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7 Ways to Use Honeybook as a Wedding Planner

April 15, 2022

is honeybook the right fit for your biz?
how to get your first client
8 free af ways to market your biz
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I remember using Honeybook as a wedding planner for the first time like it was yesterday. It was the fastest I had ever gone from the proposal to the contract to the first payment. I loved the little “ka-ching” sound the app made, and I thought – is this really it? Did I just book my next wedding that easily? I knew right then and there that Honeybook *is* the best wedding planner CRM.

Since then, Honeybook has continued to grow with my business and somehow always knows exactly what we busy business owners need. Although I’ve officially retired from my wedding planning business, I still use Honeybook today as a coach for fellow wedding pros! 

As wedding planners come to me stressed out about their marketing, branding, and the never-ending need for better systems, Honeybook is still the #1 tool I recommend for growing your wedding business. Plus, you want to invest in the right wedding planner CRM for your biz.

(And a little sidenote: Honeybook has introduced some new amazing plans in 2023 for your wedding planning business. You can now choose between three different pricing tiers – and I break down the Honeybook plans, and my thoughts on each in this Honeybook plans article.

Are you raising your hand and saying, “I need this”? 

Click here to get Honeybook for 50% off your first year!

… or use the code purpose at checkout

fastest I had ever gone from the proposal to the contract to the first payment. I loved the little “ka-ching” sound the app made, and I thought - is this really it? Did I just book my next wedding that easily? I knew right then and there that Honeybook *is* the best wedding planner CRM.

Let’s just get one thing out of the way: setting up a new CRM is no joke. I know you don’t want to be flip-flopping from one software to the next, wondering if this next thing is *really* going to solve your problems. It’s a lot of work.

On top of that, it's hard to find time as a wedding planner to implement systems. Instead of just telling you that I love Honeybook, I want to share with you 7 ways you can use Honeybook. Whether you just started your wedding planning business or have been in the game a while now, it’s something I will continue to recommend again and again. And I'm totally convinced that Honeybook is the right wedding planner CRM for you.

1. Use Honeybook to Send Out Pricing Information 

Want to know how to make more sales? Help your clients buy.

You might not want to list all of the sales details on your website (and even if you do, you’ll likely want a more elevated process after a potential client reaches out!). Sending out brochures is one of my favorite ways to use Honeybook as a wedding planner, and it’s an absolutely seamless way to get your pricing information out to new couples as they inquire.

2. Send Contracts (and automate your payments!)

Say hello to the smooth booking process you’ve been missing. I hope the booking process is something you pay extra attention to already (after all, who doesn’t want to get paid), and Honeybook makes it really, really easy.

So what does a solid booking process include anyway?

We have already talked about sending over pricing information (and anything else your couples need to know before they hire you as their wedding planner), so the next step is getting them to sign your contract on the dotted line and pay your fee! 

Download free wedding planner emergency kit checklist

3. Send Out Questionnaires To Clients With A Click

As a coach for wedding planners, I hear “I just need better systems” about a hundred times a day. But when I try to get them to dive in a little deeper, they don’t always know exactly what needs to change.

My team member, Sarahna, wrote a great list of 5 systems wedding pros need to have in their business, but I also want to add that I think the onboarding process is one of the places where most wedding planners have a little (or a lot of) room for improvement.

You just got paid (YAY!), and your customers are excited to work with you. Keep them happy during this short and sweet phase in your service journey, and I promise you that they will be easier to work with the entire time. 

So how can Honeybook help? Your onboarding process likely includes at least one questionnaire, right? You need to obtain important information, and Honeybook is an easy way to send it over after they make their first payment.

On top of that, you won’t have to worry about losing that questionnaire email down the line. Most wedding planners are organized by nature, but who hasn’t lost an email or file or two? Honeybook keeps all of your questionnaires together in one easy-to-access place from onboarding to offboarding.

4. Deliver Your Design Proposals For Weddings Using Honeybook

One of my favorite reasons to use Honeybook as a wedding planner? It keeps everything in one place. So when you deliver your wedding design proposals, or your customer offers up feedback, it's all right there on one dashboard.

