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I'm Candice

I believe that entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

I help women like you build a profitable business with purpose.

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What’s Your Brand Strategy Cocktail For Wedding Pro Success?

Raise your glass and toast to what makes you one-of-a-kind in the wedding industry… And get a taste of what needs to stirred, shaken and mixed up to work with your dream clients on repeat!

Learn how we can bridge the intimacy gap with our customers and accelerate the know/like/trust factor in marketing

Are you curious about how to do a content experiment? Author Hailey Dale is on a mission to get you experimenting more in your marketing. What if you could use an experimental approach with your marketing to embolden yourself to try new things, uncover perfect-fit-for-you strategies, and detach from taking marketing failures personally? Ah, wouldn’t […]

Josie & Taylor from Good Seed Floral shares how to start a floral design business, even if you don’t have experience. Learn how they did it, and how they’ve leveraged Instagram, email marketing, and their business partnership to build an in-demand business. Have you ever wondered what it’s really like to have a business partner? […]

When Zafira Rajan decided to experiment in her business by niching down, her business exploded. If you’ve been struggling with the idea of niching down — you know, the anxiety you feel “cutting out” an entire category (or categories!) of customers — then this episode will have a profound impact on you. Zafira is the […]

Rhiannon Bosse shares how she built her successful business and what it means to live a life with intention. -- The Power in Purpose Podcast

Rhiannon Bosse believes in the power of celebration. As founder and creative director of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations, she has helped thousands around the world plan weddings and toast other milestones with a distinct blend of class and contagious joy, all of which prompted VOGUE and BRIDES Magazine to name her one of the top wedding […]

Elizabeth McCravy shares the success behind her branding and web design agency, and gives us actionable advice on building our brands on this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast.

What does it take to have a knock-out wedding industry brand? Elizabeth McCravy is a website and brand designer–and she’s sharing her secrets inside today’s episode. She mixes marketing strategy, personality galore, and tons of fun to create custom brands, custom websites, and website templates. Elizabeth believes that your brand has a unique voice and […]

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I'm on a mission to help you uncover your purpose. My podcast, The Power in Purpose, explores the strategies it takes to build a profitable business with purpose—and the stories behind some of the most successful creative entrepreneurs who have.

Power in Purpose

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Before selling my company in 2019, my team and I worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, from New York City to Fiji, Vermont to Costa Rica, celebrating moments that mattered in our clients' lives. 

These days, I'm mentoring wedding pros like you—helping you to build the kind of business you want (and deserve!). When I'm not helping business owners reach their goals, you can find me obsessively researching new skincare products and watching anything on Bravo (I'm a self-diagnosed bravo-holic!)

I built my wedding planning and design business, Jubilee Events, from zero to six-figures in the first 2 years.

I'm Candice

Hey there!

the secret to growing your business quickly is working with someone who has been where you want to go

Building the kind of business you want doesn't have to be hard. In fact, growing your business can be easy.

I help wedding pros build a profitable and recognized business, giving you all the same short cuts I used to build my biz.

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