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Wedding Industry Marketing

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Pro Engagement Season

February 14, 2024

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Whether you are stepping into the wedding industry for the first time or you’re still wrapping your head around everything you need to know about wedding pro engagement season, this blog post is tailored for you. Engagement season, spanning from Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, represents a significant phase for both prospective couples and wedding professionals. In this article, we will dive into what you need to know (and prepare for) when it comes to engagement season as a wedding pro. Grab your favorite beverage and get cozy – we aren’t skimming the surface here!

Four diamond rings stacked on top of each other, perfect for the wedding season.

First, What IS Engagement Season?

If you're just starting in the wedding business, you might be wondering what all the hype is about. Well, let me fill you in! Engagement season is that magical time of the year when love is in the air, and couples all over the world are saying ‘yes' to spending the rest of their lives together. Typically, it kicks off right around Thanksgiving and continues through to Valentine's Day. 

Now, you might be wondering, ‘Why is knowing about engagement season important for my wedding business?' Great question! Understanding engagement season is like having a secret key to the wedding industry. During this time, many couples start actively planning their weddings. They're excited, filled with ideas, and looking for wedding professionals like YOU to help turn their dreams into reality.

As a wedding pro, it's a golden opportunity to connect with newly engaged couples, showcase your expertise, and offer them the guidance and services they need to create their perfect wedding day. Whether you're a wedding planner, photographer, florist, or any other wedding-related service provider, being aware of engagement season can help you tailor your marketing efforts, promotions, and services to capture the attention of these eager-to-wed lovebirds.

There really is no “slow” season in the wedding industry

In case you haven’t realized it yet, there's no such thing as a slow season in the wedding industry. The truth is, you're either in ‘engagement season' or ‘wedding season,' and both keep us wedding pros on our toes.

During engagement season, the phones are ringing, email inboxes are filling up, and social media inquiries are pouring in. If that’s not happening, then you need to do everything you can to ramp up your marketing efforts to get in front of more people! It’s during this time, that couples are excitedly starting to plan, and they're on the hunt for the perfect team to make their dreams come true. As a wedding professional, this is your prime time for booking clients, sealing deals, and setting the stage for the upcoming wedding season.

Then comes wedding season, the period when all those plans and dreams become reality. From spring to fall, you’re more than likely running off your feet – no matter HOW prepared you were. It's a season where every weekend is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories for couples and their loved ones. It’s an equally beautiful and busy time. 

5 Ways Wedding Pros Can Prepare for Engagement Season

As I said, engagement season isn't just another time of year; it's a golden opportunity! This is when our calendars fill up with consultations, inquiries, and bookings, and today (as your wedding business coach!), I’m going to share 7 ways that you can prepare and make the most of this engagement season.

1. Refine Your Ideal Client

In my experience, there's often a gap between who we THINK our ideal client is (someone who is between 25-35 and makes $200K a year) and who they actually are (hint: they aren’t perfect!).  It's not just about demographics or superficial preferences, but really digging into the deeper aspects of what makes your ideal client tick. What are their values, and their unique desires for their wedding day, and how can your services not just meet but exceed their expectations? This level of understanding is crucial in tailoring your marketing strategies and service offerings to attract the clients who will resonate most with your brand.

If you don’t feel crystal clear on this (or even if you DO feel clear, but you haven’t actually found your ideal clients in the real world yet), I HIGHLY recommend jumping into my Client Cocktail mini-course. Designed to equip you with everything you need to book your ideal client quickly, it’s a MUST take in the wedding industry (and you can grab it here for less than $50!). 

2. Update Your Website and Portfolio

Your website is often the first impression potential clients have of your wedding business, so it's crucial to ensure it's polished and up to date. Once you have your ideal client refined, start by reviewing your website's design, layout, and content. Make sure it reflects your brand identity and the type of weddings you specialize in. Consider refreshing the design if it looks outdated or lacks a modern aesthetic. Your website really should be an INVESTMENT, not a cost.

Next, pay special attention to your portfolio section. Showcase your best work, including recent weddings and events. High-quality, professionally taken photos of your past projects can speak volumes about your expertise and style. Ideally, you’ll want to include detailed descriptions and captions for each portfolio item to provide context and insights into your work.

Additionally, don't forget to update your contact information, pricing, and services offered. Engaged couples want easy access to your contact details and a clear understanding of what you can provide for their special day. A well-organized and visually appealing website can not only attract more clients during engagement season but also set the stage for successful bookings throughout the year.

