Featured On: Her Fearless Hustle Podcast | Fear Is The Thief of Action

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I'm Candice

I believe that entrepreneurs who lead with their purpose are more successful, less likely to burn out, and deeply connected to why they do what they do. 

I help women like you build a profitable business with purpose.

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Featured On: Her Fearless Hustle Podcast | Fear Is The Thief of Action

July 29, 2019

Fear is the Thief of Action -- Candice Coppola on the Her Fearless Hustle Podcast
Featured on the Her Fearless Hustle podcast

You know the saying that comparison is the thief of joy?

Well, I believe that fear is the thief of action.

We allow doubt to creep into our lives and hold us back from the dreams, goals, and aspirations we have. It's kept me back, how about you?

I recently sat down with Crystal Layland of the podcast, Her Fearless Hustle, to talk all about fear and how it has held me back. If you've let fear take hold of you when it comes to your career or life, I'd love for you to listen to our candid conversation. I also talk about how I'm looking doubt in the face and moving forward, despite how hard it can feel.

Fear is the Thief of Action -- Candice Coppola on the Her Fearless Hustle Podcast

You can head over to Apple Podcasts to listen to the episode, or play it right here on my blog below!

I want you to move past the fears that are holding you back, because on the other side of those fears, is the gift of having the life and biz you want. You'll also quickly see that what you're afraid of isn't real. And that you are capable of doing hard things.

A special thank you to Crystal for having me on as a guest of the Her Fearless Hustle podcast, and for creating a podcast that allows its guest to be open.

Discussing fear so openly and honestly is important. When we can vocalize what scares us, give it a name and a face, it gives us the opportunity to conquer it.

Thank you for listening to the Her Fearless Hustle podcast! Check out some more resources below:


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hey there! i'm candice


I help business owners like you build profitable businesses with purpose. I'm a skincare junkie & bravo-holic living my best life on an island in the Caribbean.

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I'm Candice

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