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How To Sell Your Digital Products With Flodesk Checkout

February 7, 2024

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As a business coach for wedding professionals, I've always believed in the power of leveraging your expertise to generate extra income! With Flodesk Checkout, selling these digital products has never been easier and more streamlined. Because let’s face it – while most of the wedding pros I work with would love to make passive income by selling a digital product, we don’t always have enough hours in the day. I’m so excited to share exactly how to sell your digital products with Flodesk Checkout today! Plus – you’ll get 50% off the first year with Flodesk coupon code CANDICE50!

Flodesk Checkout isn't just any platform; it's a powerful tool designed with professionals in mind. Whether it's eBooks, templates, photography presets, online courses, or webinars, this intuitive platform effortlessly helps you sell your digital products. The benefits are huge – a user-friendly interface for both sellers and buyers, plus seamless payment and delivery. And you KNOW your clients care about aesthetics, so you can focus on what truly matters – creating top-notch content (that’s pretty to look at!).

A woman using a tablet to sell digital products at a table.

Why Flodesk Checkout is Perfect for Wedding Pros

As a wedding pro, you already know how crucial aesthetics are in the industry. Flodesk has always been renowned for its jaw-dropping email templates that help you craft visually stunning content. And now, with Flodesk Checkout, you can take that same level of aesthetic appeal to your sales pages and checkout process. YAY!

One of the first questions I get asked when someone tells me they want to sell a digital product is, “where do I start?”. The tech can be OVERWHELMING. That’s why I love Flodesk Checkout. Flodesk Checkout makes it EASY for you to create fully-branded sales experiences that perfectly match your brand and emails. No more juggling multiple tools and integrations to sell your digital products. Flodesk Checkout simplifies the process and offers a seamless, visually stunning experience for your customers.

The Benefits of Selling Digital Products Online

Before we dive more into the specifics of using Flodesk Checkout, I want to share a little bit more about the benefits of selling digital products online (in case you looked at the length of this blog post and wondered if digital products were really worth the hype!

First, let’s talk about the income potential. If you have a passion for marketing, selling digital products allows you to generate income even while you sleep. Once your product is created and available for purchase, you can continue to make sales without putting in extra effort. Unlike physical products, digital products also have higher profit margins. With minimal production and delivery costs, you can really maximize your earnings.

Not to mention, in the wedding industry, you are (typically) limited to serving a local audience. If you have fans of your work around the world that would love to work with you (or access something from you – like your wedding planning checklist or wedding photography presets), you can sell your digital products to customers from all over the world, expanding your reach and potential customer base (make sure you grab my destination wedding planning playbook to make the most of your new career!).

Lastly, selling a digital product can really help you build an engaged audience. Selling digital products allows you to build an engaged audience of customers who are interested in your expertise. This audience can open up new opportunities and lead to long-term customer relationships. You might be surprised at the number of people who buy a digital product, and then ultimately end up hiring you! Make sure you are giving them a great first taste of working with you (and like I said – the beauty of Flodesk checkout can help!).

How Flodesk Checkout Works

So how does Flodesk Checkout work? Here’s a step by step guide to setting Flodesk checkout up to sell your digital products.

Step 1: Design a Sales Page

With Flodesk Checkout, you can effortlessly create eye-catching sales pages that captivate your audience and compel them to buy. Take your pick from a range of optimized templates and easily customize them to reflect your brand. The intuitive drag-and-drop builder lets you seamlessly add your own copy, images, and branding elements.

Step 2: Create a Seamless Checkout Process

Flodesk Checkout streamlines the checkout process, making it simple and frictionless for your customers. They can enter their payment information and complete the purchase with just a few clicks (which is HUGE for increasing your conversion rate!). You can also offer upsells and discounts to increase conversions and drive urgency (which by the way – most softwares charge a minimum of $100/month for!).

Step 3: Instantly Deliver Your Digital Products

Once your customer completes their purchase, Flodesk Checkout allows you to instantly deliver your digital products. Whether it's a downloadable PDF, an online course, or any other digital content, your customers can access it right away. This automated delivery process saves you time and guarantees a seamless customer experience.

