home depot and dropped a couple of hundred dollars on products because you want the painted wall.

You know the one Pinterest's algorithm served you, and now you have to paint your living room Pantone's color of the year.

People don't buy paint–they buy the end product that sent them to the store in the first place.

Yes, sharing more about you and who you are is important. But clients care about themselves. They want to see themselves in your marketing–and if you're spending more time talking about yourself and not enough time showing them the “end of the rainbow,” you're in trouble.

When it comes to marketing, I want you to balance sharing more about yourself with what your clients really want. Show them that painted wall, girl!

Remember, people don't buy paint–they buy painted walls.

Ready to do social media differently (and a lot more effectively!)? If you need a little help, don't forget we include a strategic marketing plan EVERY month inside the Planner's Playbook!

Seriously, we covered a lot here, but nothing makes implementation easier than an actual plan. I created the Planner's Playbook with YOU in mind to share everything I know after over a decade in the wedding industry. Yes, we cover marketing every month, but we also teach you how to deliver what you promise. With weddings, there are no do-overs. When you are confident in the experience you are delivering, your marketing gets a heck of a lot better (with a lot less effort). Trust me when I say, you want to get on this waitlist.

Skipping to the end and looking for a summary? Stop making the mistakes above when marketing your wedding planning business and do this instead:

  1. Share more about you and not just your business.

    People want to do business with people-so share more about who you are.

  2. Have a cohesive brand message and look.

    Keep your messaging and your brand look cohesive.

  3. Engage with followers and create connections.

    Social media is supposed to be social–so put yourself out there and engage with other folks' content. Respond to comments, DMs, and people who engage with you.

  4. Get consistent.

    No more excuses, OK? If you want to market your wedding planning business the right way–you need to put yourself out there consistently.

  5. Share the transformation you provide.

    People don't buy paint, they buy painted walls. Reveal the painted wall to your ideal client as much as you can through your marketing.

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🎉 Friends! The doors to The Planner’s Playbook are officially open - and I am feeling ALL the feels.

When we set out to create The Planner’s Playbook in 2021, I knew I wanted to teach everything I know about how to plan, design, and coordinate high-end weddings.

I spent 12 years in the trenches - planning weddings of ALL shapes and sizes (and trust me when I tell you, I’ve done my fair share of tough weddings, Month of Coordination, and budget weddings, too 😅😅).

When I was coming up the ranks as a new wedding planner in Connecticut, I wish I had a business coach that was willing to open up their calendar to show me the ropes. Lord, I would have avoided SO. MANY. MISTAKES.

One thing I did have, though, was a small Twitter community (hey iWed ladies! 👋🏻) of fellow planners from around the world. We used Twitter back in the day to connect, share, network, and problem-solve. I don’t think I would have gotten as far as I did without those incredible women (who I still talk with to this day!).

So, when I created The Planner’s Playbook, I wanted to make sure it was PACKED with practical education that you could instantly implement in your planning biz and see results.

I also knew that community is THE most important thing–because shit, I would have been first class LOST without it. And boy, do we have an incredible one inside The Planner’s Playbook.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve served HUNDREDS of wedding planners inside The Planner’s Playbook. We’ve helped them streamline their process, book high-end clients, up their prices, make more money, market with ease, and feel less ALONE!

✨THIS ✨is your invitation to come and join us inside this incredible community of wedding planners - so you can do all the above - and so much more.

DM me PLAYBOOK and I’ll send you a direct link to sign-up (plus a special gift).

The doors are only open for a few days - and I don’t want you to miss out!

PS: in equally important news, I’m heading to the salon 💇‍♀️ rn. Stay tuned to my stories to see which color / cut I picked!
Give me the baby rings and the #☝🏼 mom pendant. 

Can you relate? 😂 

Shout out to my BFF @epicdoty 
Inspiration for this reel: @mariaferrercurves 

As a wedding professional, should you focus on organic marketing strategies, such as blogging, Instagram, and networking? 

Or is it more beneficial to invest in paid marketing strategies, such as bridal shows, Google ads, and vendor directories? 

@daveyandkrista is my guest on this episode of The Power in Purpose podcast, and he believes that success in marketing lies somewhere in the middle.

Davey Jones and I had a fun conversation about marketing in the wedding industry. 

I loved having the chance to pick his brain about paid marketing strategies and which ones really work for wedding professionals! It’s one of my favorite all time episodes!

In this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast with Davey Jones, you’ll learn:

✨The difference between “paid” and “organic” marketing strategies
🔥 The pros and cons of organic vs. paid marketing
👩‍💻 Which businesses in the wedding industry benefit from advertising
👀 The best paid advertising channels for wedding professionals, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and magazine ads
💰 A starting budget for advertising no matter where you’re starting from
🎯 The goals you should have for a digital advertising strategy

I can’t wait to hear what you thought of our convo!
There’s nothing better than watching a woman confidently make moves in her business. One of my favorite parts of being a business coach is witnessing first hand the progress and success women have in my programs— especially when they do business on their own terms. 

To more wins in 2023 — and throwing confetti to celebrate! 🎉

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