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Podcast Show Notes

How Do You Know If You’re Ready For A Wedding Industry Business Coach & What Should You Look For?

September 5, 2023

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Building a successful wedding business requires more than just hard work and dedication. You need guidance, support, and a fresh perspective. This is where a business coach comes in! But how do you know if you're ready to hire one? What should you know before you hire a wedding industry business coach for your business?

It's a good question, and one I am answering for you in this detailed podcast episode.

In this episode, I break down for you what to look for when hiring a wedding industry business coach and all the signs that YOU are ready to invest in a coach.

As a business coach for wedding pros, I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their businesses. There are five signs I look for in a business owner that tell me they're ready to hire a business coach. Since I've been doing this for over ten years, I can also confidently recommend what traits to look for in a business coach.

Because not all wedding industry business coaches are created equal!

How to know if you're ready to hire a wedding industry business coach and what to look for.

In this episode about how to know if you're ready to hire a wedding industry business coach:

  • [00:01:42]: Signs You're Ready to Hire a Wedding Industry Business Coach
  • [00:16:10]: Benefits of One-on-One Business Coaching in a Group Setting
  • [00:18:33]: Features and Benefits of WeddingPro Insiders
  • [00:23:41]: Traits to Look For in a Wedding Industry Business Coach
  • [00:24:48]: The importance of putting effort into coaching

If you feel like it's time for you to get the support of a business coach for your wedding business, I want to invite you to check out my mastermind for women. WeddingPro Insiders combines one-on-one coaching with group masterminding to help you build a well-rounded wedding business.

[00:00:00.000] - Candice Coppola (Host)

How do you know if you're ready to hire a business coach? And what should you be looking for in the coach that you hire? I'm answering all these questions on today's episode. You're here to grow a business, but not just any business. You want to grow a profitable business with purpose, a business where you wake up every single day driven to serve your customers and make a difference in your own life. I'm Candace Coppola, published author, business coach, and your guide to building a profitable business with purpose. Join me here every single week as we explore how to build and grow your business with purpose. Get ready to dig in and have meaningful conversations about the strategies and techniques that will help you build your dream business. This is The Power in purpose. Hey, friend, welcome back to The Power in Purpose Podcast. It's me, your host, Candace. And I've been wanting to do an episode like this for some time, and I thought this is a good opportunity for us to sit down and have a little talk about if you're ready to hire a business coach, what to look for in a business coach, and just have a heart-to-heart conversation about business coaching in general, the benefits you can see from it, also maybe some things that you don't expect in coaching just so that you can get the maximum benefit out of anybody that you decide to hire and you know how to prepare yourself to receive coaching from a business coach.

[00:01:42.570] - Candice Coppola (Host)

Now, I've been your business coach since the day you started listening to this podcast. And to be honest, I'm so grateful that you've invited me into your business in your world. You have a business coach in me, but there may come a time, and really, there should come a time. I think everybody deserves to have a business coach with a one-on-one relationship with that person. But there may come a time where you desire to hire somebody to help you get to the next phase of your business, the next level of your business. A lot goes into making that decision, and it's definitely a financial commitment. Coaching can cost thousands of dollars, and the relationship that you build and have with your coach is very important. You want to make sure that you look for someone who your values align with and who you just genuinely trust. There are a variety of ways you can even be coached by a business coach that I want to talk to you about today. I truly do believe, though, that every entrepreneur needs to have a mentor. Every business owner needs a place where they can go to ask questions, to get feedback, to have access to shortcuts and someone else's past mistakes so they don't repeat them.

[00:02:59.240] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I also think you just deserve to have a safe place to truly be yourself and to share all the good things that happen in business, but also a place to commiserate and to reflect and to get support on the hard things that happen in business. And boy, there's a lot of hard, where there's a lot of good, you'll often find a lot of hard. And a business coach is someone who you should be able to go to with the good and the bad and everything in between. Let's start off this episode, beginning with how to know if you're ready to hire a business coach. I have some criteria that I look for in women that I invite to join my coaching program. I also have mentored hundreds of wedding pros, and I can tell when someone is truly ready to hire a business coach and to dig into their business. There are these characteristics or just these personality traits or situations going on in their business where I can see like they are absolutely ready to hire a coach to help them get to the next level. And the first trait I see in an entrepreneur that shows me they're ready to hire a business coach is they're ready to stop playing small.

