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WEDDING INDUSTRY: It’s Time for a Change in Your Strategy

In business, we must always be open to change. Sometimes change is small– a tweak to the way you do things. Other times change is gradual– an enhanced role for a performing employee. And then, change can be drastic– like completely revamping your business.

It’s no secret that the wedding industry is growing. It’s also no secret that many creative businesses in the industry are suffering.

In my research, I’ve found the hardest hit businesses to be those who’ve been on the scene for 5 or more years. I wondered why these business owners were openly (or secretly) hurting for business. After speaking with many (from several different markets around the country), I found that many business owners were continuing to pursue old approaches that had worked for them in the past– even in times where they experienced dips in the market.

Unfortunately, their strategies are now outdated– but they haven’t realized that yet. They just continue to push forward with the same way of doing business, unaware of how their clientele has really changed.

If you’re reading this and you’ve been in a wedding industry related business for a while, you need to start listening to the new generation that is getting married. You need to do the research and relearn how to communicate with your potential (and current) clients, market to them, and develop an experience in working with you that this generation of Millennials requires.

While the systems and processes you developed in your business previously worked for a period of time, they may no longer work now.

In short, you need to change. You need to stop being married (sorry for the pun) to the way things use to work and understand how they work now. What happens if you don’t want to change?  I can’t say, but in previous generations, those who didn’t adapt were eventually obsolete.


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