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Podcast Show Notes

Eliana Baucicault: How and why she launched her nationwide magazine to help others celebrate diversity

October 29, 2018

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Eliana Baucicault is a celebrated wedding and event planner in Atlanta, Georgia with a career that has spanned over a decade. She built a 6-figure event planning company, EllyB Events, working with some of the top celebrities and influencers on celebrating moments that matter to them. She started out like most entrepreneurs– wanting to be the most sought after and best in her field.

With all her success, her purpose came to her in the many years after starting her business. After years of feeling disenfranchised in her industry, she decided that she need to make a change and that is what prompted her to lead the call for celebrating diversity, which began with her book and magazine. Celebrating diverse love stories, families, and business owners has become Eliana's mission.

Her purpose encouraged her to author her first book, B Inspired: The Book, an inspirational look book that was an instant success. The catalyst behind her book: so a woman of color could walk through a bookstore and see her face on the cover. She also want to inspire anyone, no matter of their race or background, through curated event design.

Pretty powerful stuff.

Eliana Baucicault discusses celebrating diversity and why she started her magazine, The B Collective, on The Power in Purpose podcast

With the success of her book came a new idea: a curated magazine, featuring a wide range of celebrations from weddings to baby showers, that prominently features persons of color and business owners of color.

In this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast, Eliana Baucicault candidly shares:

  • How she discovered her purpose at the height of her planning career
  • What it was like to dive into the publishing world without any experience in publishing
  • How her book led her to produce her magazine so persons of color could be celebrated
  • What it was like for her as a woman of color starting her business
  • How the industry has changed and the changes it needs to make
  • How you can use your influence to make a positive change in your industry
  • How you can make simple little changes in your business to promote diversity
  • How it makes a woman of color feel to see herself represented
  • How discovering her purpose has changed her life and her business
If I didn't do what I did at that point in my life, I wouldn't have the drive or purpose that I have today. -- Eliana Baucicault discusses celebrating diversity and why she started her magazine, The B Collective, on The Power in Purpose podcast

Interested in purchasing Eliana Baucicault's Magazine & Book?



Thank you for listening to today’s episode! Be sure to continue the conversation in our Facebook Group– what was YOUR biggest takeaway?

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