[00:04:20.240] - Candice Coppola (Host)

They know what it's like to play small, and they know no one has done anything of great significance staying in that comfort zone. And so they are ready to really step into their role as a business owner and in whatever it is they do inside their wedding industry business. And they're also ready to make some noise. They're ready to stop hiding. Maybe they're ready to shake off imposter syndrome or areas where they lack confidence. And they really want that push to stop playing small and to start playing big. The women I've coached in the past, they know that it's time for them to truly step into the light and to start taking their business seriously because there's so much opportunity that they might be missing. And they see it. They see the opportunities missed. They feel it. They feel it in their wallet. They might feel it in their process. They might feel it in things that make them scared. They're fearful of taking that next step. But what they do know is they don't want to play small anymore. So if you found yourself recently in this similar situation where you're like, You know what?

[00:05:31.900] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I don't want to play small anymore. I'm tired of staying comfortable. I'm tired of saying, I'll do that soon. I'm not ready yet. I need to learn how to do it. I need to insert the blank before I do it. If you're tired of saying that and you truly want to build a recognized brand and you want to grow a business that feels good to you, that's a huge indication that you're likely ready to hire someone who's a few steps ahead of you that can help you and pull you forward to that next level. The next trait that I see in wedding pros who are ready to hire a business coach is they know that they're growing a business, not running one. And there's a difference between growing a business and running a business. Somebody who's running a business is just trying to keep things moving. They're trying to keep things afloat. We're trying to keep the machine, the engine on. The gas tank is half empty, half full, depending on how you look at it. We're just trying to keep things moving in a direction of forwardness. A person who is trying to grow a business is doing more than just maintenance on their business.

[00:06:43.900] - Candice Coppola (Host)

They want to take risks, they want to try new things, they want to push themselves past their comfort zone, and they recognize that in order to do that, they need to grow their business to very different stages. Listen, we go through these stages. There are stages where we are just trying to maintain. We've up-leveled so much, now we're just trying to keep things consistent, and then you will find you enter into a new growth phase. It's okay to be in maintenance mode, honestly, but when you're ready to grow your business beyond where you're maintaining it, that's a good indication that it's time for you to hire a business coach. And what it tells me is that you want to get out of this cycle of staying in the same place. You want to get out of this cycle of same. You want that inspiration, that dose, that hit of pushing yourself and doing something new and fresh to grow your business once again. So if you know that you are in the growth mode of your business and not in a maintenance mode, you are definitely ready and should be looking for somebody to help you grow.

[00:07:53.110] - Candice Coppola (Host)

The next trait that tells me you're ready for a business coach is you're feeling lonely. Entrepreneurship is hard. And while we have business besties and friends in the wedding industry, that definitely helps take the edge off. Some people don't even have that. Some people are really alone. But I think many of us have friends in the industry that we talk to and maybe commiserate with. But we're mostly doing this on our own. Not only that, but all these decisions are ones that we have to make on our own. The average person makes something like 35,000 decisions a day, and entrepreneur likely makes double that. And it can feel almost paralyzing to be in charge of all these things in your business and to be doing it by yourself. To have nobody to really turn to to ask questions of, to share stories about what's going on, even just to complain. As a business coach, I can tell you that the women in my Mastermind, Wedding Pro Insiders, they come to me all the time with questions and we're at next level Iidea-ing. Is that a word? Idea-ing? We're thinking of next-level ideas. But sometimes we're just commiserating, and they're just coming to me to unload, to just share, to complain, to dump.

[00:09:14.130] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I don't mind being that dumping ground. So long as we don't stay there for too long, I don't mind being that dumping ground because we just need to release stress and our anxieties and talking it out with someone who you trust, who is not your partner, whether that's business partner or life partner. It's so invaluable to have a person to talk to who has an unbiased opinion, has your best interest at heart, and is just there to listen and offer support in however you desire to be supported. So if you're feeling really lonely in your business right now and you wish that you had somebody to turn to, that wasn't a business bestie. Because even though our business besties, we love them, we may not be able to tell them everything. We're still putting on that brave face, that made-up face. We may not be able to show up with no makeup on in front of our business bestie. We still want to keep appearances. So there may be things going on in your business that you wish you could talk about that you just don't feel like you have anybody that you can confide in and turn to.

