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Featured on The Wedding Safari Podcast

Hi friends!

I was honored to be invited to be the first guest on Milton Lawrence Jr’s new endeavor to help educate and connect the wedding industry: The Wedding Safari Podcast. Milton and I caught up on the current state of the industry and discussed my recent blog post, It’s Time for a Change in Your Strategy.

You can visit to listen to our conversation and both of our insights on the current state of the wedding industry. I hope you enjoy– and be sure to subscribe to the podcast feed on your Mac device to get the newest episodes as they’re released.




{ image courtesy of instagram: @hawaldo }

I’m going to talk to you today about the time where I almost lost everything.

My friends. My clients. My amazing team. My business. My mind.

This post is extremely personal and a hard one for me to write but I’ve finally put enough years in-between me and this moment in my life to where I feel like I can talk about it. I can talk about it now without being embarrassed, without anymore guilt, and with the intention of helping anyone reading this who is going through a hard time.

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Client Musings Featured

WEDDING INDUSTRY: Are you targeting the right clients? 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

One of the most crucial elements of marketing is ensuring you are targeting the right clients. Have you been having difficulty booking the right clients? Have you found yourself sifting through dozens of leads that never respond or seem to have no idea about the services you offer? If so, you’re doing it wrong but you are not alone.

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