Don’t have the portfolio you need to attract the clients you want yet? Learn everything I know about Styled Shoots that attract your ideal clients (and get PUBLISHED) here.

3. Expand Your Network

Building a strong and diverse network within the wedding industry can be a game-changer for your wedding business, especially as engagement season approaches. Start by attending local wedding industry events, bridal shows, and networking mixers. These gatherings provide invaluable opportunities to meet and connect with fellow wedding professionals, from photographers and florists to DJs and caterers.

A little piece of advice? When networking, focus on establishing genuine relationships rather than solely seeking referrals. Engage in meaningful conversations, ask about others' businesses, and offer your assistance and expertise whenever possible. Building trust and rapport within the community can lead to valuable partnerships and collaborative opportunities down the road.

Consider joining industry-specific associations or groups where you can network online and offline. If you’re a wedding planner, I would love to welcome you inside Planner’s Playbook. By expanding your network, you not only increase your chances of receiving referrals during engagement season but also create a support system that can benefit your wedding business year-round.

4. Streamline Your Booking Process

As engagement season approaches, it's important to review and optimize your booking process to make it as seamless and efficient as possible. Engaged couples are often excited and eager to secure their preferred vendors, so simplifying the steps required to book your services can be a significant competitive advantage.

Start by evaluating your contracts and agreements. Ensure that they are clear, easy to understand, and contain all the necessary details about your services, pricing, payment terms, and cancellation policies. Transparency is key, as it helps build trust with potential clients.

Consider implementing online booking and payment systems if you haven't already. Many couples prefer the convenience of digital transactions, and having an online booking option can speed up the process significantly. Make sure your website is user-friendly and provides clear instructions on how to book you.

Additionally, be prepared to answer any questions or concerns promptly. Engaged couples may have specific requests or inquiries, so being responsive and accommodating can leave a positive impression and increase the likelihood of securing bookings during this busy season. I recommend setting up templated responses to ensure you’re responding consistently to each and every couple who inquires.

Use a Tool Like Honeybook to Help

In my decade as a wedding planner, Honeybook was my go-to hub for organizing bookings, sending and tracking contracts, confirming that payments were on track, and making the booking process a breeze for both me and my clients (from the moment they inquire!).

But that's not all – HoneyBook also comes with customizable templates for contracts and proposals. Say goodbye to spending hours crafting documents from scratch. You can create professional and tailored agreements in a snap. Plus, HoneyBook offers automated reminders and follow-ups, guaranteeing you never miss a deadline or payment during this busy time. Use code PURPOSE for 50% off here!

5. Refine Your Sales Skills

Listen, I know that mastering sales communication is often easier said than done. Many vendors struggle with finding the right words, the perfect pitch, or the most compelling way to present their services. But guess what? The sales hat is one of the MOST important hats you wear as a business owner, and during engagement season is the BEST time to prioritize learning and growing the skill. 

Want a cheat sheet? Drawing from 15 years of experience in the wedding industry, I have created a collection of high-performing sales scripts designed to boost your confidence and effectiveness in selling. 

These aren't just generic templates; they are strategic, tried-and-tested communication tools tailored to the unique dynamics of the wedding industry. The set includes seven strategic scripts that cover various stages of the sales process, from initial emails to detailed questionnaires and ongoing communication. Each script is a plug-and-play solution, meaning you can easily adapt them to fit your business's tone and style while maintaining the core persuasive elements that make them effective. Whether you're struggling to convert inquiries into bookings or simply want to elevate your sales approach, these scripts offer a practical solution. Download them instantly (for only $57!) here.

A white desk with a chair and a rug, perfect for creating a cozy workspace during engagement season.

So you’re ready for bookings… do you know what to do once they book?

Now that you’re ready for the magic engagement season will undoubtedly bring, let’s talk about what to do AFTER they book. This is where most “online business coaches” are failing you because it isn’t JUST about the booking. You need things like a killer onboarding process and eventually? A strategic offboarding process that will lead to reviews and referrals (my two favorite R words). You also need to be able to confidently deliver what you “sold” them on during the buying process.

If you’re a wedding planner, I’ve got you. I have EVERYTHING you need inside my shop, but here are a few highlights as you prepare for engagement season:

As you gear up for the engagement season, remember that success in the wedding planning business isn't just about securing bookings. It's about delivering an exceptional experience from start to finish. Enjoy wedding pro engagement season!

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Some of the links used in this blog post are affiliate links. When you purchase something, our company receives a small compensation at no cost to you. This compensation helps to maintain the cost of creating helpful content, like our podcast, so you can build a profitable business with purpose.

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