[00:10:15.750] - Candice Coppola (Host)

But that loneliness, that's an indication that you should really be seeking out a community or a business coach to help bridge that gap for you and help you feel less alone. Also help you in that decision-making process. This leads me to the next sign that tells me you're ready to hire a business coach, which is you need accountability and support. Accountability? I sigh because I just know what accountability means for people. And I know how hard it is to hold yourself accountable every day to do your very best or to do the things that you don't want to do. You need a business coach when you need someone to hold you accountable. The thing is, is you're not a tire kicker. You know you're an action taker. Taking action is what's gotten you this far. But what's it going to take to get you to the next level? Likely accountability, somebody checking in with you, somebody pushing you, somebody saying, Hey, girl, where is this? Why isn't it done? Why are you not prioritizing this? And that support system that I was just talking about, that support system of somebody being there to give you that extra push to tell you like it is to push you to get outside of that comfort zone and to hold you accountable so that you can get there.

[00:11:32.500] - Candice Coppola (Host)

Doing business alone is no fun, first of all, but you shouldn't have to do it alone. You shouldn't have to be holding yourself accountable and responsible for all these decisions and all this stuff on your own. You should have a community to support you, and that community should have a business coach baked into it. So if you feel like, Hey, I need accountability, I wish somebody could just check in with me and be like, How's this going? Or you said this was important to you, How are you doing on it? Have you made any progress? Do you need any help? That's what a business coach is supposed to do, is they're supposed to check in and see how things are going and sometimes hold your feet to the fire and tell you like, Hey, if you actually want to achieve this, then you need to do this. There are no shortcuts. As much as I'm going to provide you with some, you can't shortcut everything. Some things you have to follow the long path. The next trait and the final trait, I would say, that tells me you're ready to hire a business coach is you want to learn a new way of doing things.

[00:12:36.260] - Candice Coppola (Host)

You recognize you don't know everything. You're like, Listen, I have gotten myself to this point through my own experiences, through listening to podcast, to buying books and reading books and going to conferences and learning everywhere. But I recognize that I want to be open to new ways of doing things and I want to be coached. I want somebody to come in and to coach me. I am embracing that I don't have all the answers. I don't know everything about business, and I want somebody to teach me a new way of doing things. Maybe that new way of doing things is teaching you how to market your business better or how to prioritize your marketing or to even just create a marketing plan. Maybe that new way of doing things is helping you with your time and how you spend it, how you prioritize tasks, or how you map out your work week. Maybe it is helping you to financially understand your numbers and do sales forecasting and all those things that sound really hard and scary. What I do know is that somebody who's ready for coaching gets really fired up learning from others and learning from other people's life experiences.

[00:13:45.050] - Candice Coppola (Host)

And they desire to harness the knowledge of others to help build up their own business and their own self. So if you want to learn a new way of doing things and you want to get out of this cycle of same, of how you've been doing things and and you want access to a person who's been able to grow a business and to be successful, that's a very good indication that you are ready to hire a business coach. Now, next, I want to talk about what to look for in a business coach, but let me just recap so that you can write these down or imprint them in your mind as you explore hiring a business coach either right now or at some point in the future. The first, you're ready to stop playing small. Next, you're growing a business, not running it. You're feeling lonely and you want connection with other entrepreneurs and a coach who's come before you. You need accountability and support. You need somebody to poke you and say, Listen up, sister. You need to get your shit together. And finally, you want to learn a new way of doing business.

[00:14:54.500] - Candice Coppola (Host)

If all those things resonate with you, you will likely find those things in a business coach. So before I share with you what to look for in a business coach, I want to take a second and share with you how I coach and my philosophy on coaching and how I offer one-on-one coaching services to women in the wedding industry. This is something I've never fully talked about here on the podcast. And I think this is a perfect opportunity to tell you about my Mastermind Wedding Pro Insiders and just my philosophy as a coach. And then I'm going to share with you what to look for in a business coach. Now, I have an amazing mastermind of high-achieving, high-performing, high-thinking, high-vibing women in the wedding industry who are growing remarkable businesses. They're based all over the world, and they're in all different corners of the industry, from photographers to Florists to planners. It's not just planners. It's all different types of wedding pros. I've helped everybody from videographers to photo booth companies to caterers to cake designers. And it's an intimate group of women. It's 40 or less. And inside this group, you get one-on-one business coaching with me.

