Christine Blubaugh shares how to write sales copy that doesn't feel icky

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Christine Blubaugh shares how to write sales copy that doesn't feel "icky" on The Power in Purpose Podcast

Does the thought of writing sales copy make you feel… icky?

If so, you’re not alone. The truth is, we all feel a bit “icky” about writing sales copy!

Christine Blubaugh is a conversion copywriter and messaging strategist who helps online coaches & service providers sell out launches and sign more clients. Her Soulful Copy approach combines equal parts personality & persuasion to engage audiences, inspire sales, and turn readers into raving fans.

Christine writes copy for 6 & 7-figure program launches, and also teaches up-and-coming online service-providers how to write their own copy that wins hearts & opens wallets. When she’s not busy wrangling words, Christine can be found sipping green drinks, obsessing over Instagram feeds, and introverting like there’s no tomorrow.

Christine’s journey as a copywriter began after she decided to end a decade long career in the health and wellness industry. At the time, she was suffering from a variety of health issues that were not just affecting her business, but also her mental health. She shares her journey with candor and gives us all advice on how to break through if you’re trapped in a similar cycle.

Even if you’re not in the online coaching or marketing space, Christine offers tangible and actionable advice on writing copy that sells. Today’s episode is a favorite of mine and I know you’re going to walk away with a new perspective and a confidence boost.


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On Today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast:

  • Christine spent over a decade in the health and wellness industry, but decided to make a shift after struggling with her own health issues
  • What was the “tipping point” that led Christine to make a shift in her career? She explains and gives you advice if you’re in a similar situation
  • She offers advice on how to make a transition in your career if you’re feeling called away from what you’re doing today
  • If you’re suffering from depression or anxiety, Christine offers some advice on how to move out of where you’re struggling
  • How do you prepare a powerful purpose statement? Christine offers her expert advice on getting clear with your message so it impacts your audience
  • Christine helps you create genuine connects with your audience so you can sell without feeling icky. If sales copy makes your skin crawl, Christine offers tangible advice on how to develop a strategy to be authentic and how to write sales copy that feels good for everyone
  • Learn more about the ‘one reader’ and how to craft copy that appeals to them
  • Do you tell stories? Christine wants you to work them into your copy and your marketing and gives you actionable ways to include stories in your marketing
  • Christine explains why we need to ditch the “last chance” messaging and instead, start offering your potential customers and audience invitations
  • Are you afraid to write? Christine shares some simple writing tips that will help you gain confidence in your writing
  • Advice on what to look for in a copywriter, and that not all copywriters are right for your individual project
  • The real value a copywriter provides goes beyond just the words and Christine explains why
  • She shares the NUMBER ONE PROBLEM she sees in all of our sales copy — something I found myself guilty of!
On making a shift in your career... "It's a relief when you give yourself permission to follow the nudges." -- Christine Blubaugh on The Power in Purpose Podcast


Listen to this episode right here on our blog or subscribe below on your favorite platform
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Building Profitable Businesses with Purpose

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know — what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram and our Facebook Group to join the conversation!

Christine Blubaugh: Helping Online Business Owners Build Genuine Connections With Their Audiences | How to write copy that doesn’t feel icky

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