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Featured on She Creates Business Podcast: Mentorships in the Wedding Industry

Good morning, friends!

I’m excited to share with you that I am participating in a series of 3 podcasts with She Creates Business — a podcast for wedding professionals! I was so honored to be interviewed by Kinsey Roberts who is dedicated to sharing the voices of women in business with other women. Her podcast is a must subscribe— it’s filled with delightful, heartfelt and informative information from business owners from all professions. My first podcast is about Mentoring in the Wedding Industry and I would love for you to listen! I share information on action steps to create a sound business, why you should hire a business mentor, pricing, sales and more. Stay tuned for my next podcast, coming up soon.


Business Musings

WEDDING INDUSTRY: Stop asking for free advice

To my lovely entrepreneurs in the wedding industry– I want you to know that I admire your determination to learn and develop your skills. Whether you’re a photographer looking for ways to increase your talents or a wedding stationer who wants to find the best printery for your paper– your desire to learn is awesome and inspiring.

But… (and ya’ll knew there was a “but” from the title of this post)

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The Green-Eyed Monster: Why Your Jealousy of Others is Ruining Your Business

I started off 2010 like most people– thinking about what my New Year’s resolution would be. Looking back, there were a number of things I could have resolved to do better—perfect time management, work smarter, spend more time with the family, walk the dog, clean out the fridge once a week, put the laundry away, drink less coffee, buy less shoes…. But I decided that in 2010 I was going to stop being jealous. I was going to break up with my companion, jealousy.

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