[00:16:10.360] - Candice Coppola (Host)

And what a one-on-one business coaching relationship looks like is you and I have an established relationship. I understand your business. I get into the nooks and crannies of your business, and I support you in the things that you desire to achieve. And those things might be growing your team, raising your price, making more money, having more financial stability and accountability, growing your brand, speaking, growing an education portion of your business, launching new products, launching new services, rebranding, all things that I've helped women in the Mastermind do. Launch a podcast, market your business with intention and authenticity strategically. Other strategic business goodness, business strategy is my specialty. I absolutely love business strategy, and I can talk about it all the time, which is why I have a podcast. But I help you do all of those things plus so much more in a one-on-one setting, which gives you privacy, it gives you personalization. But we also have this group community where you're able to come together as a group inside Weddingpro Insiders and work on your business together. Now, most Wedding pros and most small businesses are looking for a one-on-one coach. And I can understand.

[00:17:33.680] - Candice Coppola (Host)

You want that focus on your business. You also want to maintain some privacy because you want to talk about things and keep it real. And maybe you're not ready to share with a group of women the real tea behind how much money is in your bank account or this big problem client or this bad review, you're just not there yet, and I get it. But I don't want you to discount how group coaching and group mastermining can take your business a lot farther, a lot quicker than working with just a coach who offers one-on-one, which is why I have this group coaching program. It's been around for about four years. I launched it in October of 2019, literally weeks after I sold my business. And some women have been inside of our Mastermind since the very beginning. They have not left. And I love that. I love the fact that I've been able to serve women for almost four years in their business and watch them grow and watch them do incredible things. Hey there, friend. Real quick. I want to share with you how you can sign up for a free trial with Honeybook.

[00:18:33.240] - Candice Coppola (Host)

Honeybook is everything you need to get business done. And it's trusted by over 100,000 independent businesses just like yours to manage projects, book clients, send invoices, and most importantly, get paid. If you've been looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your customers, I want to invite you to sign up for a free trial with Honeybook. Go to Candacecoppola. Com/honeybook to learn more. And when you sign up for a free trial using the code purpose, you'll save 50 % off of your first year's subscription. Honeybook is what I used in my business as a wedding planner, and it helped me land every single sale. It's what helped me build a six-figure wedding planning business. It's also what helps me today in my business. Go to Candacecoppola. Com/honeybook to learn more. And with the code purpose, save 50 % on your first year's subscription. So let's talk about the community aspect of WeddingPro Insiders and my coaching program. With the community, you're able to jump on group coaching calls and hear what other women are working on in their business. And that is so inspiring. It also gives you a sense of peace that you're not the only person maybe dealing with this difficult situation, or you're not the only person struggling in one aspect of your business.

[00:20:06.370] - Candice Coppola (Host)

In fact, a lot of people struggle to find the answers or find the right strategy to grow. So that group coaching really helps you connect and feel connected in a place that is totally safe to talk and where there's no judgment. If anything, everybody wants to rally around you, put their hands on your back and push you forward when you feel like you can't push yourself. But what else is great about community is that we do things as a group. And so in Wedding Pro Insiders, we focus not just on the individual, but the greater good of your business. And we do things like workshops where we have financial planning workshops, we have marketing workshops, we have goal setting workshops, client communication workshops. There's so many things we do inside of our group. What's nice about workshopping and coming together, having your business coach think through an experience where you are going to sit down for one hour and problem-solve, troubleshoot, idea-generate as a group, you make so much progress. It's insane, actually, how the women leave our workshops feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and with a plan on how to tackle whatever it is we were discussing.