Not only is it easy for you and your team to access, but it also makes it easy for your customers to find things too (which means fewer emails at 7pm asking you to resend something for the 5th time).

You'll still get some of those questions (that's the job, after all!), but having a client center they can access is sure to cut it down!

Another reason why I love delivering design proposals in Honeybook is that it provides a more luxurious experience for your customers. After all, email is kind of boring. For something that your customers can't wait to get their hands on (and likely show their family and friends!), taking them out of their inbox is something they will appreciate!

5. Use Honeybook To Collaborate With Other Vendors Inside The Workspace

You are only as organized as your least organized vendor, am I right?

As a former wedding planner, I know how hard you try to keep everything organized for your clients, and some wedding vendors make it a little easier than others. By having one workspace per couple, you can easily collaborate with (and nudge!) when necessary for an easier way to work with other wedding vendors that your couple has hired. After all, wedding planning takes a village!

fastest I had ever gone from the proposal to the contract to the first payment. I loved the little “ka-ching” sound the app made, and I thought - is this really it? Did I just book my next wedding that easily? I knew right then and there that Honeybook *is* the best wedding planner CRM.

6. Schedule Meetings With a Click

I know I keep saying this, but this right here is easily one of my favorite features when using Honeybook as a wedding planner. I talked in detail about Honeybook's scheduling feature here if you are interested in diving in and learning more, but the TL;DR version is this: Honeybook added a scheduling tool where you can add your appointment types and availability, which means your customers can schedule a time with you faster (and without any back and forth from either party!). You can even add automatic reminders, which means less time wasted from missed meetings.

If you are already using Acuity or Calendly, you already know what a game-changer a good scheduling software can be.

If you aren't sure what the big deal is, let me just take a second to really drive home why this is one of my favorite features. Meeting with clients can increase your chance of winning them over by 40%. If I know you, I know there are likely many things you do to make it easier for your customer to buy. Don't overlook making it easy to schedule a meeting with you!

7. Automate Emails And Reminders To Save Tons of Time

Although not EVERYTHING can be automated as a wedding planner, I love the automation features Honeybook provides for wedding planners. Even though we can’t automate as many things as a photo booth or a DJ (for example!), we can automate things like invoice reminders, client birthday emails, and first-anniversary love notes!

Even if our work is a little too nuanced to send a templated email two weeks before the wedding day, we can schedule reminders for ourselves to surprise and delight our customers with gifts, thoughtful notes, and more. It sounds a little robotic, but your customers will never know! I know firsthand that these things get missed when you get busy, so scheduling reminders to yourself for even the most minor tasks can be extremely helpful as you really start to scale your wedding business. 

Honeybook helps wedding planners like you book your ideal client faster, easier, and more often. And that's what makes it the best wedding planner CRM.

If I caught you skimming – it's okay; your being busy just proves how much you need this – here is a quick recap of 7 ways to use Honeybook as a wedding planner and why it's the best wedding planner CRM:

  1. Send out pricing information
  2. Send out contracts and automate your payments
  3. Deliver questionnaires to clients
  4. Deliver your design proposals
  5. Collaborate with other vendors inside the workspace
  6. Schedule meetings and phone calls faster
  7. Automate emails and reminders

So, now that I’ve shown you how I have used Honeybook as a wedding planner from inquiry to offboarding, the question is: Is Honeybook right for your wedding planning business?

I say this all the time, but we really can’t afford to get it wrong in the wedding industry. Honeybook provides a better customer experience throughout the planning process, but it also helps YOU as a wedding planner stay organized throughout the process.

After more than a decade in the wedding industry, I don’t recommend anything that isn’t a win-win for both of you. 

If you want an even more in-depth look at Honeybook, check out my 2023 Honeybook review.

Does Honeybook sound like the right fit for your business? 

Get Honeybook for 50% off your first year – limited time offer!

… or use the code purpose at checkout

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This week, I’m teaching you a selling model that I created for my marketing. Yes, even I struggle (sometimes daily) with selling. It’s the Serve, Serve, Sell Formula, and it will help you tremendously, especially when it comes to email marketing!

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