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Looking for a Side Hustle? Here’s How To Become a Wedding Planner on a Budget 

March 23, 2023

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I'm Candice, your new tell-it-like-it-is BFF (and purpose cheerleader). Are you ready to grow and scale a profitable business with purpose–and one that gives back to your meaningful life? Thought so!


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Have you always known you wanted to become a wedding planner? Or maybe you stumbled onto a TLC TV show and just realized this dream job even exists? No matter where your journey begins, starting a side hustle as a wedding planner is INCREDIBLY EXCITING, and I am so glad your Google search led you here. Whether you’re looking to make some extra money on the weekends or dream of building a six or seven-figure wedding planning empire, you are in the right place–especially if you want to become a wedding planner on a budget.

In fact, I think we just became best friends. As someone who started their own wedding planning business many years ago (and on a whim!), I know what it’s like to become a wedding planner on a budget (but also not LOOK like you are on a budget). Today, I’m going to share 6 steps for you to kick off this exciting new side hustle on a budget!

1. Write a Wedding Planner Business Plan

If you know me at all, you knew this was coming. I’m that wild business coach that’s not going to tell you to sit there and manifest what you want, but rather, to create a strategic business plan outlining what you need to do to go out there and get it. Don’t worry – I’m not asking for 200 pages here (this isn’t shark tank), but you do need to take the time to look at your current market, research competitors, and see where YOU fit in.

Because I know this isn’t sexy, I’ve done what I can to make it easier. You can download my free wedding planner business plan template to tell you exactly what you need to include in yours (there are 12 sections!), and I will even send you periodic check-in emails to make sure you are getting it done. Sound good? Did I mention it’s free? Grab your business plan outline here

if you want to become a wedding planner on a budget, start by making a business plan

2. Figure Out How Much It’s Going to Cost You To Become A Wedding Planner On a Budget

I know you are trying to become a wedding planner on a budget, and trust me, I respect the hustle. Your next step is Identifying which costs are crucial for getting your business up and running. And guess what? I have a post that breaks down the 8 things I think are non-negotiables when you start your side hustle as a wedding planner, and how much it costs to become a wedding planner.

The truth is, you can spend as much or as little as you want to get started (that’s the beauty of starting a business in 2023), but especially when you think about starting your business as a side hustle: time is money. It’s not a bad idea to invest some funds from your 9-5 to help build your business more quickly if your end goal is to leave your 9-5. You have less time to DIY your business, so use what you DO have to your advantage.

3. Create Your Brand Identity

I have to be honest with you: your brand IS important, but too many people spend time fussing over the smallest details and not enough time taking action and putting themselves out there to book clients. You can always elevate your brand later (although a word to the wise: I’m also not the kind of business coach that will encourage you to rebrand every year… that’s just busy work, my friend!).

As you get started in your side hustle to become a wedding planner on a budget, start thinking about your logo, website design, social media presence, and other essential elements of branding. 

Branding can feel overwhelming so here are a few places to start:

  • For your website, I am a BIG fan of Tonic website templates (and as a bonus: you can use the code CANDICE for 15% off!)
  • I love the social media templates you can find on Creative Market.
  • Looking for photos to use? While you can always find free stock photos, I do recommend investing in a subscription to something like Haute Stock or Styled Stock Society for a more cohesive feel to your branding!

Creating a brand identity that reflects who you are as a professional wedding planner is one of the first steps to starting your business. With that said, this is NOT somewhere you want to get stuck. Your business will evolve, and that’s a GOOD thing. Don’t get stuck on figuring it all out and trying to make sure everything is perfect before you even get your foot in the door. 

4. Find Places to Advertise For Free Or On A Budget 

You don’t really have a business until you have your first customer. When you are first starting your wedding planning business as a side hustle, you may want to focus on utilizing free marketing platforms like social media or asking friends and family for word of mouth referrals whenever possible. If paid advertising does fit into your budget, you may want to look into options like Google Ads or Facebook Ads but don’t feel like you have to start there. 

Can I tell you a little secret? One of the ways I started to get customers when I first started to become a wedding planner on a budget was through my blog. It’s still one of the main ways new potential customers (now wedding planners like YOU) find me today! Do not overlook this KEY free marketing channel just because it offers less instant gratification than platforms like Instagram. 