[00:21:18.160] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I find this especially exciting and wonderful for women at the end of a year recapping your wedding season, setting goals, evaluating what needs to change, vision casting, coming up with a financial plan, all those things we do in community. And through that, you learn how to be a better business owner. And you are forced and held accountable to do the things that are really hard to do if you just had to sit down at your computer and do them. Wedding Pro Insiders also has other amazing features like a business library with lots of trainings that you can go and watch anytime, go back and watch previous coaching calls, workshops, and special trainings that I've recorded just for the women inside of our Mastermind. We also have critiques where you can submit something every single month, and I will review it and send you back a video. There's voxer access, one-on-one coaching calls, group coaching calls, a Mastermind chat, and so much more. If this is something that is exciting to you, I'm going to tell you to go do something that might feel scary, and that is to go to weddingproinsiders. Com and sign up to learn more about the Mastermind, to learn more about how much it costs, how it can benefit your business.

[00:22:31.710] - Candice Coppola (Host)

And we can even set up a call to talk one-on-one about what your goals are, what your dreams are, what your big vision is, and how our community can help. I will say just to end cap this and put a period on it, I truly believe that our community is the best coaching experience for women in the wedding industry. I know that because I built what I wanted for myself. I built a program that I want for me in my own business. Right now, I wish I could find something that was as good as WPI, that was as high-touch, personalized, caring, supportive, fun, hard, that challenged me, that made me think differently. I built what I wanted, and I know it's good. So if you are curious, you can go to weddingproinsiders. Com, learn more and do something scary. Put your name and email in that box and sign up to learn more. You never know, I might just email you and we may just start talking and connecting outside of the podcast. Moving on, let's talk about what to look for in a business coach because listen, sister, not all coaches are created equal.

[00:23:41.830] - Candice Coppola (Host)

That's not to say that there are good and bad. Of course, there are good and bad, but not all coaches are created equal. I want to make sure that when you hire somebody, whether you're hiring them for one hour of their time or a year's worth of their time, which WPI is a 12-month commitment, when you hire somebody that you are getting the right person for you. And I'm going to share these traits I think you should look for based on my own coaching experience. My business coach is Amber Housley. I love Amber, and she's been such a tremendous coach to me. I have also had other coaches or I've been part of other programs and I've seen other great qualities, but I've also seen some things that I'm like, Not so great. And of course, then I've also heard from my own students situations that they've been in where they didn't have the greatest experience with the coach. Now, with that said, you get what you put into coaching. And while these traits I'm going to tell you about you should look for, I want you to recognize that you have to take 100 % ownership of your own experience because what you put into it is what you get back.

[00:24:48.620] - Candice Coppola (Host)

And a lot of times I think people might be like, Oh, that coach wasn't great, but they never showed up to the coach. They showed up unprepared. They had no sense of direction, and they didn't put any effort into what the coach was having them do. So keep that in mind. It's something we don't talk about, but something I've seen firsthand, and it's important. You will get out of it what you put in. If you put in nothing, you will get nothing. If you put in 100 %, you will get 100 % back where you should. Here's what to look for in a business coach, somebody who can back up their experience with credentials. This is the most important. Business coaching, life coaching, it's one of those hot online careers. I'm not sure everybody should be offering these services. You want to make sure that the person who is going to coach you can back up their shit with the credentials. And you can be determining what those credentials are. Do they have a successful business? Did that business make money? Did they build a brand like the one you want to build? Do they have good reviews?

[00:25:54.190] - Candice Coppola (Host)

Do they have people who like them? Do they have happy customers? Do they have customers who've gotten results? You need somebody who can back up their shit with credentials. And don't be afraid to ask for references. Don't be afraid to ask for past students that you can email and talk to. Don't be afraid to ask what their credentials are. Don't be afraid to say, What qualifies you to help me grow my business? That might be a hard question to ask somebody who you admire, you look up to, or you feel like is like a big deal. But watch how they answer it. Watch how they answer that question. The next is somebody who has been in business for at least 10 years. I know that's a big number, but listen. Somebody who's been in business for three years can give you some advice, but they have not been through the things. Ten years in business is somebody who is established, and if you've been able to make it for 10 years and not pull out all your hair or claim bankruptcy, you've got something going for yourself, in my opinion. A decade of experience matters, and I find that business owners who are more established and who have been in business for a longer period of time have weathered many more storms than the hot and upcoming, insert the blank, who is doing good, but they don't have the zoom-out capabilities that somebody who's been around a long time has.

