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I believe that entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

I help women like you build a profitable business with purpose.

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Honest Circle.Co Review: Why I Chose vs. Facebook Groups for My Community

When the idea for The Planner’s Playbook – an educational community for wedding planners – came to mind, I faced a crucial decision. Where should I host this online community? For many, Facebook Groups are a default choice; it’s familiar, almost everyone has an account, and it has a range of useful features. But a […]

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Wedding planning is often a dream job for those who love all things romance and fairytales. However, what many don’t realize is that it’s also one of the most stressful jobs in the world, particularly during peak season. And with tight deadlines and endless tasks on your to-do lists, wedding planners often find themselves feeling […]

How To Avoid Wedding Season Burnout

Growing a Business

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Feeling overwhelmed by the endless competition of wedding planners? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll guide you step-by-step on how to create a website for wedding planners that not only look impressive but also consistently generates leads for your business. We’ll delve into what we consider to be absolutely essential (after […]

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market: Creating a Website for Wedding Planners That Get Results

Building Your Branding

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Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to start fresh and let go of the clutter weighing you down – both in your personal life and your wedding planning business. With wedding season just around the corner, your business needs to be in the best possible shape to get you through what I […]

8 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Wedding Business

Growing a Business

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I’ve said it before and I will say it again – one of the biggest pieces to my success early on as a wedding planner was the fact that I made networking a priority. With 2023 in full swing already (how did that happen?!), I thought I should share a few networking tips for wedding […]

Top Networking Tips for Wedding Planners in 2023

Growing a Business

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Do you dread the idea of being photographed? Do you avoid it whenever possible? In this episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast, I share my journey of how I overcame my fear of the camera. I talk about what held me back, what changed for me, and what I learned from a recent brand […]

Are You Hiding From The Camera? How I Overcame My Fear Of Being Photographed

Podcast Show Notes

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Mae Mallon is the owner of Beyond Smitten Events, a wedding planning company based in Northern California. Mae and her team bask in the opportunity to walk alongside their couples as they journey to the altar–bringing ease and joy to each stage.  After all, there’s just as much fun in the planning process as the actual wedding day. Mae definitely agrees.

Planner’s Playbook Member Spotlight: Mae Mallon of Beyond Smitten Events

Planner's Playbook Member Spotlights

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No matter where you look, from Instagram to TikTok, the New York Times to the nightly news, all everyone is talking about is ChatGPT and AI. In fact, AI technology is growing so rapidly that it’s changing and evolving on a daily basis. It’s no surprise that it’s also become the topic of conversation within […]

How ChatGPT & AI Are Revolutionizing The Wedding Industry with Dawn Richardson

Podcast Show Notes

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Let's get real, friend. You might be losing some of your leads during the sales process and sending them straight into the arms of your competition. Not cool! In this episode of The Power and Purpose Podcast, we're spicing things up and approaching this marketing and sales topic from a different angle. I’m sharing about two areas where you might be confusing your prospects and losing sales.

Marketing and sales? That’s one place wedding pros are ALWAYS looking for more information. Lucky for you, marketing and sales are always hot topics here on The Power in Purpose Podcast. I’m here to give you all the tools, tricks, and tips you need to land those sales and book your dreamy clients. With that […]

Top 2 Mistakes Wedding Pros Make That Sabotage The Sale

Podcast Show Notes

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Are you a wedding pro who keeps getting ghosted during the sales process? Are you wondering why your leads are not responding to your sales emails? Well, hold up! This is a problem that ALL wedding pros face every single year, right around this time as engagement season begins to wind down. As a wedding planner myself, I totally feel you. I was ghosted ALL the time by potential leads. But why? Why do potential customers that seemed so eager to work with us go radio silent?

Are you a wedding pro who keeps getting ghosted during the sales process? Are you wondering why your leads are not responding to your sales emails? Well, hold up! This is a problem that ALL wedding pros face every single year, right around this time as engagement season begins to wind down. As a wedding […]

Getting Ghosted? Here’s Why Leads Might Be Ghosting You In Your Wedding Business

Podcast Show Notes

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a wedding planner places a place card down at the table

You can already tell I’m about to get into it, right? While I don’t want you to go into your scheduling app and delete all of the incredible content you’ve been creating, I do feel like I need to be honest with you. In the first few years of business, there is an INCREDIBLE pressure […]

Want to Book Better Clients? Stop Marketing and Improve Your Client Experience Instead

Building Your Branding

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If you’ve recently taken the leap and decided to become a wedding planner, can I just start by giving you a huge congratulations?! The truth is, although business can be hard sometimes, I still remember the excitement I had when I discovered this career path many moons ago. And I am SO grateful that I […]

How to Book your FIRST Client as a Wedding Planner

Starting a Business

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In 2019, I sold my 6-figure business so I could help you build the kind of business that you want.

Purpose changed my life—I know first hand how powerful it is. I'm on a mission to help women discover their gifts, build businesses around their talents, and live each day on purpose.

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