Marketing Guru Amber Housley Shares her Journey & Gives You Permission to Start Showing Up

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Hey you! I'm Candice. I've owned my wedding planning and design business, Jubilee Events, for 12 years. I'm a 2x published author, podcast host, and your proud mentor.

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Marketing Guru Amber Housley shares her entrepreneurial journey and gives you permission to start showing up for your life and business -- on The Power in Purpose Podcast

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Marketing Guru Amber Housley shares her entrepreneurial journey and gives you permission to start showing up for your life and business -- on The Power in Purpose PodcastAmber Housley is a marketing guru and business strategist with a career that has evolved tremendously over the last 11 years. She started her first business in 2007, where she planned weddings and designed stationery. What led her to make a big shift in her career? Amber shares her journey through entrepreneurship, working with billion dollar companies on their marketing, and how she’s found her purpose in helping women create thriving businesses & joy filled lives.

Amber gives us permission in this episode to show up for our businesses and our lives. In today’s episode:


  • Amber talks about how overwhelm with her job led her to want to make a big change
  • How little by little, she was able to make changes in her life that led toward her business & purpose
  • How her former wedding related businesses led her to her purpose today
  • Learning how to say no and creating margin in your life
  • What working in marketing for billion dollar companies taught her about her own small business
  • How over the last 6 years she was able to take a 1 day workshop and build it into a profitable 4 day retreat– all from the idea of “I can do that but I can do that BETTER”
  • Why community is so important and why you need to step away from your business
  • Imposter syndrome and how she moved through it– and how you can too
  • How to stop creative dreaming and start creative doing
  • The biggest mistake creatives make with their marketing and how to solve it
  • The 2 KPI’s you should be tracking in your business
  • Her core values and how they sit at the heart of her business– and why they’re important
  • What she would tell 20 something Amber about her first 2 businesses — and it’s a game changer
  • How her yearly vision board helps to manifest experiences and goals in her life
  • Advice on work-life balance for moms

I learned that you can't just do business, you have to do life at the same time, and it has to be joyful. -- Amber Housley on The Power in Purpose Podcast

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THIS memory will be etched in my head forever… My feet running down the wooden dock of a tiny lake in the middle of coastal New Hampshire… pushing off and launching myself into the twilight colored sky. My arms and fists naturally went straight and strong into the air with the realization that I was leaping toward a new feeling of freedom. Freedom to let my light shine. Permission to give, serve, and live life in a bigger way than ever before. And in that two-second leap from the dock, my 2017 vision board came to life. ✨Read more on the blog today (link in profile). ✨What are YOU ready to leap toward in your business? I’d love to hear. Leave a comment and let me know so I can encourage you! 💕 image of me captured by @amberlilyestrom 💕 #InspiredCreativeBiz #InspiredRetreat #InspiredRetreat2017 #InspiredRetreat2016 #CommunityOverCompetition #creativepreneur #dowhatyoulove #calledtobecreative #chasinglight #creativepreneur #creativityfound #designisinthedetails #dowhatyoulove #mompreneur #exploretocreate #entrepreneurlife #makersgonnamake #savvybusinessowner #makersmovement #etsy #blogger #pursuepretty

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Check out the instagram post above, mentioned in Amber's interview about manifesting destinies and experiences.

Thank you for listening to today’s episode! Be sure to continue the conversation in our Facebook Group— what was YOUR biggest takeaway?

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Her 4 Day Workshop: 

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Amber Housley Gives You Permission to Start Showing Up in Your Life & Business

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