Hayley Paige: Designer, Creator & Emoji Maker on her Incredible Journey

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Designer, creator and emoji maker Hayley Page shares the story behind her mega brand, the journey in becoming a fashion designer and all the lessons she learned along the way.

Have you ever wondered what the entrepreneurial journey looked like for one of your favorite designers? Today, I have the special privilege to chat with Hayley Paige: designer, creator, and emoji maker!

Hayley is the creative powerhouse behind the Hayley Paige brand, having dressed thousands of brides across the world — and some of our favorite celebrities. Her brand is synonymous with craftsmanship, MAGIC, beauty, rock n’ roll, FUN, and creativity.


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As the head designer for Hayley Paige, Blush by Hayley Paige, Hayley Paige Occasions, Hayley Paige Red Carpet and La Petite Hayley Paige at JLM Couture, she has received global recognition for her collections. Her red carpet pieces have been worn by musicians, influencers and trend-setters such as Carrie Underwood, Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Wilde, just to name a few.

In February of 2017, she launched her first app, Holy Matrimoji, and followed that with a 6-part TLC Series Hayley Ever After.

It is a privilege and an honor to interview Hayley and share with you her interesting story: how she got started in fashion, the steps that she took and the opportunities she created, and alllllllll the things she learned along the way. To put it simply, Hayley is impressive: she's brilliant in business and design, exceptionally talented, down to earth, kind, generous and is constantly finding ways to “paige” it forward. When her brand came on to the bridal scene, she changed the face of bridal — and one way was her ability to connect with her audience and her customers.

Hayley Paige on embracing your own journey, "You are on your own special page."

In today’s episode of The Power in Purpose podcast, Hayley Paige shares:

  • The gift of being able to make women feel beautiful on one of the most important days of their lives
  • How YOU are on your own special page and her advice on embracing YOUR journey
  • The story of how she became a designer, after falling in love with romance and weddings at an early age
  • How her pursuit in medicine led her to a mentor, who helped to push her in the direction of fashion, and changed the trajectory of her career
  • Her philosophy that you can learn creativity at any stage or age in your life
  • How to silence your inner self-doubt that is getting in the way of your beautiful ability to execute
  • How to get through “designers bedrock” or creative roadblocks
  • In her pursuit to be a designer, Hayley talks about her well-rounded education at Cornell, which set her up to launch her mega brand
  • The story of the many opportunities she immersed herself in before she launched her brand, and when you should say yes to opportunities that might come your way
  • How music has shaped her creative process and the special role it plays in her life
  • We walk through the many “hats” Hayley wears on a daily basis, and how she manages her myriad of endeavors with a simple philosophy
  • Why a connection with your customer and a “manifesto” for your brand is so important
  • What it was like to create her app, Holy Matrimoji
  • Why she continues to manage her own social media (yes, that heart is from Hayley!) and how it has made genuine connections with her audience
  • Hayley's advice on how to pursue your passion when you’re not sure where to get started
  • Advice on collaborating with a big brand + licensing deals
  • If you’re an influencer, Hayley shares advice on why you should be careful with your endorsements
  • What the Hayley Paige brand stands for
  • Learn who inspires Hayley and how purpose has changed her life and her business


Listen to this episode right here on our blog or subscribe below on your favorite platform
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Instagram: @MissHayleyPaige
Facebook: Hayley Paige Bridal
YouTube Channel: Hayley Paige YouTube
Visit Website & Store: HayleyPaige.com
Hayley's Merch & Swag Shop: PopUpHayleyPaige.com
HOLY MATRIMOJI: Download the App
Watch Hayley Ever After on TLC


Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


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Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know — what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation!

Hayley Paige: Designer, Creator & Emoji Maker | On her incredible journey, being creative, and creating genuine connections with your customers

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