[00:27:19.910] - Candice Coppola (Host)

This is inspired a bit by Dana Bartone. If you haven't listened to that episode, that my interview with Dana, it's episode 112. We're talking about aging in the wedding industry and growing your career in your 50s and 60s. And I asked Dana a very frank question, Do you age out? And for people who feel like those who are older in the industry maybe don't have a lot to offer, what would you say? And she's like, We have the most to offer. We have the ability to zoom out, and we've done that for a while. You want a coach who has been successful for a good period of time and has that ability to zoom out. And I think 10 years is a good benchmark, truly. You also want somebody who you vibe with and whose values align with yours. Values are exceptionally important. You want to do your research and make sure that this person's values align with yours on those values that you expect a coach to have. I'll leave that up to you to decide. I'm not here to tell you what you should value or not. You also just want to make sure personality-wise, you're going to get along.

[00:28:19.260] - Candice Coppola (Host)

There's not this friction. There's not this awkwardness between the two of you, and that you feel good. You want your coach to be your friend. You want somebody who you vibe with, who you'd like to go to drink with, have dinner with, who you can actually see yourself sitting down with and just talking about things outside of business. You also want someone who has the time to show up for you. This is a big one because there are a lot of great, talented coaches who also run full-time businesses. And you want to make sure that you're hiring somebody who has the time to show up for you. I've heard in the past from past students who hired a coach and the coach also had a business that it was difficult to have the focus on them because the coach was pulled in a bunch of directions naturally. And maybe they bid off more than they could chew. If you're going to invest in a coach, make sure that they have the time to dedicate to you and to show up for you. Now, of course, you need to have reasonable expectations. They're not going to be available 24-7.

[00:29:17.640] - Candice Coppola (Host)

But they should be able to respond to you in a timely fashion, and they should be able to give you that focus, be present with you. Remember who you are and what your business is all about. Very important. You want somebody who has the time to show up for you, because if you're going to make the time to show up for your business, you want your coach to be in lockstep with you. You also want somebody who's going to push you past your comfort zone. You heard me talk about this being a sign that you're ready, you're ready to move past. But just because you feel like you're ready doesn't mean you're really ready to do the work. A good coach is going to push you. They're going to push you. They're going to shake things up for you. They're going to challenge you. And you want somebody who you know is going to do that, who's not just going to yes, yes, yes you, or agree with you, or placate you, but somebody who's going to look at you and be real. And that goes to my next point. So you want somebody who's going to push you past your comfort zone and you want someone who's going to keep it real.

[00:30:18.690] - Candice Coppola (Host)

We don't have time for bullshit. It's why you're hiring someone, because you don't want to google to death all your problems and try to find solutions on the Internet. You want to go straight to the source, right? But you want somebody who's going to keep it real. There's been many instances. Keeping it real is a jam, as you should know, because I try to keep it as real as possible on this show. But there's been many instances where I've had to share like, That's not going to work. And I've been wrong in the past, and I do admit that I'm not perfect and I'm not right about everything. Most things, but not everything. And I've had to look people in the eye and say, That ain't going to fly. That idea, not going to work. You need somebody who's going to do that for you. I remember having a consultation for a woman who wanted to join WeddingPro Insiders, and I knew her business model was not going to work, but I still entertained the conversation. I wanted to connect with her. And I told her on the call, I respect what you want to do, but it's not a viable product.

[00:31:13.430] - Candice Coppola (Host)

And here's why. She was beyond shocked that I said that. I think she really was very taken back. But you know what happened? About a week later, and I told her she couldn't join the Mastermind because I'm like, I can't help you with this. It's not going to work. And do not put any money into this, cut your losses and move on. She emailed me a week later, and she thanked me for being honest. And she told me the thing that nobody wanted to tell her. And she appreciated my honesty, and she could see what I was saying and she agreed. You need somebody who's going to be that real with you truthfully, who's not going to blow smoke up your ass, try to make you feel good, but who wants your best interest. And sometimes what's in your best interest isn't what you want. You know? Isn't it sad how it works out like that sometimes? But it's true. Sometimes what's in your best interest is not exactly what you want. You need somebody to call you out on it and to keep it real. The final trait I want you to be aware of, and this is going to need some explanation, and this is something really important to me, too.