5. Network & Connect With Other Vendors

I can attribute networking with other vendors as one of the BIGGEST factors in my success early on in my business (did I humble brag about how I made it to 6 figures in the first two years yet? Money isn’t everything, but it sure is nice!). Get yourself out there by attending local networking events and connecting with vendors on Instagram who can help refer clients to you. Who in your area is already booking the people you are dreaming about working with?

I feel like if you are reading this you take your business seriously enough that I don’t have to mention this, but I also know what it’s like to have so much excitement over your new business that you can’t see straight. ALWAYS approach networking from a place of “what can I offer?” instead of “what can I get?”. The connections I made early on in my business were instrumental in my success early on, but they are still some of my closest friends over a decade later.

Thinking about becoming a wedding planner on a budget? The Planner's Playbook is the affordable course for wedding planners you need

6. Join the Planner’s Playbook for just $57/month!

Created by a wedding planner, for wedding planners, the Planner’s Playbook is THE membership for all things wedding planning. I know when you set out to become a wedding planner on a budget or when you are starting your wedding planning business as a side hustle, you need to watch your money. This WILL be the best money you spend in your business though, I’m sure of it. 

Each month inside, I break down IN DETAIL one aspect of the planning, designing, or execution process. You literally get all the training and support you need as a wedding planner to design, coordinate, and plan high-end weddings like a pro. While many courses will promise to make you rich (lol) and grow your wedding business overnight, the Planner’s Playbook focuses on you actually being good at your job instead (but don’t worry – we know you need customers, so we do include a marketing plan each month too). 

Ready to Start a Side Hustle and Become a Wedding Planner on a Budget?

Starting a wedding planning side hustle doesn't have to break the bank (and trust me – I’m more of a No BS kind of business coach than a “rah-rah” everybody can do this kind of business coach). I hope to see you inside of the Planner’s Playbook, but in the meantime, check out the shop for literally everything you might possibly need to start your wedding planning business (from creating packages that sell, pricing for profit, and even onboarding your first customer!). You’ve got this (and I’m here to help!).

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In case you need a refresher - I'm Candice! And I believe you shouldn't have to do business (or happy hour) alone.

I help wedding pros of ALL kinds build a profitable business with purpose. 

I've been mentoring wedding pros since 2011, mostly while I was growing my renowned wedding planning & design company.

In 2019, I sold my 6-figure business so I could help you build the kind of business that you want. There are so many ways we can connect to help you grow your business! Here are a few:

🎙 Check out my podcast, The Power in Purpose
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Building the kind of wedding business you want doesn't have to be hard. In fact, growing your business can be easy.

The secret to growing your business quickly is working with someone who has been where you want to go. And I'm that guy! 😉

Thanks for being here 🥰❤️ and thanks to @tyzwilson for the photo 😘

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One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Candice, should I raise my price?”

I know this is a struggle point for most business owners, makers, and service providers. No matter if you’re brand new to business or you’ve been in business for a gazillion years, we feel really self conscious about our price.

We hem and haw over whether we should increase it or keep it where it is, and start asking questions like...

👀 How do I know if I am ready for a price increase?
👀 What should my pricing be??
👀 What does it mean if I start charging more money?
👀 What will happen if I raise my rates? Will my clients abandon me?

I have to admit - the answer to whether you should increase your price isn’t as straight forward as I’d like it to be, which is why I recorded today’s episode!  

While it is a process to raise your rates, this episode of The Power in Purpose podcast will help you understand better when it’s smart to raise your price - and the strategy behind raising your rates. 

I also talk about the repercussions of a price increase - because I know you’re scared of that, too.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on todays episode!
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First, what did you think of my analogy about ‘tweaking’ your brand into something that becomes unrecognizable?

On the podcast this week I’ve got a special guest: my own brand designer and strategist, @nicoleayang!

Nicole and I are talking about HOW to create an instantly recognizable brand, WHY it’s important to your success - and branding trends with think are TIRED 🥱.

It’s an episode filled with branding gems from one of the smartest and most talented branding strategists I know!

👉🏼 I’d love to know what your take away is from this episode - and if I should have Nicole back for another round of branding truth bombs?! 💣

Tell me below! 

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