Step 4: Seamlessly Integrate with Flodesk Email

On top of everything else, Flodesk Checkout seamlessly integrates with Flodesk Email (which is AMAZING). This means you can effortlessly add customers to your email list and send them personalized messages. Nurture your customers, provide extra value, and build strong, long-term relationships through consistent email outreach. It's modern, confident, and super effective! Plus – your emails will match your sales experience!

Step 5: Track Your Success with Analytics

The truth is, while I love the aesthetic of Flodesk, I also care about the data. Flodesk Checkout provides comprehensive analytics to help you track the success of your sales. You can monitor your revenue, conversion rates, and identify which products or sales pages are performing the best. These insights allow you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your sales strategy.

Selling Digital Products Made Easy for Wedding Pros

Whether you're a wedding planner offering an online course, a photographer selling presets, or a calligrapher providing printable templates, I love the way that Flodesk Checkout empowers you to monetize your knowledge and creativity EASILY.

With Flodesk Checkout, you can create a visually stunning sales experience that resonates with your target audience. The ability to customize every aspect of the checkout process ensures a consistent and on-brand customer journey. 

Say goodbye to complicated funnels and expensive software – Flodesk Checkout simplifies the process and allows you to focus on what you do best.

Additional Tips for Using Flodesk Checkout to Sell More Digital Products

Creating and customizing your product listings

When it comes to selling digital products, presentation is key. Especially in the wedding industry! With Flodesk Checkout, you have complete control over how your product listings appear to your customers. 

Start by selecting a template for your product listings. Flodesk offers a variety of professionally designed templates that you can customize to fit your brand's aesthetic. From there, you can add your product images, write compelling descriptions, and highlight key features or benefits.

Don't forget to optimize your product listings for search engines! Make sure to include relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions. This will boost your chances of appearing in search results and attracting more organic traffic to your Flodesk Checkout page. 

Integrating Flodesk Checkout with your website or landing page

While it’s cool to send people straight to a Flodesk sales page, I believe that to grow your sales, it's important to integrate your Flodesk Checkout with your website or landing page. This lets you effortlessly guide your customers through the buying process, with no interruptions or distractions whatsoever.

Flodesk Checkout provides easy-to-use embed codes that you can copy and paste into your website or landing page. This will display your checkout page directly on your site, creating a seamless and cohesive user experience.

Marketing and promoting your digital products with Flodesk Checkout

Once your Flodesk Checkout is all set and optimized, it's time to kickstart your marketing game. Contrary to what those internet marketers have told you, most digital products are NOT a “build it and they will come” kind of situation (I wish!).

First things first, use Flodesk's email marketing platform to nurture your existing subscribers and turn them into loyal customers. If you have been growing an email list, this is the first place you want to get started selling your digital products with Flodesk checkout.

Next up, tap into social media to reach a wider audience. Yup – you’re probably going to need to create reels to sell your digital product using social media in 2024. You might even consider teaming up with influencers or running targeted ads to take your reach to the next level.

Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of content marketing. Hi – that’s this blog you are reading right now! Create blog posts, videos, or podcasts that provide valuable information about your digital products and direct your audience straight to your Flodesk Checkout or website. This will establish you as the authority in your niche and build trust with your potential customers.

Managing orders and customer support with Flodesk Checkout

Once your digital products start selling, it's important to have a system in place to manage orders and provide customer support. Fortunately, Flodesk Checkout makes it super simple. You get a dedicated dashboard to track orders, manage inventory, and chat with your customers. When a customer buys through Flodesk Checkout, you'll get a notification and all the order details in your dashboard. From there, you can deliver digital or physical products with ease. Plus, Flodesk Checkout has awesome customer support features, so you can address any questions or concerns and create a great buying experience. 

Two women sitting at a table in an office, discussing the sell of digital products using Flodesk Checkout.

Using Flodesk Checkout to Sell Digital Products

In my opinion, Flodesk Checkout is a game changer for wedding professionals looking to expand their income streams with digital products. Its user-friendly interface, beautiful design options, and seamless integration with Flodesk Email make it a top choice for selling everything from eBooks and templates to photography presets and online courses. Not to mention – it’s one of the most affordable checkout softwares in 2024!

So, are you ready to diversify your wedding business revenue with Flodesk Checkout? If so, I want to help! Get started today and enjoy a whopping 50% off your first year with my exclusive Flodesk coupon code CANDICE50. I can’t wait to see everything you create!

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