[00:32:20.860] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I want you to make sure that you hire somebody who considers themselves a coach, a strategist, a mentor, not a therapist. A business coach is not a therapist. They cannot help you like a therapist can or like somebody in the medical profession can. And you should not expect them to and they should not build themselves as such. If they are and they don't have any experience or any credentials, please run very far. Very, very far. In coaching, there is this line that gets blurred sometimes because we can't silo our businesses and our lives. That's something my business coach tells me. They intermix, they co-mingle, they're connected. And when you're having a hard time personally, it's, of course, going to slip into your business and you want to be able to express what's going on in your life with your coach. It's not always just business strategy. But a good coach will tell you, Listen, I'm here for you. I'm going to listen. I'm going to give you advice as a friend. But that sounds like something that you should work out in therapy. That is what a responsible business coach will tell you. Anybody who is going to try to help you figure out life's problems or help you work through a diagnosis or a mental illness who is not a qualified professional, you should not hire.

[00:33:36.880] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I feel like that's a no-brainer, but I'm very passionate about this. I'm also passionate about staying away from people who use weird and tricky psychology like NLP, which is neurolinguistic programming, and any other weird, tricky, overly woo stuff. I'm just going to be honest. Nlp is something that cult leaders use to brainwash their people. And winning the right hands can help someone to overcome obstacles. And the right hands are in a medical professional's hand who has to hold a code of ethics, not a 28-year-old business coach on TikTok who signed up for an NLP course and is now using psychological techniques on you. Do you see how damaging that can be? Do you see how we don't want that to happen? Because people can really get inside your head. And this is the thing. A business coach is somebody who you are going to trust 100 % that you are going to be very closely connected to. You want to make sure the words they're speaking to you are words that are going to keep you healthy and they're not harming you even unintentionally, not even with a malicious intent, but harming you and getting you to think in ways that are harmful for you and that are not going to help you.

[00:35:02.730] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I don't know how else to describe it, but I've seen many, many coaches use NLP, and that's something I stay far away from and I tell people to stay far away from. And I would never, ever, ever recommend somebody hire somebody who uses NLP and they're not qualified to use those techniques in a medical and a professional setting. So just be aware of that. I love a little woo. I love a little manifestation. I love a little speaking it into existence. I got my big crystal behind me. I love my affirmation cards and I'll sage out a room. I'm down for all of that. But we cross over into a weird dark side where things get murky and weird and you need to protect your brain. You need to protect your peace. And I'm telling you, it's important. Maybe I should do a whole podcast episode on that. Spill on the tea. So that's what I want you to think about when you look for it in a business coach. Let's just recap. Someone who can back up their experience with credentials. A business coach who's been in business for at least 10 years, somebody who you vibe with and whose values align with yours, somebody who has the time to show up for you.

[00:36:10.130] - Candice Coppola (Host)

You don't have to be their only client, but they should make you feel like you are. Someone who's going to push you past your comfort zone, a person, a coach who's going to keep it real, and somebody who knows that they're a coach and not a therapist, and they're not out here trying to be your therapist or give you advice that they're not qualified to teach. I would love to hear your thoughts on today's episode, so please head over to my Instagram, DM me. Let me know what you think about hiring a business coach. Do you have a business coach? Who is your business coach? Do you love your business coach? Have you had good experiences, bad experiences? What do you look for in someone like a business coach? And if you would like to work with me on your business in a one-on-one capacity, but alongside a group of women who are fucking amazing, I want to encourage you to go to weddingproinsiders. Com and sign up to learn more about WPI and if there's a spot available for you inside our Mastermind. All right, friend, thanks so much for listening to today's episode of The Power and Purpose Podcast.

[00:37:11.410] - Candice Coppola (Host)

I'm here to remind you there's always so much power in your purpose. Until next time. Thanks so much for tuning in to this week's episode of The Power and Purpose Podcast. If you enjoyed the show, be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode and consider leaving a review to. Head over to powerinpurposepodcast. Com to access all of the resources and links mentioned in today's episode. That's powerinpurposepodcast. Com. I'll see you next time.

Thanks for tuning into today’s episode of The Power in Purpose Podcast. I want to know– what was your biggest takeaway? Head to my Instagram to join the conversation!

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