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Your Employees and Facebook

Many years ago we added a notation to our employee handbook regarding facebook. For those of you with interns and staff out of college— I’m 99% certain they have a facebook page.

Have you ever considered how their facebook page will represent your business?

I know it seems like an innocent concept, but if you haven’t, you are making a big mistake.

So much of our interaction with people is digital now— from email, to twitter and facebook. Our first impressions are formed on a screen. Have you thought about the impression clients and vendors might get from your employees facebook? I have.

In our company, as soon as you begin using facebook as a networking tool by “friending” vendors, colleagues and clients, your facebook page is no longer private. It’s public. A public representation of our company. Every status update, wall post, comment exchange, like, and picture is a direct reflection on our brand. Therefore, our employees’ facebook pages are no longer their own and they need to be mindful of every piece of information published.

My policy is pretty strict: publish something that reflects poorly on our company and you’ll be asked to remove it. Consistent disregard for our brand = termination.

What is your company’s policy on facebook and social media— and have you had a situation with an employee that was negative with regards to facebook? I’m curious to hear.


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